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Naked Talk with JESS

Author: Jessica Martin- Brassington

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Naked Talk is a movement to inspire women who've lost themselves in motherhood to ignite their sex and body confidence, lead with passion, and live a life they love without guilt.

Whole health is more than eating healthy and working out to look hot naked...although that's a bonus!

Naked Talk with unprocessedJESS addresses ALL areas of your life (relationships, physical fitness, work/life, spirituality) as well as food and lifestyle choices in a candid and casual setting to get to the root of your symptoms (stress, lack of sleep, low sex drive, clutter) for sustainable change.

As a certified Holistic Health Coach, she empowers her clients to take control of their health through food and lifestyle so they can live a less processed life and experience sustainable change.

Reaching the hearts of busy entrepreneurs and sharing natural ways to lose weight, gain energy, and increase libido is at the center of her practice.

We deserve to live life with happy hormones, a healthy weight, and a sexy attitude.

You can connect with Jess on Instagram and Facebook @unprocessedJESS and on her blog
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Have you Lost your Fire?

Have you Lost your Fire?


Do you feel like you've lost your fire or never found it? Natalia Castillo is four time Musclemania champion, former Miss Houston Latina, current director for Miss Houston Latina, and creator of Fireyoup.  A program where young women are exposed to mentors in different areas of life and given a safe place to reflect, grow, and meet other women.  We also have candid conversations about mental health and Natalia shares her struggles and how she overcame them.  Connect with Natalia and Fireyoup on Instagram and Facebook @fireyoup Subscribe to Naked Talk with Jess podcast where you listen to podcasts or @  
Introducing the Biz Edition for Naked Talk with unprocessedJESS where we're sharing bite-sized biz tips, tools, and words of wisdom from entrepreneurs who have been there done that, learned a thing or two in the process, and now sharing with you.   Pat Flynn talks about his latest book, Super Fans, making an impact, integrating family WITH business, and a little podcast thrown in for good measure.    
Ever feel like NOTHING is going right and everything is negative?  Gratitude is a great way to change your attitude.  Naked Talk shares about gratitude and a morning exercise you can add into your day to start it in the right direction. 
The actual food you eat, or nutrition, is secondary to your primary foods.    ALL areas of your life are interconnected and affect the other.  Primary foods are your relationships, physical activity, spirituality, and Career/Life Balance.    Whole health is more than eating greens and looking hot naked, although that's a bonus!    
Ever wonder what happens during a yoni (vagina) steam? Well, wonder no more! Kim Bady with She Wellness and Sanctuary Spa in Houston, Texas breaks down the basics of the not only the steam but the yoni.  
What the heck is perimenopause anyway? And what can we expect and do about it?    
jenna Longoria talks periods, ovaulation, and fertility with unprocessedjess and why they're so important to our health.    Periods don't HAVE to be painful!  
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