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The Old Dogs ramble about things we can't explain. Like where did the other sock go? We report on a case of mistaken identity, where the identity was a dummy. We bring you another edition of Ads n Fads. We wonder what's going to become of all those soccer stadiums in Qatar. We relate another fishy fish story. And we explain five things that can't be explained. The Old Dogs conversation is with John Swasey. You may not know him, but you may well have heard him. 
The Old Dogs ramble about the early days of television. We bring you another popular Ads n Fads. We fondly remember drive-in movies. We hear from our Chief Aging Officer Kathleen O'Brien. We introduce the latest in personal identification. And we present the case for fewer friends. The Old Dogs conversation is with Sherry Halperin - producer, writer, talent agent and now a writer of fiction dear to us Old Dogs' hearts. 
The Old Dogs reminisce about the good old three-ring circus. We bring you another Ads and Fads. We  celebrate a postal worker, on the job since 1952. We invite you retire to your very own Scottish island. We familiarize you with familiar scenes from the movies. And we wonder about a modern circus that has no lions, tigers or bears... oh, my! The Old Dogs Conversation is with Allen Roth, a Hollywood audio engineer for over four decades who hosted some of the funniest and most famous actors we've ever known. 
The old dogs ramble about the price of gasoline - is it affecting you? We have breaking news about an old bust. We present another commentary from our Chief Aging Officer. We explore the history of knock-knock jokes. We praise the wisdom of Swiss laws governing guinea pig ownership. And we talk... about listening. The old dogs conversation is with Lynette Ross. A pastor who has taken a winding but sure-footed path to the ministry. 
The old dogs discuss some of their favorite peeves about crutch words. We follow that with a podnugget on the same theme. There's also another of our beloved Old Doggerels, a celebration of the great jazz bassist Ron Carter, and an edition of Stump the Older Old Dog . The Old Dogs conversation is with Deirdre Virvo, a real-estate specialist who has been pioneering a boutique approach to assisted living. 
In this episode the Old Dogs happily dwell on the subject of happiness. We bring your attention to the world’s very first speeding ticket. We take you back to a time when not all warriors were men. We introduce another bit of Old Doggerel. We share some practical ways in which you can improve your happiness. And we explain why it’s so hard for older folks to learn a language. The old dogs conversation is with Stanley Santire, who after years of successfully practicing the law has launched a new career with a new form of mediation 
In this episode the Old Dogs speculate on the possibilities of aging in place. We marvel at the mystery of marrying in the metaverse. We bring you another Ads n Fads. We enlighten you with archeological discoveries that have change our view of the world. We coin another bit of Old Doggerel. And we report on the latest opinions about aging in place. The Old Dogs Conversation is with Ted Swindley, a prolific producer of prodigious proportions who developed the worldwide hit Always Patsy Cline.
In this episode The Old Dogs ask a dangerous question: Is Thanksgiving necessary? We bring news that Queen Elizabeth, age 95, has turned down an Oldie Award. We share an opportunity to take a round the world trip that covers almost a year. We take you to a place in Queens where they still serve malts and shakes the old fashioned way. We announce yet another rate increase from your favorite postal service. And we enumerate the high cost of Turkey Day this Thanksgiving. Our conversation is with JIM GREEN - a Doctor of Philosophy, a former Jesuit Scholastic, a fan of the Great Outdoors and an advocate of all things Native American.
 In this episode the Old Dogs ramble about what’s in our sandwiches. We enjoy a new album from Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett. We talk about what thieves are taking from kindergarten classrooms. We wonder if it’s a good idea to clone woolly mammoths. We offer a new tax haven for the super-rich: South Dakota. And we inspect Subway sandwiches for traces of Tuna. The Old Dogs conversation is with Richard Ferrone – a prolific audiobook narrator who isn’t done yet. 
