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Nights: Highlights

Author: Radio 2GB

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Nights reviews the day’s news and current affairs, follow breaking news of the night and push a unique brand of talk radio beyond sunset and through the night.
1888 Episodes
Trent Nikolic from takes your calls on the latest in motoring.
Listen to Nights with John Stanley, the full show podcast.- 20/11/2019
We're living for longer, which means we'll be retired for longer too. Yet many of us might not have enough in superannuation to fund the happy, healthy and active lifestyle we all dream about.Household Capital's innovative reverse mortgage products could help solve that problem by releasing some of the equity you've built up in your home. Household Capital CEO Josh Funder joins John Stanley and reveals why a reverse mortgage could give you the funds to unlock your retirement.
Combustible cladding has the nation on the verge of a crisis. We don't know how many buildings are covered in potentially flammable panels. The construction industry is in chaos as insurance companies play hard ball over the issue of public indemnity policies.An important distinction must be made. Not all cladding panels are combustible. Mitsubishi Alpolic NC is a non-combustible aluminium composite panel that stands apart from its competitors. It's durable, aesthetically appealing, fire safe, and made by one of the world's most trusted companies.Clint Gavin from Network Architectural joins John Stanley for an in-depth and informative conversation about the benefits of Mitsubishi Alpolic NC.
Listen to Nights with John Stanley, the full show podcast.- 19/11/2019
The overuse of antibiotics has led to increased resistance which undermines their effectiveness, prompting the World Health Organisation to issue a stark warning over fears we could end up in a world without antibiotics.  Nurdan Ozkan is an Antimicrobial Stewardship Pharmacist at the San and explains to John Stanley how modern medical best practice is addressing the serious issue of antibiotic overuse.
Brett Stene from Jacaranda Financial Planning takes your calls.
Listen to Nights with John Stanley, the full show podcast.- 18/11/2019
Century 21's Frank Knez takes an informed look at the week in the property market.
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