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Author: Marios Christou

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The Mythology & Fiction Explained podcast is a weekly show that aims to cover all sorts of Mythological tales and crazy fiction.

Many of these episodes have come from the popular Youtube channel Mythology & Fiction Explained.

23 Episodes
Today we explore the numerous legends surrounding Vampire folklore from all around the world. As we attempt to draw a conclusion as to why Vampires in fiction today differ so greatly from the Vampires of old.
Today we explore the seven princes of hell using a classification written by Peter Binsfeld based on the seven deadly sins.
Prince Ivan has freed the evil sorcerer Koschei the immortal, now he must embark on a quest to save his wife and defeat a sorcerer who cannot be killed.
Today we take a look at the first part of the Divine Comedy... Dante's inferno. We journey through the nine circles of hell with Dante and Virgil as they try to escape with the ultimate goal of making it to paradise.
Dark World is our very own series of short horror stories that feature all sorts of creatures and monsters from folklore all around the world. Today in Dark World episode 2 Curse of the Wendigo, our protagonist Chase struggles with his own personal demons while what he believes to be a Wendigo stalks his family.
Today we explore the stories behind the Satyr and Faun as they appeared in both Greek and Roman mythology. We take a look at the different types and how the two differed in appearance and personality.
Today we take a look at a tribe of fierce warrior women that the ancient Greeks referred to as the Amazons. An isolated tribe of warrior women who were very accustomed to the spartan way of life, they had many queens and took part in a many wars as they could but were they even women to begin with? We take a look at who they were, where they came from and where in Greek mythology they were mentioned.
Today we take a look at some of the most popular strange locations that appear in the work of H.P Lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythos. These include Arkham, a hub for the supernatural. Innsmouth, the sleepy fishing town where the deep ones hide. Dunwhich, the home of a true terror. The Nameless City, home to a mysterious race of reptiles. Carcosa, the ruins of a once great city. Hyperborea, a harsh and unforgiving frozen wasteland. R'lyeh the underwater city where the great Cthulhu slumbers.
Today we take a look at the fall of Lucifer and how he went from the most beautiful angel in heaven to a grotesque demon who ruled hell. We examine the references in biblical scriptures and how Lucifer and Satan became the same figure. We then take a look at how Lucifer and Satan are represented in two works of literature, Dante's Inferno and John Milton's Paradise Lost
In today's episode we take a look at some Greek mythology with Hestia, the Goddess of the Hearth & Sacrificial Flame. Hestia is one of the first six Olympian deities and perhaps the least mentioned because of her commitment to keeping the sacred hearth burning. We examine the few stories she appears in, how she was viewed in overall Greek religion, how her worship took place and why it was so important.
Today we take look at the history and alleged sighting involving New Jersey's most famous Cryptid, the Jersey Devil!
Today we take a look at some more Greek mythology with one of its most iconic deities... Poseidon lord of the sea! We examine the origins of his worship, the stories he appeared in and some of his many many children and lovers.
Watch out boys and girls because he certainly knows if you've been naughty... In today's episode we examine the legend of the Christmas demon Krampus! We take a look at the influences and stories surrounding Krampus pre Christian era followed by the more modern Krampus figure used by the church to slowly phase out pagan practices.
In today's episode we take a look at the stories behind a demon who comes to men in their dreams and feeds off them in order to sustain themselves and create more demons, the Succubus. This is an old episode but it's still one of my personal favourites as it covers some very interesting points in history regarding how the church viewed demons like the succubus, it also includes a pope who claimed to have slept with a succubus so what more could you ask for in terms of entertainment?
In today's episode we take a look at the giants of Greek mythology, their creation, battles, personalities and the most famous stories they appear in. The most famous of these stories being the Gigantomachy, the epic battle between gods and giants.
In today's episode we explore the origins of the most legendary sea monster of all time, the Kraken! We take a look at it's mythical origins and how 19th and 20th century literature made sure it became one of the most notorious monsters in fiction. Even today it's rather strange how often the name and imagery still appears.
Today in this episode we take a look at a set of creatures that have become a staple in modern fantasy, Goblins. We examine their various origins from countries all around Europe and how they are represented in more modern forms of media. We also learn the true identity of our host, is he truly human?
Today we delve into some Slavic folklore with the tale of Baba Yaga the wild witch of the woods. In this episode we take a look at her many different depictions, origins and the classical stories that she appeared in.
Today we explore the many stories surrounding one of Greek Mythology's most iconic and misrepresented figures, Medusa. Was she always a monster? Perhaps an unfortunate victim who was in the wrong place at the wrong time? Or did the ancient Greeks view her as a protector who could keep evil away?
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Samin Farzad

interesting 😍😍🙏🙏

Sep 6th

Top Clean

Yup, a 'fun' story to hear and SEE. (^^,) Ovid and Virgil is a blast too. Hope to see more = part 2 and 3. But speaking of Purgatory. (^^,) This is a great Western movie from 1999. Highly recommended to watch.

Sep 4th


This episode was amazing. Definitely my favorite. I hope to hear more!

Aug 27th
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