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Author: Jena Covello

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Jena Covello, host of Nateurious and founder of results-driven green beauty company, Agent Nateur, is a truth-teller, truth seeker, wellness expert, and beauty aficionado. Jena is on a mission to spread her holistic healing know-how and is acutely aware that not all ingredients are created equal. She learned this firsthand after being diagnosed with endometriosis and adenomyosis. Naturally, Jena works with pure, yet minimal elements to deliver the most impact and, of course, a radiant glow.

Each week, Jena will interview her favorite beauty and health connoisseurs. Delivered with a dose of education and tips to take away and implement into your own life, Nateurious is a deep dive into more than just the wellness industry.
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Dr. Dominique Fradin-Read, M.D., M.P.H., board-certified physician specializing in preventative and anti-aging medicine, has been instrumental in Jena’s journey with adenomyosis and endometriosis.  Soft-spoken, kind, and brilliant, the Los Angeles based doctor opened her practice, Vitalife MD, in 2015 and trained in both Europe and the United States. She combines the two techniques and offers a personalized, integrative approach to health, beauty, and wellness. Dr. Fradin-Read’s mantra? “I’m here to help anyone who would like to stay healthy and live a long life and a happy life.” In this episode of Nateurious, Dr. Fradin-Read chats with Jena about her medical ethos, perimenopause, and her go-to supplements.  Want more Nateurious? Website: Instagram: @nateurious @agentnateur @jenacovello
In this episode of Nateurious, you’ll learn from a fellow Italian and expert on quick, nutritious cooking, Pamela Salzman. With a popular blog, two cookbooks, online cooking classes, and a 4-week plant-based bootcamp, Pamela has shown that healthy meals can be made in just 30 minutes, so long as you use the proper ingredients and cookware.  Many people don’t realize the amount of toxins present in their daily diets. By making some simple changes—like opting for tomatoes packaged in glass jars instead of aluminum cans, using unrefined oils, and steering clear of non-stick pans—you can dramatically reduce your exposure to heavy metals. Not only will this improve your overall health, it will give you youthful, glowing skin (an absolute must for my Agent Nateur women). Needless to say, this episode is guaranteed to change the way you think about healthy eating. Tune in to learn all about Pamela’s new book, Quicker Than Quick, her efficient approach to making family meals, the secret to purchasing clean ingredients without breaking the bank, key ways to streamline the way you cook, and more.   FIND PAMELA SALZMAN ONLINE: Pamela’s website: Pamela on Instagram: @pamelasalzman Pamela on Facebook: Pamela on YouTube: Pamela’s book, Quicker Than Quick: Want more Nateurious? Website: Instagram: @nateurious @agentnateur @jenacovello
In the midst of confusion about COVID, immunity, and children’s health, it’s time to get serious about raising kids who understand the importance of nutrition and eating clean foods. If you’ve been a long-time listener, you know that a proper diet is the foundation for holistic health and our first defense against disease, but how can we teach children to choose veggies over sugar? Holistic pediatrician, Dr. Ana-Maria Temple, is here to answer just that.   FIND DR. ANA-MARIA ONLINE:  Dr. Ana-Maria’s website: Dr. Ana-Maria on YouTube: Dr. Ana-Maria on Instagram: @drananmariatemple Family Wellness Tips Facebook: Want more Nateurious? Website: Instagram: @nateurious @agentnateur @jenacovello
The story of how fluoride became added to the drinking water in the United States is shocking. Even more outrageous, though we now know the dangers of fluoridated water (osteoporosis, cancer, bone lesions, etc.), there is still little that can be done to stop the lobbying that forces municipalities to put untested fluoride in their community’s water. This is why it’s so important that we take our health into our own hands and work with someone we trust to filter all of the water coming into our homes, not just our drinking water. In this inspiring episode of Nateurious, Rick Allen shares the ugly truth about our nation’s tap water and offers valuable tips on how to find the best filtration system for your lifestyle and budget.   FIND RICK ALLEN ONLINE: Pure Elements’ Website: Want more Nateurious? Website: Instagram: @nateurious @agentnateur @jenacovello
In this episode of Nateurious, we’re doing things a little differently. This time around, my guest is the interviewer and I’m the interviewee. Thanks to Ayla’s insightful prompts and questions asked by Nateurious listeners, I was given the opportunity to share more about my life before Agent Nateur. We talk about other jobs I’ve worked, how I paid off my debt (twice), and how I manifested my way to success.   FIND AYLA EL-MOUSSA ONLINE Ayla’s Instagram: Want more Nateurious? Website: Instagram: @nateurious @agentnateur @jenacovello
