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Interviews, news and analysis of the day’s global events.
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Electricity is being restored after a blackout left tens of millions without power. We hear from our correspondent in Buenos Aires.Also in the programme: highlights from the first televised debate between candidates vying to replace Theresa May as British Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister; Guatemala goes to the polls; and attempts to make all cocoa production fair trade.Photo: A woman lights candles at her home in Uruguay's capital Montevideo. Credit: AFP / Getty.
Hundreds of thousands of people have marched through the streets of Hong Kong to call for an end to a proposed government bill and the resignation of its leader Carrie Lam. Although the government has suspended the bill, protesters are calling for it to be scrapped completely.Also on the programme: With growing calls for the impeachment of President Donald Trump from Democrats in the United States - we look back an iconic moment in American political history. And we hear about the launch of a new universal national service in France.(Photo: Protesters hold banners and shout slogans as they march on a street on June 16, 2019 in Hong Kong China. Credit: Anthony Kwan/Getty Images)
Was Iran really responsible for the attacks on tankers in the Gulf? We speak to a former American intelligence officer who tells us at least three other countries have the capacity to mount such an attack.Also on the programme: Protesters in Hong Kong say they will stay on the streets until the proposed extradition law is ditched. And we speak to the son of Italian theatre and film director Franco Zeffirelli, who has died aged 96.(Photo: An oil tanker after it was attacked at the Gulf of Oman. Credit: Reuters)
Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam suspends a controversial extradition bill after mass protests. She expressed "deep sorrow" for deficiencies in her work.Also in the programme: the head of maritime security at the largest worldwide shipowners association tells us some companies have already decided it is too risky to send vessels through the Strait of Hormuz. And a century on from the first transatlantic flight, what might air travel be like a hundred years from now?(Photo: Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam speaks during a press conference at the government headquarters in Hong Kong. Credit: Anthony Wallace/AFP/Getty Images)
Boris Johnson, the current front-runner to be Britain's next prime minister, says threatening the European Union with no deal would force it to renegotiate the Brexit agreement. We speak to Belgian MEP Philippe Lamberts who says that believing that will not make it happen.Also on the programme: The Tanzanian government has said it will impose a tax on wig imports, we speak to an importer who says it will hit her business hard. And Swiss women go on strike in calls for equality.(Photo: UK politician Boris Johnson. Credit: Reuters)
The US military releases a video it claims shows Iran's Revolutionary Guards removing a mine from one of the oil tankers attacked yesterday. But is it conclusive proof of Tehran's culpability?Also in the programme: As Sudan’s Transitional Military Council now admits it ordered the break-up of a pro-democracy camp in Khartoum last week, we speak to the British ambassador about being summoned by the Sudanese authorities, and whether the opposition "behave like kids" as a senior member of the Sudanese military claims. And thousands of Swiss women are protesting - by withholding their labour - against what they say are Switzerland's antiquated laws on, and attitudes towards sex equality.(Photo: A grab taken from a video released by the US Central Command reportedly shows an Iranian navy patrol boat in the Gulf of Oman approaching the Japanese operated methanol tanker Kokuka Courageous and removing an unexploded mine. Photo: US Central Command/AFP/Getty Images)
The United States has accused Iran of carrying out attacks on two tankers on an important shipping route for oil exports in the Gulf of Oman.Also in the programme: A second person dies from Ebola in Uganda and the race to become UK prime minister.(Picture: An oil tanker which was attacked in the Gulf of Oman. Credit: Reuters)
Two oil tankers have been damaged in suspected attacks by unknown perpetrators in the Gulf of Oman. A fire broke out on board at least one ship and crew members have been taken off both vesselsAlso in the programme: Ebola in Uganda and Australia's biggest coal mine gets go-ahead.(Picture: An oil tanker is seen after it was attacked at the Gulf of Oman. credit: Reuters)
Hong Kong's Chief Executive Carrie Lam criticised protests against a proposed bill that would allow extradition to China, calling them "organised riots".Also in the programme: Newshour's James Coomarasamy reports from Kosovo 20 years after Nato's intervention. Also: the current outbreak of Ebola has spread beyond the Democratic Republic of Congo.Picture: Protesters run away from teargas during a protest on June 12, 2019 in Hong Kong China. Credit: Anthony Kwan/Getty Images.
Japanese PM Shinzo Abe heads to Tehran to discuss sanctions and tensions with the West. We explore the long-standing relationship between the two countries.Also in the programme: James Coomarasamy reports from Kosovo 20 years after Nato's intervention; police in Hong Kong fire tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters concerned about the influence of Beijing; and just how many Democratic presidential candidates is too many Democratic presidential candidates?Picture: A protest in Iran. Credit: Reuters.
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did anyone else find it confusing on the story about the film promotions person in Afghanistan and then talking about the quote from Angelina Jolie that was really badly edited because it made it seem like the person he was about to talk to wasAngelina Jolie and I'm pretty sure that wasn't her she was the person interviewed was the focus of the article and was a good interview it was just mislabeled at the at the start which was confusing

May 31st

Eugene Marshall

absolute biased garbage

Apr 18th

Michael Simon

Eugene Marshall the Mueller report or the BBC?

May 16th

Rayan Faisal

تسقط بس✌

Apr 8th

K Muzaffar

Very informative

Jan 21st

K Muzaffar

awesome i love this news service

Jan 21st



Dec 15th


Okay.. @POTUS WHY didn't you answer @ap question flat

Jul 16th

Marvin Jablonsky

MR. MALI_PATRICKII we would love

Oct 24th
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