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Nerdzilla is a program made by nerds, for nerds. We look at the latest news, review geeky stuff ranging from movies to strategy games, interview intelligent and interesting people, argue over silly stuff, and wrap it up neatly in an MP3 file.
101 Episodes
He's got super powers and a billion dollar suit, but Peter Parker will always be a dorcus malorcus.
Nerdzilla Episode 125

Nerdzilla Episode 125


How Bad is the new X-Men movie Dark Phoenix? And how good was Blake's 7?
Marvel film #22 marks the end of the Infinity Saga. Is it any good?
A joyful kids caper and a dark demonic adventure, which one works better?
Are you sick of these mother-loving snakes on this mother-loving plane? We're not! So let's watch it together.
At last the most powerful woman in Marvel comics makes it to the MCU.
Nerdzilla Episode 120

Nerdzilla Episode 120


We meet the 70s Spider-Man, watch Doom Patrol and Umbrella Academy, count-down the best Batman music, and argue over which movie deserves our next commentary track.
At last it's a movie that isn't part of a franchise! It's a manga we've never heard of being given the James Cameron treatment.
Nerdzilla Episode 118

Nerdzilla Episode 118


Nerd news, a chat with John Barrowman, and reviews of all the geeky summer blockbusters.
A hugely expensive film which lost money at the box office and bombed with critics. Of course we want to watch it again!
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