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Author: Jena Covello

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Jena Covello, host of Nateurious and founder of results-driven green beauty company, Agent Nateur, is a truth-teller, truth seeker, wellness expert, and beauty aficionado. Jena is on a mission to spread her holistic healing know-how and is acutely aware that not all ingredients are created equal. She learned this firsthand after being diagnosed with endometriosis and adenomyosis. Naturally, Jena works with pure, yet minimal elements to deliver the most impact and, of course, a radiant glow.

Each week, Jena will interview her favorite beauty and health connoisseurs. Delivered with a dose of education and tips to take away and implement into your own life, Nateurious is a deep dive into more than just the wellness industry.
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Dr. Audra Sykes MacCorkle is a rarity in the veterinarian community. Founder of Healing Touch Vets, Dr. Audra specializes in holistic veterinary care for companion animals to optimize their overall health and longevity. But what makes the Sherman Oaks-based veterinarian so special? She’s been instrumental in the life of Jena’s 13-year-old cat, Farrah Joon and has helped with her diet, stress, and allergy-ridden eyes. Healing Touch Vets takes 2 hours per appointment where they discuss diet, administer acupuncture and ozone therapy, and so much more. In this episode of Nateurious, Dr. Audra chats with Jena about getting to the root cause of your pets most pertinent issues, why diet is the foundation of health, environmental enrichment, the importance of a chiropractic adjustment, and why rebuilding the fascia is just as important in animals as it is in humans.     Follow us on Instagram: Want more Nateurious? Website: Instagram: @nateurious @agentnateur @jenacovello
Jena Covello, our forthright host of Nateurious and founder of results-driven green beauty company, Agent Nateur, divulges when she was first diagnosed with endometriosis at 23, the slew of surgeries she endured, and the extensive complications that wreaked havoc on her body. But Jena wanted to stop being a victim to the pain she suffered and take healing into her own hands. In her debut episode of Nateurious, Jena recalls her upbringing, the woman—namely Madonna—who inspired her to be fiercely independent, how her political views have changed over the last 10 years due to corporate lobbying with big agriculture and big pharma, how she has healed endometriosis and adenomyosis and why digging for the truth is always top of mind. Want more Nateurious?  Website: Instagram: @nateurious @agentnateur @jenacovello Watch behind the scenes: YouTube/Nateurious



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What’s most important to Agent Nateur? The quality and sourcing of our ingredients.   The traditional American diet is what most impacted my endometriosis, adenomyosis, and thyroid symptoms. Once I improved my diet, connected mind, body, and soul, and stopped putting a temporary bandaid on these diseases with birth control and synthetic hormones, I began to heal. This forced me to become my own investigative journalist. In the process, I learned how critical exceptionally grown, good-for-you ingredients are for skincare.   That said, your underarms can absorb up to 90% of what’s applied. Your skin is porous. And this is why ingredients matter. We source the absolute best quality and it shows. One of our heroes is holi (body), a body oil that deeply penetrates, heals scars, and absorbs quickly. Traditional body oils tend to feel greasy and sticky, but thanks to our ingredients and their integrity, our body oil has garnered a cult following. Along with our carefully crafted products, each week, I share some of my favorite beauty and wellness connoisseurs. Delivered with a dose of education and recommendations to take away and implement into your own life, is a deep dive into health and wellbeing. Make sure to sign up for our mailing list to receive special offers and, most importantly, all of our Agent Tips.
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