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Learn about this amazing organization and how it can help you succeed as a mediator.
Because of the fast-changing global marketplace and growing demand for cultural solutions, successfully negotiating across borders has become a key for building business and increase revenues for most major companies. Most other countries embrace negotiating as part of their everyday activity; outside the U.S., virtually everything is negotiable.But many U.S. business professionals lack the skills to manage an interaction, identify the other party's needs and reach an agreement that is mutually beneficial. Trying to do all that in a foreign country just makes it more difficult! The aggressive, competitive, "shoot-from-the-hip" style of many U.S. corporations is simply not appropriate to many other cultures.The New Rules of International Negotiation addresses the commonalities, the differences and the barriers facing anyone trying to do business and negotiate with other countries. It includes detailed analyses for doing business in China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Russia, India, Europe, the Eastern Bloc countries and South America.
Max Siegel started with none of the obvious advantages, yet again and again he built mutually beneficial partnerships–with peers, mentors, supervisors, and industry leaders–that took him to the heights of professional and personal achievement. He’s managed some of the world’s top recording artists, ballplayers, and race-car drivers, and helped run some of the top organizations in sports and entertainment. He’s grown fragmented niche markets into bestselling audiences by tapping into the universal hopes and passions that bring people together. Now he travels the country giving motivational speeches and inspiring professionals of all kinds, sharing his method for connecting with people, whatever their differences.The secret, Siegel says, is to know what makes others tick. For some, it’s financial security; for others, it’s respect, devotion to family, a creative calling, or a vision of a better world. He shows how to encourage people to share these hidden, all-important motivations, and how to partner with them in the most powerful way there is: by finding the overlap between their goals and yours, so that together you can realize the dreams that make you tick.The nine universal rules outlined in Know What Makes Them Tick include: See Where You Want to Be, Not Where You Are Find Your Ambassadors Show What’s in It for Them[listeners] will learn practical strategies for negotiating the challenges in every part of life, whether motivating colleagues to be more productive, finding a market for their product, uniting a divided family, or building a life of satisfaction in an unpredictable world. It’s an eye-opening guide to a unique and powerful approach that anyone can use.Check out his website at:
Today's super negotiator has to be a versatile problem solver, seeking hard-bargain results with a soft touch. With punch and panache, Bob Mayer shows you how to make the grade, revealing powerful negotiating tools drawn from a unique blend of sources:Recent advances in psychology, linguistics, trial advocacy, sales, and management communications-the cutting edge of the art of performance.Tips, tricks, and techniques from 200 of the world's masters-the legendary street and bazaar merchants of Bombay, Istanbul, Cairo, and Shanghai.Mayer's own "been there, done that" years as a lawyer representing thousands of clients (from foreign government agencies and mega-corporations to some of the world's best-known actors, authors, and athletes), negotiating deals on everything from amphitheaters to Zero aircraft.You'll learn what works-and what doesn't-when you're up against a stone wall…or your ideas are being rejected…or you're confronted with hostility and anger. Included is the highly acclaimed Deal Maker's Playbook, a collection of step-by-step "how-to's" and "what-to's" for 38 common negotiatingsituations such as:Buying a carLeasing an apartmentDealing with the IRS;Interviewing for a JobBuying a franchiseGetting out of debtIt's all here-the fancy footwork and magic moves for outgunning, outmaneuvering, and out-negotiating the other person. And the techniques for developing life skills that will dramatically enhance your chances of professional success and personal satisfaction. BiographyLarry King calls Bob Mayer "a lawyer's lawyer." He has appeared on over 130 radio and television shows and has conducted negotiating workshops for UCLA, the University of Southern California, Tulane University, Pepperdine University, various governmental authorities, private companies, and professional associations. He lives in Los Angeles.
