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A tangled wood

A tangled wood


Today is about "A Tangled Wood". The title comes from where I saw a few trees and branches completely tangled up to create a mesh of intertwined natural growth. My thoughts were on the following...
Our bodies are made up of 65% water on average and it’s no wonder we are so attracted and absorbed by the idea of relaxing by the waterside.
Your achievement in the outdoors is absolutely personal to you. Get inspired by others, but not necessarily follow others. Be your on own judge! Most importantly, it has got to be pleasurable, satisfying and safe for you.
Observing your senses

Observing your senses


Look up and observe what nature has to offer. From distant subjects to nearby objects, from how you feel to what tickles your senses, positive energy garners from what your mind and body feels.
Before embarking on a hiking adventure, research and investigate what geological features are embedded in the ground you tread on. It makes your hike far more entrancing.
The same location in different seasons is a delightful experience as our senses renew and develop with every season.
What is Nature Kicks?

What is Nature Kicks?


Listen to a quick description of what Nature Kicks is about and who I am.
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