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The Nirvana Podcast is an independent podcast about one of the greatest and most interesting bands in the history of rock music: Nirvana. The podcasters discuss the music and history of Kurt Cobain and his bandmates.
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A new record label, a new girlfriend for Kurt Cobain, lots of new songs and a new drummer (a guy called Dave Grohl): very important and interesting stuff happens with Nirvana right before they go into the studio to record their legendary album Nevermind. Let's go back in time to the last period they were just an unknown obscure band.
This episode is about things Nirvana did in 1989, like: kicking out a guitarist, collaborate with other artists, play studio and radio sessions, introduce new songs, smash instruments and tour... Tour a lot...
We flip the vinyl and listen to side B of Bleach, Nirvana's 1989 debut. Track by track we review the second half of the album and we throw in some notable cover versions and outtakes. Also drummer Chad Channing shows up to steal some (big) cheese from our fridge.
This episode is all about the first half of Nirvana's 1989 debut album Bleach. We share our opinion and some fun facts about the tracks and also have a listen to some demo's, outtakes, live versions and interesting cover songs. Next time we will flip the vinyl and talk about side B of the record.
After Krist Novoselic agreed to start a band with Kurt Cobain, they start jamming and burn through a lot of band names. And a lot of drummers. We discuss their first live shows, demo's and single: Love Buzz.
In this first episode of the Nirvana Podcast we discuss the childhood of Kurt Cobain (and also Krist Novoselics a bit). We talk about important events in his early life and musical development and also listen to some audio from that era.
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Nirvana Podcast 00 Teaser


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