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The Nirvana Podcast is an independent podcast about one of the greatest and most fascinating bands in the history of rock music: Nirvana. The podcasters discuss the music and history of Kurt Cobain and his bandmates.
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Hello hello, in this special bonus episode we discuss the cover version Tori Amos did of Smells Like Teen Spirit. We are interviewed about the song by the hosts of The Songs of Tori Amos podcast, as part of a deep dive episode. Check out the Song of Tori Amos website right here: listen to the full Smells Like Tori Spirit podcast episode on SoundCloud, just click here:
What do you do when your spouse doesn't really like one of your favourite artists? You talk her into doing a podcast series with you for which she has to listen to all of their albums! That's the origin of a new podcast series about the great music of Iron and Wine.
We are back with another bonus episode! This time we take a look at Live Tonight Sold Out, the Nirvana film that came out in 1994. We select our favourite scenes and discuss the ideas Kurt Cobain himself had for the project.
Bonus 1 - Outcesticide

Bonus 1 - Outcesticide


The Nirvana Podcast returns for a one-off bonus episode! There's so much news, so we just had to come back to talk about Taylor Hawkins and Mark Lanegan, Dave Grohl's book, Kurts guitar, The Batman, grunge supergroup 3rd Secret, an upcoming Cobain inspired opera and the 30th anniversary release of Nevermind. But our main topic is: bootlegging and the great Outcesticide series. We select our favourite unreleased Nirvana songs from the new Outcesticide that surprisingly came out recently.
In our final episode we present our top ten favourite Nirvana songs and share some final thoughts and loose stuff we never got to discuss in the previous 35 episodes. We want to thanks our listeners and everybody who helped us out. And of course: Nirvana for creating music, art and legends that just kept us talking.
In this episode - our penultimate - we discuss Pearl Jam and their relationship to Nirvana. Also we talk about Green River, Mother Love Bone, Neil Young and songs that have lists in them. Our guest Jelger explains what Pearl Jam means to him and why he thinks Eddie Vedder and Kurt Cobain were similar in spirit.
Next ladies and gentlemen we have three fine young men from Seattle... As always we talk about Nirvana, this time we focus on the videos they made. We provide background info, share our thoughts on them and wacht and comment live on the videos.
Paula Abdul is a seamonkey. Apart from that interesting reveal, we talk about two posthumously released records: the 2004 Nirvana box set With The Lights Out and the Kurt Cobain Montage of Heck soundtrack album from 2015. Enjoy and if you like what we do, please feel free to share the show.
I'm miss podcast, somebody listen to me... In this episode we discuss Hole. The biggest Hole-fan of the Netherlands is on as a guest to explain why you don't have to like Courtney Love to appreciate her music. Plus we talk about Smashing Pumpkins, Madonna, Fleetwood Mac, Linda Perry and sea shanty's (not pirate songs).
In this episode we discuss everything Krist Novoselic did after Nirvana. Well, not everything... but a lot. We discuss Sweet 75, Eyes Adrift, Flipper and Giants In The Trees and much more music (Johnny Cash, The Melvins, Peter Buck, The NWO Combo etc) and Krists political work.
Welcome to the podcast, we've got fun and games! This time we discuss Nirvana's nemesis Guns N' Roses. Axl Rose, Slash, Duff McKagan and the other GNR members initially were fans of Nirvana, but that didn't last very long. What sets the two bands apart and in what ways are they similar? We talk about that with actor en GNR fan Korneel Evers, also singer of the rockband The Guides. We also listen to Velvet Revolver, Loaded, Chris Cornell and Iggy Pop & The Stooges. #HiAxl
Nirvana was a great live band and that's why we discuss their live albums: From the muddy banks of the Whiskah, Live at Pine Street Theatre (1990), Live at Reading (1992), Live at the Paramount (1991) and Live and Loud (1993).
What are the connections between Nirvana and The Beatles? Of course there is the musical inspiration, but there's more. Much more. And we try to uncover it all.From Kurt as a child singing Beatles songs to Krist Novoselic doing the same during Nirvana shows. From Montage of Heck to the Kurt Cobain solo single And I Love Her. And from Nirvana to Sirvana...
After Kurt Cobain died Nirvana did a couple of reunion shows with guest singers: Joan Jett, Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth), Annie Erin Clark (The Polyphonic Spree, St. Vincent), Lorde, J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.), John McCauley (Deer Tick), Beck and Violet Grohl. We listen to those performances and share some background stories and our own feelings about Nirvana playing without Kurt.
How much Nirvana can we find in Foo Fighters? In this episode we are trying to find as many links as we can, apart from the obvious fact that Dave Grohl is in both bands. And Pat Smear too, in a way, kinda. We make our way through 25 years of Foo, from their self titled debut album to 2021's Medicine at Midnight.
In our third and final episode about Nirvana songs that never made it onto their studio albums, we focus on the Bleach era and talk about Spank Thru, Blandest, Pen Cap Chew, If You Must, Beans and Sappy (finally!). Jon Bon Jovi and inspector Columbo come up too.
What Nirvana songs could have been on their big breakthrough record Nevermind but are not? Should they have been? And if so, what song should they replace? Why don't we do an entire episode about Old Age? What is Michael Stipe doing these days?
What Nirvana Songs could have been on In Utero but are not? We're talking outtakes, demo's and B-sides here. Should they be on the album or did the band make the right decision by not including them? Also, we listen to Nirvana's Christmas song. Enjoy!
In this second and final episode about the murder conspiracy theory surrounding the death of Kurt Cobain, we examen the 2015 documentary Soaked in Bleach. Also we try to answer the question why people are still talking about this after all these years.
Pretty much immediately after Kurt Cobain died, the first stories about foul play pop up and theories about him being murdered continue to circulate ever since. In this episode we discuss where the conspiracy theories comes from, why people are drawn to it and what evidence there is according to them. Of course we also discuss key players such as Richard Lee, Nich Broomfield, Max Wallace, Tom Grant and Courtney Love.
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