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Next Caller Babe

Author: Summer Knowlton

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📞 uhh.. NEXT CALLER. 📞

This podcast is co hosted by Hoodrat, KJ, and Summer. Send us DM’s on insta & Tik Tok. We’re here for advice, questions, and most importantly TEA TIME ☕️. Everything stays 100% anonymous. Stream us now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Youtube💘
5 Episodes
In this episode we answered more of yall's DMS and had a special mom join us in doing that.
Today, we had Destiny on the podcast. She will possibly be a permanent member. How are we feeling? Please don't forget to Follow, Like, and Subscribe to our new Youtube channel: Next Caller Babe Podcast
In todays episode we talked about a lot of things ranging from Katie and Summers Vegas trip, Tik Tok fights and tea, and buttholes. Zak (AKA: McLovin) makes a special appearance.
Katie doesn't like beans, toxic friendships, advice, and drama all in one episode.
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