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New World Survival was born from the vision of two Survivalists. We cover topics - from Survival, Prepping, Bushcraft, and even branching into the far reaches of the unexplained... Luke and Paul aim to bring you an educational but fun podcast. Most times downright bizarre.
29 Episodes
We chat in this episode to Andy about his underwater adventures and scuba diving.Facebook: YouTube:
Paul talks about camping in the mountains and the equipment and gear he recommends you take.
Luke ventures out into the woods in a thunderstorm to talk about the importance of equipment
Luke talks about the potential situation of a meteorite strike.
Today we have a quick catch up episode and talk about New World as a business and the changes we are going through.
Today we talk about campfires, firelays and campfire cooking.
Today we talk about tools and their uses.
Another audio log from a doctor from Spain, it has been translated into English.
A positive update from Luke on his self-isolation on his return from his Japan trip.
We have a general catch up, talk about Luke in Japan and catch up on COVID19 stats and prepping.
Today in our podcast we talk about sleep systems.
Lukes off to Japan, he's on a flight as we release this, so we decided to record another episode in the ramble series where we talk about whatever's in our heads at the time of recording.
What The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will provide an update to the media on the COVID-19 response. Who Nancy Messonnier, M.D., Director, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases When 11:30 a.m. ET Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2020
Today we talk about Vehicle Defence and fortification.
Today we talk about, fish, birds, rabbits, insects, and foraging.
Some quick advice on how to prepare yourself and your home in the event of flooding.
Luke updates us on the Coronavirus
Today we talk about herbalism and its uses in the wild.
Luke talks about the traffic light system we use in prepping.
Little bit different this week. Luke and Paul have a ramble, a rant and talk about some new gear.
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Paul Sims-Thickett (Thesnipergecko)

New World Survival was born from two survivalists, training as an elite unit, based in the United Kingdom and worldwide. Over the years of training, their vision was to see the skills of survivalists and preppers under one banner. Combining survival skills mixed with modern-day prepping elements. They train for the new world, honing their skill sets to elite levels, always remembering their roots, and where they came from. New World Survival welcomes you to a new era, a new world.

Nov 7th
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