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Ep#59 Work Smart!!!!!

Ep#59 Work Smart!!!!!


In this episode, I share tips on what it means to Work Smart, and how we choose not to work smart. As a Life Coach, I share my pitfalls and times when I became overwhelmed with the technology. Trying to keep up with all of the newest apps and strategies became quite confusing. I share how I was able to assess my needs and come out a winner. Now, I can clearly see where I want to go, and how to get there!! Sites mentioned: - - Website: www.nezzysplace.comClear Perspective Life Coaching is here for you. Let your journey begin with one 30-minute FREE discovery call. Book on the website.
Ep.#58 Level Up

Ep.#58 Level Up


We must always Level Up to start living our best life. Sometimes, it's the small things that keep us from living life the way we intended. Those small things can be overwhelming and can steal our time and prevent us from being productive. Tune in to listen to some of the small things that can be a problem for us. LEVEL UP PROMISE - Print out the form and start your journey to Level Up in areas you want to change. Website: Nezzysplace.comEmail:
In this episode, I share my SSS Method for-a Turn-Around. These are a few tips to help you pick up and move forward in your life. We can sometimes find ourselves in a rut, and if we don't pay attention, the days will fly by and our accomplishments will be few. But I'm here to unpack just a few gems (not all) on how you can overcome and move forward when you experience times of not moving in life. Tune in and share - enjoy the show.Website: www.nezzysplace.comBook on Amazon: Girlfriend, Your House is a Mess
We, women, need to know the signs when a guy is serious about us, or if he is just wasting our time. Check out this episode where I share key points to know you have a good one, and key points to know, he needs to be kicked to the curb!! Website: www.nezzysplace.comBook on Amazon: Girlfriend, Your House is a Mess
We all need a push to get motivated. Tune in to hear three quick ways to stay motivated this week. Don't get caught treating each week the same - do something new!!!www.nezzysplace.comEmpowerment, Purpose and Passion Life Coach
How many conversations are you hearing about this vaccine mandate? It's on the news, it's being discussed at the dinner table, it's causing division among many people. I sit on the side of freedom of choice. We should all be able to make a choice for our own lives and health. Tune in to hear just a few comments and my take on the matter.
In current times, many people who are in serious relationships find themselves struggling to accept the other person's political views. Some find a balance and make it work. In this episode, I pose the question, is it important for couples married, or dating to share the same political views? Can they survive, should they toss out the relationship. What say you?
Life is about nurturing, giving, and investing in others. We can't go around being selfish and failing to nurture what is close to our heart. We can never get around nurturing, it's what we are supposed to do. Listen for a few minutes to be inspired to step up your nurturing skills.
In relationships, we all have ways of telling or showing people how we feel about them, or what we want out of the relationship. Many times, it's the signs that we ignore and then get stuck with a broken heart. When we fail to recognize the signs, then we are setting ourselves up to be bamboozled by someone. Listen to these key signs, there are many, but these are a few that will help you analyze where your relationship is, and if it's headed somewhere.Book: Girlfriend, Your House is a MessAuthor: Venez Davis AllenPurchase Book Here:
Ep#48 Why Do They Hate Us?

Ep#48 Why Do They Hate Us?


If there was ever a time to start the racist conversation, it is now. I always wondered why some white people hate us the way they do. Our ancestors were slaves and worked hard for them, raised their children, cooked their meals, and managed their homes. But yet, after slavery has ended, they still find it difficult to embrace us as their equal. In this transparent conversation, we begin to discuss this issue, but this is only the beginning.Special Guest: Dave Shute - Facebook Page Barrow - Facebook Page -'s Place Facebook: (Podcast)WATCH: CBS Clip of two little girls who say they are twins. One is Black, the other white, but what they say connects them is what we should all duplicate
In this episode I sit down with the owner of PickASide PickASide Podcast, James Finley. We discussed how racism is a disease that continues to destroys our country. Racism continues to live and breathe in the hearts of many people, and tears down the hope for a better future. While it may have seem to lie dormant; it is not. It's is more prevalent now than ever before? Discrimination, injustice and the right to equality is a consistent fight - how long shall we endure the fight.
Today is a day to focus and inspire yourself that this too shall pass. We are living in a life of chaos, but we will make it through this. Your morning inspiration starts here. Wake Up, Focus, and Be Inspired.
During this time we have to think about others, and ask the question, How are you doing? We even have to go beyond ourselves and reach out to others who never seem to check on us. It's a time to reflect, take care of ourselves, and much more.
I had a chance to chat with a friend of mine James Finley to discuss his upcoming podcast, #PICKASIDE, and the racial issues we as African Americans continue to face on a daily basis from coast to coast. James is a new podcaster on the scene who is not afraid to discuss uncomfortable issues. Listen in as he shares how George Floyd's death inspired him to do something to bring awareness in the form of communication.Your thoughts and comments are appreciated. Our goal is not to encourage or promote hate for the white race, it's to start the conversation to embrace unity and equality.Life, as we know it right, know it is not peaceful - it's chaotic! We have got to do better.Join Social Vbyes on Tuesday by subscribing to to receive updates of upcoming shows and Zoom discussions.www.Nezzysplace.com
We realize that bouncing back after a divorce or any break-up is not always easy to get over. Some people may need a little more motivation and encouragement than others. The truth is, many people may be stuck in the past. I hope this message encourages you if you find yourself in this situation.
In order to move forward in your life, you must learn how to THRIVE. In this episode, I talk about what Thriving means to me, and hopefully, it will inspire
Tuesday Motivation

Tuesday Motivation


During these times while working from home, it's important to remember to do certain things to stay sain. Also, we have to pace ourselves as we don't know how long this will be. Tune in to hear some of the ways we can manage our day to day routine.Nezzysplace on Facebook: -
Social Vybes Ep.#40

Social Vybes Ep.#40


Social Vybes is a place for everyone to connect. These times are challenging and we all need each other. Connect with us on Tuesdays at 7PM on Zoom. Join the Nezzysplace Facebook page to get the notifications.
In this episode, I sit down with Ebony Nicole Smith and Natalie Louis to have an authentic and transparent conversation about self-care and self-love. We discuss the importance of self-care and self-love and how not to lose yourself. In life, we can be so consumed with assisting and loving others that we seldom forget about taking care of ourselves. When we fail to do those things that keep us emotionally healthy, grounded and in a good place, we can spiral downwards and become unhappy in our lives.Tune in to hear more.About the Guests:NATALIE LOUISBest Selling Author & Motivational Speaker Facebook Contact: ReleaseTheQueenInYou.comEBONY NICOLE SMITHThe Writing CoachExpert in Self-Publishing & in Writing the Story of Your LifeFacebook:
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