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Society & Culture, Health & Fitness, Dave C. (in the UK) covers 'need-to-know' news during the 2020 Covid-19 - Corona-virus World Pandemic! Twitter: @NeverIsolated
100 Episodes
A major incident has been declared in Greater Manchester with recent rises in infection rates – this is “standard practice” so that more resources can be given.
Big changes overnight for more than 4 million people in the UK after a tightening of lock down in parts of northern England.
News updates as England makes the wearing of masks compulsory in shops. Then a brief look at Boris Johnson's first turbulent year as PM
It seems we are now in a race - running to catch up & get ahead before Winter in the Northern Hemisphere & a likely second wave.
Episode 94 - Never Isolated - The Lonesome Quiz 15 - an uploaded Live Recording for Saturday 18th July 2020
It's Good Knight Sir Tom Captain Sir Tom Moore to be knighted by the Queen.
Mixed Advice? For different parts of the UK and even different indoor situations. Mixed Opinions? On the best way forward - should that be based on solely on Health & avoiding a 'Second Wave' or must this be tempered with the need to re-stimulate the UK economy?
Unmasking the Facts - Is that even possible? We need to heed the Data Modelling being done and let it help inform our collective actions.
Episode 89 - Never Isolated - The Lonesome Quiz 14 - uploaded for Sunday 12th July 2020
Travel updates, sport events in flux and an opinion piece from me to end the week.
Help with Jobs, some VAT reductions & a Costly Summer Statement intended to get the UK economy moving again.
Covid-19 News Round-up today including 'Something in the Air?' Tomorrow we focus on UK Job creation news.
Three quarters of people 'have no symptoms' when testing positive. But more financial help on the way!
New Week, More Headlines - further concerns.
Weekend Quiz Episode! Episode 83 - Never Isolated - The Lonesome Quiz 13
News, updates plus Lock-down & Travel
News & Stats update - plus what does Covid-19 do to the brain?
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