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Author: John Nemo

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Discover the fast, easy and efficient way to both fire up your life AND grow your business online with Bestselling Author, Online Course Creator and Inc. Magazine Contributor John Nemo!

Featuring practical advice, actionable insights, simple tools, A-List interviews and inspiration that grows your business and dials you into the life and legacy you want to create!

Created especially for Business Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, Speakers, Authors, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and other professional in charge of their own professional (and personal) well-being!

Learn more about John Nemo, his books and online trainings at and
156 Episodes
Discover the secret to uncovering (and actually achieving!) your true passions in business and life with Cliff Ravenscraft.Cliff is a business and life coach. He mentors coaches, consultants and thought leaders through the transition from their unfulfilling day job into their own responsible and profitable online business, so that they can live the life of their dreams and do the work they feel most called to do in this world!Over the past decade, Cliff has had the privilege and honor of working with folks like Michael Hyatt, Pat Flynn, Amy Porterfield, Ray Edwards, John Lee Dumas, Dan Miller and thousands of others on the successful launch of their audio podcasts. The most exciting part of Cliff's work, with many of these folks, has been helping them create and build a profitable online business around their podcasting efforts.Cliff's mission is to help YOU live the life of your dreams and do the work you feel most called to do in this world!EPISODE LINKS2019 Free The Dream Conference: Answer Man (60 Minute Free Keynote):
Watching dozens of people walk by such an enthusiastic, innocent and well-meaning child without uttering a word or even making eye contact broke my heart.It also revealed a critical mindset lesson I was stunned to learn after talking to this amazing 11 year old a few minutes later.
It stunned my teenage sons when the 58 second video showed up on their phones. And it was a powerful reminder of the immense importance and value behind building a recognizable and engaging personal brand online.
At age 20, Lucas Lee-Tyson has already figured out more about building a successful business from scratch than many professionals twice his age.Discover the "how" and "why" behind his successful entrepreneurial journey ... and how anyone of any age can do the EXACT same thing right now!EPISODE LINKSVisit Lucas online: with Lucas on LinkedIn:
It's an easy to trap to fall into, and when you do, it stops your business cold in its tracks. Discover what it is and how to ensure you're avoiding it on this episode of Nemo Radio!EPISODE LINKSGrab a FREE digital copy of my bestselling book Content Marketing Made Easy:
Australian Business Coach and Consultant Julian White joins Nemo Radio to share the secrets of how he helped take Warner Bros. Interactive from $0 to $48 million in revenue in just 36 months while helping revolutionize how video games were bought, sold and distributed across Australia during the 1990s.He also shares lessons learned from scaling his own startup, Red Ant, from $0 to $26 million, and then losing it all during the Great Recession of the late 2000s.Julian's entrepreneurial journey is not for the faint of heart, but his lessons, insight and wisdom gleaned from 25+ years in the corporate trenches provides priceless insights for Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Executives and others around the globe.Make sure you bring a notepad for this one!EPISODE LINKSConnect with Julian on LinkedIn: Julian's Case Study, "From $0 to $48 Million in 36 Months" -- Julian's website:
Discover the secret to quickly (and easily!) creating and marketing a bestselling book with Caleb Breakey of "Speak it to Book."Caleb joins me on this episode of Nemo Radio to share his hard-earned wisdom and some invaluable insights gleaned over more than a decade spent in the publishing industry.Even better, he lays out a specific and strategic approach he and his team utilize to turn your thoughts and ideas into the type of book that becomes the most powerful branding tool around.There are marketing, branding and leveraging lessons abound in this in-depth interview - make sure you set aside time to dive in ASAP!EPISODE LINKSLearn more about Speak it to book: with Caleb on LinkedIn:
It's one faced every single day if you're at any way involved in sales, marketing or client acquisition. And how you handle this choice does indeed dictate whether your business is going to sink or swim as a result. Don't miss this one!
It's a fatal flaw, one that can do long-term damage to your brand and cost you clients for years to come. Discover what it is, and how to ensure you avoid falling into this trap on this episode of Nemo Radio!
Nigel Green has built and led category-defining sales teams for over a decade. Now he teaches sales leaders how to do the same. One example: In three years building and scaling the sales team at Foundations Recovery Network, Nigel helped grow the business 3x, from a $94M valuation to a $350M valuation. He's also served as the CEO at StoryBrand, and the CMO at relode. Along the way, Nigel's also been a sales strategy advisor to Ascension Care Management, CaredFor, Workit Health and others.On this episode of Nemo Radio, Nigel shares some of his favorite leadership and sales secrets!EPISODE LINKSVisit Nigel Green Online:
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Tom Shott

This is a must listen to podcast for anyone using LinkedIn. Great stuff 5 stars

Aug 15th
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