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Patriots must unite against the evil forces trying to destroy America. The NOQ Report addresses the battles freedom-loving Americans must fight against foes, foreign and domestic. Hosts JD and Tammy Rucker deliver truthful and intriguing commentary from a conservative perspective. NOQ = News, Opinions, Quotes
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While hope is still in the air that a miracle will drop before time is up, it's prudent to consider how conservatives should move forward on January 21st and beyond regardless of who is in the Oval Office.
This comes down to a simple question. Does Vice President Mike Pence have the determination, willpower, and guts to act on his conscience or will he make the politically expedient move?
Those who cheated know they're going to get caught. All they can hope for is we lose interest because time is short.
If you're like me, you thought The Swamp, the Deep State, and the forces of evil were tremendous. But this election has shown my that my understanding of the depth of the adversary was a huge underestimate.
As many Trump supporters lose hope because it seems everyone from mainstream media to the Supreme Court to most Republicans on Capitol Hill are against us, we can look to the potential for a Dominion Voting Systems "MOAB," possibly through SolarWinds Orion.
Senator-Elect Kelly Townsend and 28 other Republican legislators have already made their voices heard. Will others join in before it's too late?
As conspiracy theories go, this one is pretty mild on the "theory" and heavy on facts. Put them all together and we may have the miracle smoking gun emerging before our eyes that reelects President Trump.
Many Trump supporters seem to be emotionally drained after a roller coaster week that ended with bad news from the Supreme Court. But the reality is there are plenty of ways to proceed and the Texas lawsuit was far from the best avenue.
What happens when you combine gaslighting with begging the question? You get the ludicrous framing by Democrats and mainstream media that somehow President Trump and his allies are trying to "overturn" an election that is righteously being challenged.
Many Trump supporters are putting their hopes in the Supreme Court case filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Is that a good thing? Absolutely.
The reason I mentioned on three shows that this particular case was not the one I wanted before the Supreme Court is because of the effect it would have on MAGA folks when it was shot down.
There is only one path to victory for Joe Biden, and that's if President Trump concedes. Assuming he does not, there are four viable paths (technically five) through which President Trump is reelected.
With so many election stories circulating now, we went with four stories instead of focusing on one with this particular episode of the NOQ Report.
Many Trump supporters are starting to lose hope. The hour is late, but there's still time. Here, we discuss the four stories from the Bible that should give us plenty of hope.
People normally see what they want to see. But they'd have to perform some optical cartwheels or intellectual gymnastics to avoid this particular bombshell.
My confidence in President Trump's eventual reelection is based on a preponderance of evidence that seems blatantly clear. But there's a chance the forces arrayed against him will not allow the truth to come out. There's also a slight chance he simply doesn't want to be president anymore.
We're in the middle of an attempted coup. Many in government are pretending like it's not happening because they're either complacent or complicit. It's up to the attorneys and state legislators, but we can help as well. Here's how.
Don't listen to those trying to discourage you about how impossible it is for President Trump to win the election. At this point, it seems impossible for him to lose.
This is going to hit Democrats and RINOs hard. We need to be ready for the reactions.
Nobody ever accused Democratic lawmakers of making good decisions that actually made any sense.
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