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Patriots must unite against the evil forces trying to destroy America. The NOQ Report addresses the battles freedom-loving Americans must fight against foes, foreign and domestic. Hosts JD and Tammy Rucker deliver truthful and intriguing commentary from a conservative perspective. NOQ = News, Opinions, Quotes
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This interview with Mike Netter gives us hope that the horrible Governor of California might face an early end to his reign.
It starts here in California. If things go well with the coronavirus, expect leftists to tout it as a way to go for the whole country.
Adam Schiff has had his seat locked for nearly two decades. Now, he finally has a challenger who can give him a run for his money.
The Messianic Jew and Evangelical leader joined JD Rucker for a wonderful discussion about the President, Black Lives Matter, and the state of the nation today.
He's trying to fall on his sword, but what he's doing to everyone else is very bad. Be careful what you wear on a private fishing trip, folks.
New Jersey Republicans have tried and failed to take advantage of the conservative mindset among unaffiliated voters in their state. It's time to nominate a candidate who is an actual conservative, a candidate who can return Cory Booker to the private sector.
There are many reasons to avoid a single-source story, and two extremely good reasons to take it seriously.
As Senator Paul asked, "when are we going to tell the people the truth?"
It was doomed from the start, but it didn't have to be.
If they aren't proud enough of what they're doing to want it broadcast to the world, should we really take their "movements" very seriously?
If other Republicans would handle the media more like President Trump does, many of their issues would go away.
They're doing everything they can to prop him up, but he just can't seem to keep it together.
Their patience has been exceptional, but enough is enough.
What does the coronavirus have to do with racism? According to the left, it's everything.
Reports that these are random, prompted by Independence Day celebrations canceled, and promoted by rock-bottom prices are all false narratives.
Seriously, why is this lawlessness being allowed?
To find the solution we need to understand the problem. To understand the problem we have to identify the root cause.
This was done for the right reasons but it was the wrong response.
California Governor Gavin Newsom needed to go long before he initiated his latest authoritarian scare tactic.
Today's decision on DACA was just the latest in a string of failures from the so-called "conservative" Supreme Court.
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