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BFF Kathy Tu and Tobin Low are super queer, super fun and ready to take over your podcast feed. Join them for provocative stories and frank conversations about the LGBTQ experience today. Because everyone’s a little bit gay.
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#59: X & Y
This week, Nancy is featuring an episode of Radiolab Presents: Gonads.A lot of us understand biological sex with a pretty fateful underpinning: if you’re born with XX chromosomes, you’re female; if you’re born with XY chromosomes, you’re male. But it turns out, our relationship to the opposite sex is more complicated than we think.This episode was reported by Molly Webster, and produced by Matt Kielty. With scoring, original composition and mixing by Matt Kielty and Alex Overington. Additional production by Rachael Cusick, and editing by Pat Walters. The “Ballad of Daniel Webster” and “Gonads” was written, performed and produced by Majel Connery and Alex Overington.Special thanks to Erica Todd, Andrew Sinclair, Robin Lovell-Badge, and Sarah S. Richardson. Plus, a big thank you to the musicians who gave us permission to use their work in this episode—composer Erik Friedlander, for "Frail as a Breeze, Part II," and musician Sam Prekop, whose work "A Geometric," from his album The Republic, is out on Thrill Jockey.Radiolab is supported in part by Science Sandbox, a Simons Foundation initiative dedicated to engaging everyone with the process of science. And the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, enhancing public understanding of science and technology in the modern world. More information about Sloan at our work! Become a Nancy member today at 

#59: X & Y


#54: Definitely, Maybe
To win in Massachusetts, trans activists have adopted a counterintuitive strategy: leaning into the worst things their opponents say about them.— Dee Rogers (she/her) is a volunteer for the Yes on 3 campaign in Massachusetts.— Kasey Suffredini (he/him) is a Yes on Three co-chair and president of strategy at the campaign's national parent organization, Freedom for All Americans.— David Broockman (he/him) is an assistant professor of political economy at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He is co-author of the paper "Durably reducing transphobia: A field experiment on door-to-door canvassing."— Kelly Jenkins (she/her) is a teaching assistant in Wellesley, Mass. She hosts the series Kelly's Quest on the public access channel ActonTV.Keep Massachusetts Safe, the group seeking to repeal the state's public accommodations protections for transgender people, argues the existing law puts women at children at risk in places like public restrooms. However, a recent study by researchers at the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law found bathroom crime has not increased since these protections became law in 2016. Learn more about the 2018 Massachusetts Ballot Questions here, and find out what's on your ballot this November at Ballotpedia.If you, or someone you know, are looking for resources (or for organizations to donate to), consider these ones:— Trans Lifeline— Transgender Law Center— National Center for Transgender Equality— Lambda Legal— The Trevor ProjectSpecial thanks to Fran Hutchins of the Equality Federation, Columbia University political science professor Donald P. Green, and Yes on 3 campaigners including Dee Moore, Karl Tonge, Pippin Stacks, and Leo Udell.Episode scoring by Jeremy Bloom and Isaac Jones, with additional music by Rest You Sleeping Giant ("Light Lab") and Lee Rosevere ("Small Steps").Support our work! Become a Nancy member today at

#54: Definitely, Maybe


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Emmanuel Mulonga

disgusting sin. u pipo are waking up in hell when u die.

Dec 15th

la bavardeuse


Dec 7th


I've been a huge Katie Herzig fan and was so happy to see the post she made. This is such a beautiful story. Love it!

Nov 4th

Prakhar Vishnoi

I am crying!!!! best episode ever

Sep 27th

mandy ross

This episode hit home. Great episode

Sep 24th

Talia Martin

This was a great episode awesome research and work. never knew about him, but very interesting to see the connection between this man and what is going on presently!

Jul 31st

Ben Davis

It's like an informative travel blog.

Jul 2nd

Kara McLaughlin

help- episode 47 won't download?!? noooooooo!

Jun 27th


love this episode from Taipei 😘

Jun 20th


love this podcast!

May 2nd

Joshua Yerkes

"We watched a lot of porn for this episode... you know for journalism"

Apr 23rd

Thecla Schoeneberger

love love love! As a Queer it is amazing to have quality representation and interesting topics. Fingers crossed that the next season will be made sometime soon!

Mar 13th

John Lytle

love this podcast so much! keep up the amazing work!

Feb 13th

Morgan Giles

wow this is deep

Nov 12th

Liz Richardson


Oct 30th

Allen Davies

love it guys from a fellow queerFir What about something on super 's gay or too divisive?

Oct 28th

Amelia Stuart

one of the best lgbtq+ podcasts I've ever heard.

Oct 27th

Gaurav Sharma

this is so empowering!

Sep 9th
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