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Are you a Geek? Maybe a Nerd? Well, have no fear! We've got you covered here at Nerks of the Hub! Tune in to see which of your favorite celebrities we're chatting with, and what they have to say! A podcast for passionate fandoms, we are fans asking the questions you want to know! Follow us on Twitter @nerksofthehub, we love to hear from our listeners!
40 Episodes
Nerks Kelsey and Uber chat with actor, musician and writer Chris Jaymes about his powerfully immersive graphic novel Sons of Chaos!
Nerks Jemma and LeAnne chat with up and coming indie actor Johnny Maya, talk all about his first feature film, the thriller "The One Survivor Of Conifer", and discuss navigating the business of making short films! Come Nerk with us!
Nerks Kelsey and Alex chat with Editor and Producer of The Orville, Tom Costantino about all things space, Seth, and being a working fanboy. This is Part 1, a follow-up podcast coming when Tom can share more about season 3 without being sniped by Hulu! 
Nerks Jemma and Kelsey chat with Dylan Jenkinson and Jason Goode about their passion project Numb, and how Jamie Bamber can do anything!
Nerks Kelsey and Uber chat with writer/producer Zack Stentz about his new adventure comedy Rim of the World out on Netflix now. Plus a little Thor chat where they bow down and thank him for Loki. 
Nerks Kelsey and Heaven chat with writer, director and star of Conversations in LA, Anne Marie Cummings. Anne Marie shares her unique perspective and how she used that to create the 8 times Emmy nominated phenomenon.
Hosts Kelsey, LeAnne, Uber and new Nerk Host Jemma chat about their opinions on Episode 3 of the last season of Game Of Thrones, what may have been one of the greatest battle episodes in TV history and what's to come in the next episodes. Who is going to sit in the Iron Throne? Share your opinions with us!
Nerks Kelsey and Uber chat with Michelle Muldoon, creator of Last Stand 2 Nowhere. Michelle talks about reimagining historical fables with female characters, how to shoot an ENTIRE western in 3 days and forging ahead together. 
Nerk hosts Heaven and Kelsey chat with Christian Lloyd about working blind on American Gods, being a prime villain on Handmaids Tale and writing the quirky comedy Moments of Clarity. Come Nerk as a true God!
Nerks Uber and Kelsey chat with Tamsen McDonough, the voice and personality behind Lucy, the more than just a little quirky ship on Killjoys. We chatted with Tamsen about bringing life to a not living personality, her burgeoning writing career, and of course, our mutual love for Johnny. 
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the sound quality leaves something to be desired

Aug 26th
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