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NAMIC's new podcast, Insurance Uncovered, will cover various topics that affect the property/casualty insurance industry. This podcast will also feature an interview segment called "Unscripted" that will include interviews with inside industry experts and staff on a variety of topics.
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Episode 624: On today's Unscripted, Neil Alldredge, NAMIC president and CEO, talks with Mark Berven, Nationwide Property & Casualty president and COO, about the new era of risk and how the company is responding to the changing environment affecting all aspects of the insurance industry.
Episode 623: On today's Unscripted, Neil Alldredge, NAMIC president and CEO, talks with Tony Cotto, NAMIC director of auto and underwriting policy, about what insurers should consider as they identify and price emerging EV risks. 
Episode 622: On today's Unscripted,  Roy Wright, IBHS president and CEO, tells us about the latest wildfire mitigation research and shares how the organization educates homeowners to protect property from severe weather disruptions. 
Episode 621: Louisiana appears headed in a new direction when it comes to insurance regulations.  On today’s Unscripted, Neil Alldredge, NAMIC president and CEO, talks with Tim Temple, Louisiana insurance commissioner-elect, about his plans to draw more insurance companies to the state's market. 
Episode 620: On today's Unscripted, NAMIC CEO Neil Alldredge talks with Elizabeth Heck, NAMIC chair and president and CEO of Greater New York Mutual Insurance Company, about the broad impact of the association's advocacy efforts and her optimism that the industry will continue to embrace any challenge that comes its way. 
Episode 619: This special episode of Insurance Uncovered takes you inside NAMIC's 128th Annual Convention.  Hear from Neil Alldredge, NAMIC president & CEO, about how the association is supporting its membership through as it enters a new era of risk.  Plus, Aon's Patrick Abbe shares the latest findings for the all-new Mutual Factor Report. 
Episode 618: With the economic impact of insurance fraud registering a staggering $308.6B every year, the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud conducted a new study seeking to understand consumers’ psychological view of fraud, its criminality, and its impact on their lives. On today’s Unscripted, NAMIC CEO Neil Alldredge talks with the research author Dr. Kelly Richmond Pope about who the report found is most likely commit insurance fraud and why.
Episode 617: Alfa Mutual Insurance Company is this year's overall winner of NAMIC's Award in Innovation.  On today's Unscripted, NAMIC CEO Neil Alldredge talks with Alfa Mutual CEO Jimmy Parnell and Executive Vice President of Operations Tommy Coshatt to learn about the company’s innovative program to develop emerging leaders and enhance company culture.
Episode 616: On today’s Unscripted, we’re bringing you a presentation from NAMIC’s Management Conference where NAMIC CEO Neil Alldredge hosted a panel discussion about the current reinsurance market with representatives from Aon, Holborn, Gen Re, and Guy Carpenter.  The conversation focuses on solutions for reinsurance capacity - including underwriting/pricing improvements and exposure management - given the challenges presented by the hard reinsurance market.
Episode 615: For the first time, NAMIC and Aon have published a midyear update to the annual Mutual Factor Report. It checks in mutuals at this midway point to reflect on events at the close of the prior year, the challenges that remain for our industry, and the opportunities that lie ahead. On today’s Unscripted, NAMIC CEO Neil Alldredge talks with Aon’s Patrick Abbe about the mid-year findings. 
Episode 614: On today's Unscripted, we'll learn about a new partnership that NAMIC has entered into to bring members a new service.  You may recall that as part of NAMIC's new strategic framework, one of the goals of the association is to provide a mix of products to members that can help enhance their businesses.  So NAMIC CEO Neil Alldredge is talking with Matt Popoli of Bain Capital about a new offering of corporate-owned life insurance.
Episode 613: NAMIC CEO Neil Alldredge talks with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety President David Harkey about how the organization continuously updates road safety standards to better protect drivers and deter distractions. 
Episode 612: On today's Unscripted, NAMIC CEO Neil Alldredge talks with Gen Re's Kara Raiguel about how the reinsurance market has changed in the first part of 2023 and what companies can do in anticipation of the next renewal cycle. 
Episode 611: On today’s Unscripted, NAMIC CEO Neil Alldredge talks with Guy Carpenter’s Mark Hope about how hurricane outcomes have changed over time and other weather trends impacting the industry.
Episode 610: NAMIC CEO Neil Alldredge talks with the association's Regional Vice President Caitlin Murray about the 2023 Florida legislative session that included major reforms to significantly reduce litigation abuses and other issues that have raised costs for residents and insurers alike.
Episode 609: NAMIC will soon launch a quarterly Judicial Advocacy Update to inform the membership on the status of first-party litigation, provide updates on amicus activity, and examine issues where law and policy intersect.On today’s Unscripted, NAMIC CEO Neil Alldredge talks with  Andrew Kirkner, the association's general counsel, about some of the challenges currently facing insurers on the judicial advocacy front.
Episode 608: NAMIC CEO Neil Alldredge talks with Guy Carpenter's Blake Berman and Ariah Tough about an all-new paper that evaluates five new and expanded scenario tests to understand the effects of current market forces on the mutual insurance industry.
Episode 607: NAMIC CEO Neil Alldredge talks with Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety President Cathy Chase about ways our nation's leaders can take action to end distracted driving.
Episode 606: NAMIC CEO Neil Alldredge talks with National African American Insurance Association National Board Member Ngozi Nnaji as she challenges insurers to address the industry’s talent challenges through better branding. 
Episode 605: Host Cathy Imus talks with Chris Turney, Chair of the DRI Center for Law and Public Policy’s Social Inflation Task Force, about social inflation and ways insurers can combat legal system abuse.  Check out the new policy paper from NAMIC and DRI here.
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