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Patriots must unite against the evil forces trying to destroy America. The NOQ Report addresses the battles freedom-loving Americans must fight against foes, foreign and domestic. Hosts JD and Tammy Rucker deliver truthful and intriguing commentary from a conservative perspective. NOQ = News, Opinions, Quotes
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This is going to hit Democrats and RINOs hard. We need to be ready for the reactions.
Nobody ever accused Democratic lawmakers of making good decisions that actually made any sense.
The standard response from mainstream media to yesterday's bombshell is that Sidney Powell was booted from the Trump Team for spreading Dominion "conspiracy theories." That's not true.
Here's a brief course on evidence, appeals, and why everything is working towards President Trump's reelection.
Things are looking up for President Trump. Legal momentum seems to be on his side. Don't let trolls get you down. At this point, that's all they have left.
I get it. Not everyone wants to fight. But don't try to justify your lack of courage by trying to convince us President Trump didn't really win.
If you think it's just a coincidence that ferocious attacks by Democrats against voting machine companies like Dominion Voting Systems suddenly stopped when Joe Biden was being anointed, you're a fool.
Things are going much better than most realize for President Trump. Once everything makes its way to the Supreme Court, we will be redeemed.
Reminder: It's been a week since the election. Al Gore's supporters persevered through over a month of court battles before throwing in the towel. I expect more from MAGA.
This is the reckoning patriotic Americans have been hoping for since it appeared there was an attempt to steal the election. The truth is coming out, even if only some of it, but it seems to be enough to give Trump supporters hope.
This election has been set up to have two possible conclusions. One is the best case scenario that was practically unimaginable a week ago. The other marks the beginning of the end of mankind.
It's good to get your thoughts down so when you're right, people can't say you're lying. Of course, you have to stand behind your predictions, even if they don't come true. We'll stand by these.
While most are focused on Hunter Biden or the coronavirus, Dr. Michael Scheuer is looking at other election issues that need to be addressed if we're going to save this nation.
The easiest and perhaps only way Democrats can steal the election is if they can convince enough patriots that our votes are meaningless.
Let's keep this simple. Joe Biden is the story, not Hunter Biden.
In this episode of NOQ Report, JD and Tammy discuss the Biden situation and reveal why it's so important to hammer this narrative home.
Trump supporters have been naming dozens of reasons to vote for Republicans. Here are some reasons—including the single most important one—to vote against Democrats.
What you can see happening is already bad enough. What you do not see will infuriate you.
They have gone social justice warrior on us all. Will they point their "discerning" lens on themselves?
Depending on which wing of the Democratic Party they're talking to at any given moment, they will tell different lies to them in hopes of not losing their support.
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