Podnuggets:1.     Ramble – Could you live the van life?2.     De-worming won’t prevent Covid3.     Living the van life4.     Kathleen O’Brien – Chief Aging Officer #65.     A fun word to say6.     Robert Durst found guilty after decades of suspicion7.     Old Dogs Conversation – Marcy Bannor
The Old Dogs ramble about clothing - who needs it? We bring you another edition of ads 'n fads. We shake our heads over China's uncooperative teens. We marvel at the technology that turns brain waves into words. We celebrate Willard Scott, who passed away at age 87. We give you some background on the Meyers-Briggs Personality Test. And we learn that although 80 percent of seniors are vaccinated. But that's not enough. The Old Dogs conversation is with Randy Lynch - a really nice guy who has been making his restaurant customers feel comfortable during these difficult times. 
In this episode the Old Dogs ramble about talking to strangers: would you? Should you? We talk about cheeseburger advertising that was too good to resist. We dig back in our linguistic past for old insults. We imagine how life on Mars would be… here on earth. We examine the cultural divide between North and South Korea. And get the benefits of talking to strangers. The Old Dogs conversation is with Craig Minbiole. A guy who did many things well for money and now does many things well for love. 
The Old Dogs ramble about the pros and cons of birthday presents at our age. A cellist plays on at age 93... Names for body parts you didn't know you had... Our Chief Aging Officer weighs in on giving in to moving on... Pretending to live on Mars... America has three personalities... CARMEN THOMPSON EDWARDS has practiced non-traditional forms of healing for many decades. She thought she was giving it up when she moved to Arkansas, but it turns out it was a new beginning – a beginning that countless women have been benefiting from. 
The old dogs trade views on rich people buying their way into space. We “expose” that Canadian politician in more on-camera high-jinks. We talk about the pros and cons of electric vehicles. We report on a special kind of reward for one lucky New York kid. And we congratulate the oldest person ever to into space. The Old Dogs conversation is with Bill Seavey, an author, b and b owner, dwelling innovator, and much more. 
The Old Dogs Ramble about how Artificial is stealing our Intelligence. Then we offer a podnugget about how it's all happening. We also celebrate the Slang of the 50's, present more commentary from Kathleen O'Brien (our Chief Aging Officer) and introduce you to a concept you might do without: Non Fungible Tokens. Our Conversation is with Dale Irvin, co-host of the internationally famous (Number 25 in Mexican comedy) podcast, "Another Day Above the Ground."
The Old Dogs ramble about driverless cars... More Ads & Fads... Seaweed bacon?... Driverless Cars... Trash in Outer SpaceA conversation with Kathy Biehl: is she a lawyer/actress? A food critic/author? All of the above? Something else? 
The Old Dogs ramble about our hopes and fears as we move back to more intimate socializing... A paycheck delivered in pennies... Commentary no. 2 from our Chief Aging Officer... A Palindrome for 61 Names... Unmasking the problem.​The Old Dogs Interview​SANDRA MILLER is a family doctor who excelled in the medical profession, then turned to inventing a new genre of fiction: Medical Romance set at the rim of the Grand Canyon. She loves to talk about her rich past, her busy present, and her hopeful future.
The Old Dogs take on the infrastructure mess... commonly misused phrases... how wine ages in space... commentary from our Chief Aging Officer... new enthusiasm for VHS tapes... better to be locked up than locked down. The Old Dogs have a conversation with TED WEISGAL, lately famous for his Leisure Learning Unlimited program.
The Old Dogs depart from their usual pointless ramble to offer an equally pointless quiz about obsolete occupations. We caution patients to avoid appointments with doctors who have court appearances on the same day. We read some more glowing fan mail. We suggest you avoid the first wave of colonists to Mars. We introduce you to a new feature on the podcast. And we present the current top ten list of scammers who target seniors. The Old Dogs conversation is with Doris Lance – a lady who's had a lifelong passion for the outdoors. The sights, sounds and smells she relishes while hiking have led her to places all over the world… and to a book that even your grand kids will love.
No. 54: "More Howling"

No. 54: "More Howling"


The Old Dogs take another look at "Howling at the Moon." Live longer with gin-soaked raisins! Can you say, "chinwag"? Defining the Senior Influencer. Another look at Awesome Aging. Experiencing a Goat-to-Meeting. The Old Dogs interview Old Man Steve Austin, who has gone viral on TikTok for doing practically nothing.
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