Dr. Gerald H. Smith is a brilliant integrative natural medicine doctor who specializes in chronic pain, specifically head, neck, and facial pain. Dr. Gerry uses an integrative approach to medicine that incorporates spirituality into healthcare. He shares his knowledge on how root canals and metal fillings can negatively impact our entire bodies, why we should be getting our vitamins and nutrients from real foods, and how toxic chemicals in vaccinations and the environment wreak havoc on our bodies.   FIND DR. GERALD H. SMITH ONLINE About Dr. Gerry: International Center for Nutritional Research, Inc.: Reversing Cancer Book:   Want more Nateurious? Website: Instagram: @nateurious @agentnateur @jenacovello
Women’s health has been left out of the conversation in Western medicine for too long. Fortunately, naturopathic MDs—like Dr. Carrie Jones—are here to change that. Dr. Jones describes herself as a “modern doc with a holistic bent who can appreciate the best of both worlds,” and I think that attitude is precisely what we need to find the harmonious middle ground between functional and Western medicine. I have so much respect for Dr. Jones and her approach to women’s health, and I can’t wait to share her brilliance with you. In this conversation, we cover a wide range of pertinent topics including natural and hormonal methods of birth control, how gut health affects reproductive health, how to prepare for menopause, and why your cycle may be out of whack when you’re stressed (something I think many of us can relate to right now).   FIND DR. CARRIE JONES ONLINE Dr. Jones’ Instagram: @dr.carriejones DUTCH Test Website: DUTCH Test Instagram: @thedutchtest Want more Nateurious? Website: Instagram: @nateurious @agentnateur @jenacovello
Michael Nourse is a vedic astrologer who believes his role is to create a forum where people can align with their highest selves. With a science-based mind and a passion for understanding, Michael first began studying astrology as a hobby. But once he became acquainted with his own astrological grid, it was clear that it was his destiny. I had my first reading with Michael in late 2018, and what he told me has shaped the course of my life. At the time, I was using my social media to speak hard truths about vaccines and monsanto. This came with a lot of backlash, which is something Michael picked up on immediately when he looked at my chart. He  advised me to protect my energy and speak with diplomacy, which has since allowed me to discover new ways to use my voice that are more in alignment with who I am.   CONNECT WITH MICHAEL NOURSE Michael’s email: Want more Nateurious? Website: Instagram: @nateurious @agentnateur @jenacovello
It’s my honor to share this conversation with Eddie Stone, the CEO and Founder of Touchstone Essentials. Eddie first touched my life in 1998 when his seminar in Long Beach brought me to California for the first time, an experience that directly impacted my decision to move to the West Coast. His work in supplements has informed many of the choices I’ve made when formulating Agent Nateur products and inspired my insistence upon using pure ingredients. Eddie’s understanding of vitamins, minerals, and quality sourcing has resulted in a line of superior supplements that actually work. In this episode of Natuerious, he shares how he came to found Touchstone Essentials and the principles behind their products. You’ll learn the distinct difference between vitamins found in nature and those generated in a lab, what to look out for beside a USDA Certified Label, and the top four factors that affect the quality of our food: Soil health, water quality, atmosphere, and seed quality. If you have endometriosis, menstrual cramps, or any other health issue that may be exacerbated by pollutants in our environment, this episode is especially for you.   FIND EDDIE STONE ONLINE Touchstone Essentials’ Website: Touchstone Essentials on Instagram: Touchstone Essentials on Facebook: Want more Nateurious? Website: Instagram: @nateurious @agentnateur @jenacovello
