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Author: Jason Nguyen

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There is nothing like seeing a happy dog. Join ABC4's Jason Nguyen as he explores all the things about dogs in and around the State of Utah. Whether you're looking for a new pup, adopting a rescue, on the hunt for a good dog park or a place to camp and hike, Jason will have you covered and "Nguyening With Dogs" in no time.
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Girl on a Hike's Alicia Baker joins Rosie Nguyen on Nguyening With Dogs to talk about some epic places to hike in Utah. While we're at it, we'll tell you how you can pick up a four-legged friend with Best Friends Animal Society of Utah. Plus, we'll cover all your dog news you need to know during the pandemic in Episode 29 of Nguyening With Dogs.
We've got a quick trip for you where you can see some cool sights with your dog at Bryce Canyon National Park and Kodachrome Basin State Park. We learn the concerns of dogs in hot cars, how many calls officials are getting, and what you can do if you spot a dog in danger. And as always, we have all your Utah dog news ready for you, so join us on this episode of Nguyening With Dogs.
Looking for a good hike to start the season? Do you want views of the Salt Lake Valley most people don't see? Nguyening with Dogs has you covered with the Flag Rock and Patsy's Mine hike.
Happy Holidays! In this special edition of Nguyening With Dogs, we talk about things your dogs can get into and what to look out for during your holiday parties. We explore the inversion and the effects it has on your dog. We chat about the Weight of the Call series on ABC4 News, and how dogs are coming in to various departments in the first responder communities to battle mental health. That’s not all, you’ll get to meet Salt Lake County’s Animal Services Mayor Dexter. He beat out a lot of people for the top spot and you get to hear all about the journey to the top chair.
October is a spooky time, so why not talk about the other side? In this episode, we bring on Utah's own Pet Psychic Jennafer Martin. Listen as she explains what happens to pets when they move on, and give us a couple in studio readings. This is the Halloween episode you've been waiting for.
It’s October, and we are talking Halloween with the Humane Society of Utah. Learn about the things that can be harmful to your dog on the spooky holiday, what creepy items to avoid on pet costumes, and how to help your dog if he or she gets into forbidden candy. And as always, we are your source for dog news in the State of Utah.
This week we talk about how you can keep your pets safe on the trails with Pet Rescue Utah. We cover things from dog CPR - to dealing with rattlesnakes. Yes, we have rattlesnakes in Utah. Download this episode for some handy things you may want to add to your First Aid Kits.
Nguyening With Dogs is back with tons of new news for Utah. Starting with a new show on Animal Planet called Give A Dog A Home: Live! Best Friends Animal Society Utah has teamed up with the channel to bring Utahns a different side of pet rescues each Thursday beginning on September 19th.
This week we talk with 4 Paws 4 Patriots Utah. The organization is a non-profit that puts rescued dogs with 9-1-1 Dispatchers, EMS, Fire, and Police personal. Together they overcome very private issues. The dogs become service animals, and their new owners become trainers, but the bonds they build is a ‘sneak attack’ life-changing event.
We're giving some of our favorite dog listeners a shout out in this episode of Nguyening With Dogs. We'll also tell you why it might be worth getting a dog to deal with mental health issues, and we'll warn you about toxic algae bloom that's harmful to your dogs.
It's time to get back to hiking. In this episode, Jason and Rosie take the hard route up to Dog Lake. We bring in Callista Pearson from Salt Lake County Animal Services to talk about Petapalooza and a very special pawlitical election. Plus, hear how you can get your dog involved in a very special event after National Dog Day. Download the episode for a tail-wagging good time.
Episode 18:  Pet Wants

Episode 18: Pet Wants


This week Nguyening With Dogs wanted to learn more about dog food and what goes into the natural diets, so we went to Pet Wants in Sandy to see what's in their food. We learned much of what they offer is made right here in Utah. Download the episode to learn all the things we did.
Looking at buying a new home? Did you know there are rules and laws for dog owners in different municipalities in Utah? Well, there are and we cover them with a dog-friendly real estate agent Tracy Thomas. Download the episode and catch that interview along with all the other Utah dog news you need to know.
Episode 16: Leash App

Episode 16: Leash App


Do you have Leash? It's an app specifically tailored for your dog. We don't want to ruin Ryan Hamlin's surprise but it's an app we found helpful. In this episode we'll also cover the news you need to know and a very cool event coming up.
Pioneer Day is just around the corner and many Utahn’s will take the time off to celebrate. For those of you using fireworks, Best Friends Animal Society has some recommendations for you to keep your dog safe this holiday. Many of the local shelters are near capacity or full so we will share some ideas on how you can recover your favorite dog if he or she happens to run away. We also went off the rails and talked more in-depth about No Kill Utah or NKUT. See how you can help by downloading this episode of Nguyening With Dogs.
The Forgotten War Heroes provide dedicated service to our country overseas and they save countless lives. In this Episode of Nguyening With Dogs, we sit down in an in-depth conversation with ABC4 News Chief Political Correspondent Glen Mills about bringing dogs who serve overseas back home after they've completed their military missions.
Episode 13: Mount Aire

Episode 13: Mount Aire


Nguyening With Dogs is getting back to hiking with Episode 13. Rosie and Jason take on the Mount Aire. The hike is a difficult one but worth every view when you’re done. Once at the top you get to see part of the Great Salt Lake, Antelope Island, Lambs Canyon, Parks of Parley’s Canyon, and of course Mill Creek Canyon. Plus if you hurry, you might get to enjoy all the wildflowers that are blooming.
We needed to learn more about dog influencers so we brought in one of the hottest teams to hit Salt Lake City. In this episode, we chat with Dog-Friendly SLC’s Brandy Chenoweth about her adventures with Scout and more importantly what it means to be a dog influencer. We hit a lot of fun topics that come with the territory. So if you want to know how to make your mark as a dog influencer, download this episode.
Episode 11: Too Hot

Episode 11: Too Hot


It's the middle of June and it's only going to get hotter. In this episode, Rosie Nguyen takes over the interview chair and talks with Dr. Courtney Howard about several ways you can keep your pet safe in the heat, especially your dog's paws. We don't want them to burn off! We also drop some good dog news that you need to know about this week. Please download the episode and tell us what you think on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter under the Nguyening With Dogs handles.
This episode is all about the places you can go hiking and camping in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. We brought in the U.S. Forest Supervisor David Whittekiend. He gives us all the great places to go check out. It’s not all fun and games because Dave dishes out some alarming stats all dog owners should know. Learn about all the places and things in our forest on this episode of Nguyening With Dogs.
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