Mediators and conflict coaches often deal with client's negative old habits. Learn how to change old habits and help your clients from an authority on the topic.Kick bad habits—for good!Nearly everybody has at least one self-destructive habit they can't eliminate— from spending too much time online to eating too much ice cream. Changing an old habit is no easy business and more than 90% of people relapse within a year. This one-of-a-kind guide helps readers separate good habits from bad, evaluate the risks and benefits, prepare themselves for change, and make the change—for good.About the authors:G. Alan Marlatt, Ph.D., Director of the Addictive Behaviors Research Center, is a professor of psychology at the School of Public Health at the University of Washington. He's currently conducting a study on Mindfulness-based Relapse Prevention funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and is widely published on the subject of relapse prevention. Deborah S. Romaine is the co-author of dozens of successful health books, including Thyroid Balance, and senior writer for the four-volume Facts On File Encyclopedia of Health and Medicine.
ONE OF THE COUNTRY'S MOST EMINENT PRACTITIONERS of the art and science of negotiation offers practical advice for the most challenging conflicts — when you are facing an adversary you don't trust, who may harm you, or who you may even feel is evil.The head of Harvard's famed Program on Negotiation, Robert Mnookin provides tools for confronting devils of all kinds — in business, politics, and family life. Bargaining with the Devil guides the reader on how to make wise decisions about whether to negotiate or fight. Mnookin explains what it means to make a "wise decision" and identifies the emotional, strategic, and political traps to avoid.Drawing from a remarkable range of real-life stories, Mnookin offers his thoughtful guidance in disputes of all sorts where the temptation is to demonize:This lively, informative, indispensable book identifies the tools one needs to make wise decisions about life's most challenging conflicts.Live listeners may call and participate. The call in number is (347) 850-1490.
The last word in one-on-one coaching for productivity in business.The most effective way for companies to achieve goals is by energizing their most important asset: their staff. From the executive suite to the assembly line, each staff person is a member of a team. However, keeping that team motivated is no easy task—until now with this powerful model of coaching outlined by a master coach. In any workplace, large or small, this program motivates—for power, growth, and success.•Expert author and master coach•Covers individual coaching methods for everything from the smallest businesses to the biggest corporations to faith-based organizations and churches•Applies the lifecoach phenomenon to the workplace•Includes a list of coaching resources Live listeners may call and participate. The call in number is (347) 850-1490.
Secrets of Power Negotiating covers every aspect of the negotiating process with practical, proven advice: from beginning steps to critical final moves, how to recognize unethical tactics, key principles to the Power Negotiating strategy, why money is not as important as everyone thinks, negotiating pressure points, understanding the other party and gaining the upper hand, and analyses of different negotiating styles.And Power Negotiating can be applied to any situation:• Business owners will learn how to dramatically improve profits.• Managers will learn how to become dynamic leaders.• Parents will discover how to shape their child's future.• Salespeople will learn how to build-and protect-their bottom line.• All readers will find how to develop power and control over their ability to get what they want-in all areas of their lives.Live listeners may call and participate. The call in number is (347) 850-1490.
In this groundbreaking book, Bernard Mayer, a pioneer in the field of conflict resolution, offers a new paradigm for dealing with long-term disputes. Mayer explains that when dealing with enduring conflict, mediators and other conflict resolution specialists need to move past the idea of how quickly they can resolve the conflict. Instead, they should focus on how they can help people prepare to engage with an issue over time. Once their attention is directed away from a speedy resolution to a long-term approach, new avenues of intervention become apparent. Live listeners may call and participate. The call in number is (347) 850-1490.
Mediation is a rapidly-growing field. Whether in a part-time or full-time basis, more and more people are trying to profit as a mediator. Can YOU be a mediator? Do you have what it takes?Internationally acclaimed author, lawyer, and mediator Forrest (Woody) Mosten will share his tips on how to build a successful practice. If you already are a mediator, are you SURE your strategy to grow and be profitable is good?Don't miss this unique opportunity. Live listeners will have the unique opportunity to call and ask him questions about how to build a successful career as a mediator. The call-in number is (347) 850-1490
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