Lauren Napier, founder of Lauren Napier Beauty, is no stranger to racism in her personal life and as a business-owner in the beauty world. When she first came up with the idea to create eco-friendly makeup wipes, she knew her products would be for all people, no matter their race—but, unfortunately, this business model isn’t unanimously practiced in the wellness industry. Lauren is on a mission to educate people on the realities of systemic racism and use her experience to help Black Women-led businesses get the funding they need with the Consider Something Better initiative. In this timely conversation, Lauren tells us just a few of her many experiences with racism and offers insight on how we can stand in solidarity and make a meaningful difference. She touches on the history of racism, policing, and protesting while offering tangible ways you can support, speak out, and be anti-racist from an economic perspective. FIND LAUREN NAPIER ONLINE Lauren’s Instagram: @laurennapierbeauty Lauren Napier Beauty’s website: The Consider Something Better initiative:   Want more Nateurious? Website: Instagram: @nateurious @agentnateur @jenacovello
Meet Wade Lightheart, the president of BiOptimizers, 3-time bodybuilding champion, author, and expert on gut health and fitness optimization. I’m thrilled to have Wade on today’s episode to talk about all things diet and nutrition for holistic wellbeing… and to get his take on the main thing on everyone’s mind right now: COVID-19. This conversation was a personal one for me. Much like my own health issues guided me to the world of natural medicine, Wade went through a series of formative experiences that sparked his interest in supplements and nutrition. At age 15, Wade’s family moved to a remote village in New Brunswick and his older sister was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease. As a coping mechanism, he channeled his time and energy into bodybuilding, a decision would fundamentally change the course of his life. In this episode of Natuerious, we have the opportunity to glean knowledge from a gut-health virtuoso. You’ll learn about the importance of enzymes in digestion, which supplements all Americans should be taking, why you shouldn’t trust every single medical study, plus some behavioral and attitudinal changes you can make that will dramatically improve the quality of your life — both today and in the uncertain future.   FIND WADE LIGHTHEART ONLINE Wade’s Website: BiOptimizers’ Website: Want more Nateurious? Website: Instagram: @nateurious @agentnateur @jenacovello
June Florence’s personal battle with breast cancer gave her all the proof she needed to trust in her body’s intuition. After a round of chemo treatments and two lumpectomies, she followed her instinct to Maui where she pursued alternative medicine, changed her diet, and ultimately recovered. It was my struggle with endometriosis and adenomyosis that first brought us together. Since June and I began working together, I’ve embraced natural enzymatic treatment methods that have broken down some of the scar tissue caused by my endometriosis, resulting in pain-free monthly cycles and improved digestion. Her presence in my life has taught me so much about holistic medicine, and in this episode of Nateurious, I invite her to share her learnings with you. We cover the impact of enzymes on genetic expression and inflammation, lifestyle changes that may slow signs of aging, and the reasons you are qualified to make instinctual decisions when it comes to your own body. Find June Florence Online: Joose’s Website: Want more Nateurious? Website: Instagram: @nateurious @agentnateur @jenacovello
This week I have the pleasure of introducing you to someone who has changed my life for the better: Angela Setters, the founder and CEO of Conquer Credit Management. In many circles, Angela is referred to as “The Real Credit Queen” because she’s dedicated the past 30 years of her life to demystifying the credit system. It’s her mission to share all she’s learned in order to serve others and guide them along the journey to excellent credit. My timely conversation with Angela pulls back the curtain on the credit system. You’ll learn what credit is, what credit scores are used for, and the ways a good credit score will make your life easier. Along with these fundamentals, Angela also offers advice for those whose incomes have been impacted by recent events. Whether you’re on the verge of declaring bankruptcy, considering loan forbearance, or making a big investment, this episode of Nateurious offers insight into your unique situation with strategic next steps. Connect with Angela: Website: Podcast: Want more Nateurious? Website: Instagram: @nateurious @agentnateur @jenacovello
This week on a new episode of Nateurious, Jena Covello shares a conversation with Carlos Tanner all about Plant Medicine and Ayahuasca. Carlos started the Ayahuasca Foundation in Peru and has dedicated his life to healing trauma using medicinal plants. Jena and Carlos cover addiction, dreams, spirits, dimensions, purpose during this fascinating conversation. Connect with Carlos: Website: Instagram: @ayahuascafoundation Want more Nateurious? Website: Instagram: @nateurious @agentnateur @jenacovello
