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Dan Milne tells the fascinating origin story of Narativ. Twenty years ago Dan directed Paul Browde and Murray Nossel in a theatre piece called TWO MEN TALKING. The telling of their personal stories about growing up in South Africa took them to New York, London, South Africa, The Edinburgh Festival and beyond. That theatrical journey grew and gave birth to the storytelling and listening that is the Narativ Method used today. In a completion of the circle, many of the participants of Narativ workshops go on to develop their personal stories into theatre and other creative works. This short series of podcasts will talk about some of those works.
Past, Present & Future

Past, Present & Future


Dan and Jane talk about the past year and setting and intention for the new one. If you'd like to join a Narativ Story Circle, subscribe to our newsletter for updates and invitations at
Be Here Now

Be Here Now


Narativ director Jane Nash guides a meditation to help connect to the present moment and awaken your senses.
Narativ Ground Rule #5 is We are responsible for listening to ourselves and one another with compassion, infinite ability and creativity. Dan and Jane talk about having compassion for ourselves during a challenging time and hearing, for the first time, compassion expressed for a person who committed a terrible crime. LISTEN to the BBC Radio broadcast that Jane talks about here:~
Dan and Jane talk about the power of words and their ability to transform through Narativ Ground Rule #1 #Co-accounting @CoAccSL #PatsyRodenberg #Presidentialelection #thepoweroflistening #listening
Jane and Dan return to discussing the Power of Listening and how the new world needs it more than ever. They talk Presidential debates and mute buttons, culture change in the corporate world, and how Listening always starts with ourselves. Guy Garvey Listening Project Story Corps
The second part of our podcast on Business Storytelling. Dan and Jane talk about telling Origin Stories, Milestone Stories, Impact Stories and Future Stories for your business.
Part One: Dan and Jane talk about finding and telling the story for you business.
Jane and Dan talk about the importance and power of telling your personal story.
Radical Listening

Radical Listening


Jane and Dan talk about the relationship between the pandemic and the BLM protest, about advocacy and the generative power of listening in this moment to create a space where all voices are heard.
PART TWO of Jane and Dan discussing telling your Mother's story for the Word Mother Storytelling Project. WATCH the World Mother Storytelling Project on YouTube…&
Jane Nash tells a true story about a rain storm and the kindness of a stranger for Mental Health Awareness Week 2020...
Jane and Dan discuss telling your Mother's story for the Word Mother Storytelling Project. WATCH the World Mother Storytelling Project on YouTube
Jane and Dan talk about Narativ's World Mother Storytelling Project and the live event on Sunday 10th May. Narativ London were part of the WORLD MOTHER STORYTELLING PROJECT that was streamed live online from The Town Hall in New York City. The event was created and presented by Narativ Founder Murray Nossel. Children listen to and tell their mother's stories. WATCH the event on Youtube
Dan and Jane talk about not breaking a fast with family at the end of Ramadan and family rituals and traditions - those newly created in isolation and those remembered from childhood.
As the UK extends another three weeks in lockdown, Dan and Jane talk about what lessons we might be learning during this period and finding purpose when no end to the collective story is in sight.
Dan and Jane discuss what leadership means as we all face the new circumstances of our lives. Whether in government, in the media, in expert knowledge, in our communities or in our homes, what do want and need and how can we find personal leadership for ourselves.
Jane and Dan talk about the challenge of continuing to work as a productive team at this moment, touching on issues of communication, managing the new 'work-life' balance, boundarying meetings and finding a sense of personal leadership.
Dan and Jane explain the Narativ Method™ of Clearing Your Listening. Join them every weekday at 9am (BST)in their Zoom meeting room to take a mindful moment to settle, connect with your body and notice what is going on in your mind. Clearing releases the obstacles and distractions that are getting in the way of being present and to set a positive intention for the day. Zoom link ~
Dan talks about using the senses to become present in the moment and simultaneously to transport you to another time and place in your life.
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