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Happy New Year! Do you have a new year's resolution yet? Join us as we talk with the Department's Northwest Regional PIO, Ross Morgan, and discuss NMDGF challenges that you can participate in for 2022. We discuss the NM Bass Challenge, NM Trout Challenge, Master Angler Awards and Record Fish Awards. We discuss the prizes and incentives that you could win by applying early for the big game draw as well as a discussion on how to complete a hunter education or hunter education instructor course. We have a lot of new year's resolution options for you for 2022!
Join us as we learn all about native fish in the Colorado River Basin with NMDGF's Native Fish Program Supervisor Matt Zeigler. We talk about species distribution, management, and cutting-edge research techniques. Whether you are interested in native species found in New Mexico or an avid New Mexico angler, you will want to check this one out!
This month we are talking all things wildlife health with Dr. Kerry Mower, the Department’s Wildlife Health Specialist. From common diseases and parasites to an in-depth discussion on Chronic Wasting Disease, join us as we cover all topics related to wildlife health in New Mexico!
Today we are joined by New Mexico’s state deer biologist, Orrin Duvuvuei. We dive into deer management here in the state, including how annual surveys are conducted, the importance of harvest reporting and ongoing deer management projects. We also discuss deer biology and a few deer hunting tips along the way. If you are passionate about deer populations in New Mexico then this is the episode for you!
With September archery seasons underway, we wanted to do an episode on bowhunting basics for folks interested in taking up the sport. Join us as we talk with NMDGF’s Public Information Specialist Larry Garcia to discuss archery 101 and cover topics like picking a bow and other equipment to hunting tactics and advice. If you are new to the sport of archery, or enjoy talking all things bow hunting, then this is the episode for you!
For our August edition, we meet with the Bear and Cougar Biologist for NMDGF, Rick Winslow. Join us as we discuss bears in New Mexico – from biology and management to safely camping and living in bear country to harvest data and hunting tactics. If you have any questions about bears in our state, then this is the episode for you!
Join us as we talk with Southwest Regional Biologist Kevin Rodden and learn all about free-ranging oryx and ibex populations in New Mexico – why they were introduced, how they are managed, hunting opportunities as well as wildlife photography and viewing opportunities. In North America, these amazing species are only found in free-ranging populations on public land here in the great state of New Mexico! And bowhunting ibex in New Mexico has even been called the toughest hunt in North America! Whether hunting with a firearm or camera, these species provide a very unique New Mexico experience!
Join us as we talk with “the catfishin’ guy” Shawn Denny, the Warm Water Sportfish Supervisor with NMDGF. We talk all things catfish in New Mexico – from catfish management in the state to how we can be more successful as catfish anglers. Sit on the bank in the shade and tune in to this summertime catfishing podcast!
It’s time to dust off that fishing gear that you threw in the garage at the end of last summer and start chasing walleye! Join NMDGF’s Assistant Chief of Fisheries over research and management, Mike Ruhl, as we cover all things walleye fishing in New Mexico. We discuss how anglers can use the new online Fishing Planner, NMDGF’s annual walleye spawn, lakes to try, baits and tactics to use and even recipes to test. This one will get you fired up to get back out on the water!
Spring is finally here and turkey season is underway! Join us for our very first repeat guest on the show, NMDGF Officer Storm Usrey, as we learn to talk turkey. We discuss the vocalizations turkeys make, how to use turkey calls and calling tactics for different times of the day. Whether you are a first-time turkey hunter or an old pro, you are sure to enjoy this episode!
Join us as we talk with Assistant Director Jim Comins during his last week on the job before retirement. We will talk about his career with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, the lessons learned and advice for folks interested in perusing a career in wildlife. If you have an interest in the wildlife profession, this is one episode you won’t want to miss!
Starting back in 1921, New Mexico's hatchery program has helped restore fish populations and provide angling opportunities across the state. Join us as we discuss the hatchery program with Roddy Gallegos, the Assistant Chief of Fisheries over Hatcheries. Roddy grew up on New Mexico's hatcheries and, since then, has spent over 39 years working at hatcheries for the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. This is a very educational episode!
Join the New Mexico Wildlife Podcast as we talk with Craig Sanchez, the Assistant Chief of Education, and discuss the ins and outs of the 2021 Big Game Draw. We discuss hunter education requirements, strategies for each species including trophy and opportunity areas, the basics of the draw itself, draw odds reports, how to apply, and new incentives for applying early. Put on your headsets and let's get ready for the 2021 Big Game Draw!
Join New Mexico Wildlife Podcast as we talk with Eric Frey, the Sportfish Program Manager for NMDGF, and discuss the various management activities and projects currently underway in the Sportfish Program. Then we dive into all things ice fishing in New Mexico and discuss places to go, species to catch, tactics and gear. You won’t want to miss this fishing frenzy!
Join NM Wildlife Podcast as we talk with Casey Cardinal, the Department's Resident Game Bird Biologist, and discuss upland game bird research and surveys throughout the state. We discuss everything from quail to grouse to pheasants and then talk in a little more detail on quail hunting in New Mexico and the outlook for the 2020 season!
Join us as we talk with Gary Calkins, the Open Gate Coordinator with the NM Department of Game and Fish. We discuss the Open Gate program and its benefits to both public hunters and participating landowners. Then we discuss one of Gary's hobbies, cleaning and mounting wildlife skulls, and talk about different techniques and processes for DIY European skull mounts!
Join us as we talk turkey with Storm Usrey, the Conservation Education Program Manager for the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. We learn a little about the Conservation Education Program and then dive into fall turkey hunting tactics. Storm even breaks out the turkey calls and teaches us to talk turkey - fall style!
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