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Fuller House star and mother of two Jodie Sweetin and her best friend, life coach Celia Behar, hilariously tackle parenting taboos by sharing war stories from the frontlines of single motherhood, talking to special guests about the issues all parents face in 2019, and giving unfiltered advice to listeners.
16 Episodes
Jodie and Celia are joined by Danielle and Adam of the podcast Marriage & Martinis this week! The ladies talk to their first married couple guests about "disciplining" their children (they know they’re not supposed to use that word – they don’t care) and the different methods they all use. Including putting a toddler on a Target shelf for a time out.Merch: @neverthoughtidsaythis ( @neverthoughtidsaythis (
Jodie and Celia have their first dad on the podcast – John Brotherton! They discuss how conventional beauty standards are already affecting their young daughters, and the father-daughter dynamic from childhood to adulthood. Then Celia gives advice for how dads can best deal with their daughters’ insecurities and first heartbreaks.Instagram: @neverthoughtidsaythis ( @neverthoughtidsaythis (
Jodie and Celia talk to Erica and Milah of the Good Moms Bad Choices podcast about raising kids in a racially charged society, how to be an ally, and dating dealbreakers.Instagram: @neverthoughtidsaythis ( @neverthoughtidsaythis (
12: Burn It Down

12: Burn It Down


Jodie tells a horrific tale of lice overtaking the entire family. Celia loses her shit. Bea still wants Menchie's.Instagram: @neverthoughtidsaythis ( @neverthoughtidsaythis (
Jodie, Celia, and their friend Chudney Ross talk about squeamish dads, losing their kids in public places, sibling dynamics, and – of course – boobies, periods, and vaginas.Instagram: @neverthoughtidsaythis ( @neverthoughtidsaythis ( @ineverthoughtid (
Jodie, Celia, and fellow single mama Karen Rothstein talk all things adoption! Jodie and Karen share their own unique adoption stories, Celia's daughters start a trend of putting Paw Patrol tattoos on their private parts, and the ladies share a boozy Fail Main submission.Instagram: @neverthoughtidsaythis ( @neverthoughtidsaythis ( @ineverthoughtid (
9: Isro With Lynsey Addario

9: Isro With Lynsey Addario


Jodie and Celia talk to Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist Lynsey Addario about being a working mom - which in Lynsey's case involves being pregnant in war zones. Plus, the ladies risk losing their four male listeners by sharing menstrual cup horror stories.Instagram: @neverthoughtidsaythis ( @neverthoughtidsaythis ( @ineverthoughtid (
8: Full Blown Job

8: Full Blown Job


The ladies discuss teaching their kids internet literacy (and not to Google their parents), Jodie’s side hustle as a literary icon, and the special kind of hell that is a 3 hour school play.Instagram: @neverthoughtidsaythis ( @neverthoughtidsaythis ( @ineverthoughtid (
Jodie and Celia talk to special guest Andrea Barber about what it's like to parent a teenage (!) boy (!!), and the three ladies discuss helping kids through puberty. Later, things go off the rails when Jodie and Celia have to explain to Andrea what it means to toss someone's salad.Instagram: @neverthoughtidsaythis ( @neverthoughtidsaythis ( @ineverthoughtid (
Jodie and Celia, fresh off an experience where one of their daughters tells the other's daughter about abortion, discuss the importance of talking to your kids about the tough stuff before they get misinformation. Then they share some of the misinformation they got as kids (testicles are involved).Instagram: @neverthoughtidsaythis ( @neverthoughtidsaythis ( @ineverthoughtid (
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Jaden 55

this is fun to listen to

Jul 24th
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Gali Basel

I am so pumped to finally hear a funny and raw podcast about parenthood. you two are my new favorite mama podcast ❤

Jul 10th

Katie Mauceri

Commercials not even 10 mins in

Jul 10th
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