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NPR News: 04-09-2020 6AM ET
NPR News: 04-09-2020 5AM ET
NPR News: 04-09-2020 4AM ET
NPR News: 04-09-2020 3AM ET
NPR News: 04-09-2020 2AM ET
NPR News: 04-09-2020 1AM ET
NPR News: 04-09-2020 12AM ET
NPR News: 04-08-2020 11PM ET
NPR News: 04-08-2020 10PM ET
NPR News: 04-08-2020 9PM ET
NPR News: 04-08-2020 8PM ET
NPR News: 04-08-2020 7PM ET
NPR News: 04-08-2020 6PM ET
NPR News: 04-08-2020 5PM ET
NPR News: 04-08-2020 4PM ET
NPR News: 04-08-2020 3PM ET
NPR News: 04-08-2020 2PM ET
NPR News: 04-08-2020 1PM ET
NPR News: 04-08-2020 12PM ET
NPR News: 04-08-2020 11AM ET
Comments (172)


The logic of government: US helps other countries-HERO! China helps other countries-SPY!🙃

Apr 8th
Reply (1)

Molly Murphy Reding

I really like this news pod casts, but I dont typically get to listen to it right when it gets posted. I think it would be nice if the reporter said the date and time at the beginning of each release.

Apr 3rd

Dennis Zelaya Zelaya

me gusta mucho bueno muy bien sonido

Mar 31st

Clint Davis

Ok, forgive me for being ignorant but I have yet to find one ounce of care about this cold virus. Thousands die every day from alcohol related deaths, yet no one closes schools. so far, the flu has killed countless thousands, yet, no one closes their biz. Millions of babies are slaughtered yearly and dony get me started on the amount of people that die from smoking. If you catch this virus, will you die in 3 min? No! If you catch this virus, will your phone be taken away? No! If you catch this virus, will you lose your internet privaliges? No! If you catch this virus, Will you lose all your toilet paper that you fought over,No! the list goes on and on. Fact is, if you catch it, you'll be back to work in about a week but then you'll be killed by a drunk driver on your way to work, but hey, at least you'll go out with your head severed from your body and not from the dreaded Corona virus

Mar 27th


listen dumba**.... NOBODY (except the chicoms) know how many cases are or were in China. So you cannot make such statements as if they are factual.

Mar 27th

Alisia Marie Barbour

We don't know how many cases China actually had, because, they had been suppressing numbers for months, when it began to spread out of containment. I rely on NPR for a more accurate accounting of the news. It's not accurate, when compared to what we are told what happened in China. It would be more accurate to compare to Italy, than China, because of this fact.

Mar 27th

Michael Voss

Here is my question,how far away is a cure becoming effective against the virus?

Mar 24th

Philly Burbs

Trump meets with banks. Not people who can help you & me if we have no pay coming in.

Mar 11th

Abdullah Ahmadzai

if you send us transcripts via email that would be great

Mar 3rd

N Me


Feb 14th

Jessica Flores

jjn nick. gk

Feb 4th
Reply (1)

N Me

I wonder what Alexander's "price" was?

Jan 31st

Jordan Z

love listening to the news without having the radio

Jan 23rd
Reply (1)

Robert King

Maria Martin, saying "and of course the USA is stopping migrants" is so biased and loco. How many migrants do people think we can stuff up here? the land of opportunity is being raped and pillaged. show these migrants pictures of people living in the street here, or the overcrowded migrants at the border.

Jan 18th
Reply (2)

milad talebi

Thanks alot. Can you make passage of reports here?

Jan 17th

Amir Khakbazi

No one benefit from starting the war except China and Russia selling their military weapons. By the way Iran has announced that it is just the beginning

Jan 8th
Reply (3)

Scott Anderson

leftist version propaganda.....grow up and get over the 2016 election...

Jan 8th
Reply (6)

Leslie Flatland Seipel

you need more than one country threatening another country to make it a WORLD War🙄

Jan 8th
Reply (1)


DEPORT everyone at that anti-American rally

Jan 5th

Carly Robinson

well it took long enough to do something about this.

Dec 23rd
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