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News, Opinions, and Quotes relevant to Americans today in the realms of politics, culture, and religion. Host JD Rucker delivers truthful and intriguing commentary from a conservative perspective.
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There are two major reasons President Trump should file a writ of quo warranto. One big reason it to attempt to remove Joe Biden and Kamala Harris from office. Perhaps that's why Google, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, and others are attempting to suppress information about it.
Today's episode of the NOQ Report Podcast addresses news that we were booted from Spotify, how talking about guns may someday get you in trouble, and how to fight back against the leftist lurch as they try to take away our Second Amendment rights. 2A advocate Glen Caroline joined us.
Following President Trump's "loss" in the November elections, many Republican lawmakers have shown their true colors by abandoning him as quickly as possible. They've embraced the Establishment stance that satisfies the Biden administration and placates their donors. But they've left their base behind. What's next for them? Journalist Jeff Crouere joins JD to discuss.
Talk of President Trump starting a new political party has driven buzz across social media in the days following Joe Biden's inauguration. Serious efforts to form new parties have been underway since the election. It all hinges on whether or not Trump throws his name and power behind it.
We made it through the first partial day of a Biden-Harris administration and most of us survived. The Constitution is already under attack and emotions are still running high, but we remain hopeful that the "resistance" against the Democrats will be much more organized, lawful, and effective than the leftist counterparts attempted to do to President Trump.
It's Inauguration Day, which means the last batch of hopeful Trump-supporters grasping at straws are likely going to give up. But there's another pathway to correct the results of the election that only came available AFTER Joe Biden was officially inaugurated. Let's talk about a writ of quo warranto.
The left has been planning for this day for the last six decades. The right has lived like the truth would always prevail. Now that we're seeing truth being decimated before our eyes, it's time to rethink our strategies and reinvent what it means to "resist."
While hope is still in the air that a miracle will drop before time is up, it's prudent to consider how conservatives should move forward on January 21st and beyond regardless of who is in the Oval Office.
This comes down to a simple question. Does Vice President Mike Pence have the determination, willpower, and guts to act on his conscience or will he make the politically expedient move?
Those who cheated know they're going to get caught. All they can hope for is we lose interest because time is short.
If you're like me, you thought The Swamp, the Deep State, and the forces of evil were tremendous. But this election has shown my that my understanding of the depth of the adversary was a huge underestimate.
As many Trump supporters lose hope because it seems everyone from mainstream media to the Supreme Court to most Republicans on Capitol Hill are against us, we can look to the potential for a Dominion Voting Systems "MOAB," possibly through SolarWinds Orion.
Senator-Elect Kelly Townsend and 28 other Republican legislators have already made their voices heard. Will others join in before it's too late?
As conspiracy theories go, this one is pretty mild on the "theory" and heavy on facts. Put them all together and we may have the miracle smoking gun emerging before our eyes that reelects President Trump.
Many Trump supporters seem to be emotionally drained after a roller coaster week that ended with bad news from the Supreme Court. But the reality is there are plenty of ways to proceed and the Texas lawsuit was far from the best avenue.
What happens when you combine gaslighting with begging the question? You get the ludicrous framing by Democrats and mainstream media that somehow President Trump and his allies are trying to "overturn" an election that is righteously being challenged.
Many Trump supporters are putting their hopes in the Supreme Court case filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Is that a good thing? Absolutely.
The reason I mentioned on three shows that this particular case was not the one I wanted before the Supreme Court is because of the effect it would have on MAGA folks when it was shot down.
There is only one path to victory for Joe Biden, and that's if President Trump concedes. Assuming he does not, there are four viable paths (technically five) through which President Trump is reelected.
With so many election stories circulating now, we went with four stories instead of focusing on one with this particular episode of the NOQ Report.
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