Jena Covello, the beauty and brains behind Agent Nateur gives us one hundred percent transparency with her skin regimen and shares what she does beyond her groundbreaking natural skincare products. As she sits down with her favorite renowned aesthetic nurse, Rand Rusher. They go deeper than skin deep on the topic of fillers, quality and complimentary regimens as well as truths and tips on creating a long term treatment plan. This LA based skin savant has not only been lifting and sculpting famous faces for the last 25 years but also trains others to perfect his craft, which is based around face movement and looking your best at any age. A must-listen as two experts, one in natural beauty and the other in aesthetics help you fill in all of the blanks about face sculpting. Connect with Rand: Website: Instagram: @randrusher Want more Nateurious? Website: Instagram: @nateurious @agentnateur @jenacovello
This week on a new episode of Nateurious, Jena Covello interviews her longtime friend, LA-based attorney Matt Bilinsky, who is allergic to sugar coating information and addicted to calling the news as he sees it. Matt is fed up with the political correctness that has corrupted our culture which now feels sterile. Matt has major influence in Los Angeles. He is highly respected, incredibly intelligent, humorous, opinionated, controversial and often referred to as the "Mayor of Beverly Hills". Matt not only examines his political commentary in regards to California, but also his views with recent Covid-19 events, China and the corruption within The World Health Organization. He shares his favorite twitter accounts for truthful political news on all sides of the spectrum. Because Jena and Matt both call LA their home, they discuss important topics that have currently affected their communities such as homelessness, citizen rights, immigration standards and much more. It’s time to listen as these two outspoken personalities walk us through the current state of the world and what the future holds for us next. Matt on Social: @mattbilinsky Matt's Twitter suggestions: @Damonlinker @Matthewstoller @Ggreenwald @Chris_arnade @EricRWeinstein @Mtracey @DouthatNYT @Jamespoulos @EricRWeinstein @SamHarrisOrg @Mattgaetz
This week Jena Covello sits down with a pillar in her healing journey, world renowned functional medicine practitioner, Dr. Will Cole. After seeking his help in 2017, bed ridden and in chronic pain, Jena shares how Dr. Cole helped lower her estrogen dominance for the first time since her diagnosis with endometriosis. Although she was apprehensive of more diet restrictions at first, Jena talks about how his famous AIP diet eventually helped her regain control of her health and begin to feel better again. In this episode Jena and Dr. Cole touch on new approaches focused on epigenetics, gene mutations and how lifestyle and environment play a role in human health. In light of the Covid-19 viral situation we are now facing, they cover how to build the immune system with vitamins, minerals and nutrient dense foods. Connect with Dr. Cole: Website: Instagram: @drwillcole Want more Nateurious? Website: Instagram: @nateurious @agentnateur @jenacovello
Dr. Audra Sykes MacCorkle is a rarity in the veterinarian community. Founder of Healing Touch Vets, Dr. Audra specializes in holistic veterinary care for companion animals to optimize their overall health and longevity. But what makes the Sherman Oaks-based veterinarian so special? She’s been instrumental in the life of Jena’s 13-year-old cat, Farrah Joon and has helped with her diet, stress, and allergy-ridden eyes. Healing Touch Vets takes 2 hours per appointment where they discuss diet, administer acupuncture and ozone therapy, and so much more. In this episode of Nateurious, Dr. Audra chats with Jena about getting to the root cause of your pets most pertinent issues, why diet is the foundation of health, environmental enrichment, the importance of a chiropractic adjustment, and why rebuilding the fascia is just as important in animals as it is in humans.     Follow us on Instagram: Want more Nateurious? Website: Instagram: @nateurious @agentnateur @jenacovello
Jena Covello, our forthright host of Nateurious and founder of results-driven green beauty company, Agent Nateur, divulges when she was first diagnosed with endometriosis at 23, the slew of surgeries she endured, and the extensive complications that wreaked havoc on her body. But Jena wanted to stop being a victim to the pain she suffered and take healing into her own hands. In her debut episode of Nateurious, Jena recalls her upbringing, the woman—namely Madonna—who inspired her to be fiercely independent, how her political views have changed over the last 10 years due to corporate lobbying with big agriculture and big pharma, how she has healed endometriosis and adenomyosis and why digging for the truth is always top of mind. Want more Nateurious?  Website: Instagram: @nateurious @agentnateur @jenacovello Watch behind the scenes: YouTube/Nateurious



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