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Niki and Sammy's Peachy Podcast

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Welcome to Niki & Sammy’s Peachy Podcast, it's packed full of the hottest music news, behind the scenes goss and internet trends. If it's trending - we're talking about it!
49 Episodes
Niki and Sammy introduce Doug as a new member of the BTS ARMY. He picks out his favourite music video and explains why he has become a fan. They take on the challenge of trying to act out some K-Pop Fan Fiction. Plus, a game of Description Friction, which might be the hardest one yet!
Niki and Sammy look back on their fave 2018 K-Pop moments, and look forward to 2019! They discuss who they think might collaborate this year, and attempt to predict the new the band name that is coming from the label 'Big Hit' (BTS's label). The boys look at which K-Pop artists they are excited to get releases from this year and who is performing in the UK. Plus, an EXCELLENT game of Description Friction!
Ikran joins Niki and Sammy to talk about being a BTS stan and actually meeting the boys! They chat about the very moment when Ikran discovered BTS and how she set up one of the biggest UK fan accounts on Twitter - BANGTAN UK - shortly after. She also helpfully unpacks some of the fan lingo which Niki is unsure of. BTS fashion is also a topic they delve into, discussing each member's individual style and their true STYLE ICON ways. Plus, there is a game of Description Friction!
Louise Pentland gets suitably 'christmas-sy' with Niki and Sammy this Christmas Eve. They chat about what gets them in the festive vibe, and the unusual traditions that happen all over the world over the Christmas period. We ask Louise, do you know what K-Pop is? And to really get you in the spirits, there is a game of Description Friction!
Tammy, who runs K-Pop dance workshops, joins the boys to chat about choreography. They talk about the process and hard work that these bands and artists go through to become such skilled dancers and Tammy chats about the time she worked with BTS's choreographer, Mr Son. They go through the worst dance trends and discuss which routines are the hardest to pull off. Plus, they take on a game of Description Friction.
HONNE joins us to chat about working on the track 'Seoul' for RM's mixtape. They chat about meeting BTS and their mutual love for each other, as well as other artists including Eric Nam. They tease another potential collaboration with RM, and a separate track with another K-Pop star.... (Listen to find out who!). We compare festivals in the UK to festivals in Seoul - hint, apparently there is less mud. And last but certainly not least, we play a game of Description Friction.
IDOL ALERT! I.M joins Niki and Sammy to reveal some juicy goss and chat about new music. He covers the difficulties of training to be a K-Pop star and what keeps them motivated to work so hard, he talks about his Monbebe's and how they got their fan name. Plus, he takes part in a game of 'Would You Rather' and gives us some incredible ASMR vibes just before our game of Description Friction.
Tiffany Young tells us about her new music for the upcoming new EP and a Christmas song! She explains how she once said that she wanted to 'shine brighter than a mushroom' in Korean - she wanted to be a diamond, whoops! And also, she talks about being in Girls Generation, and how she started her solo career. Tiffany spills the tea on how she and V from BTS became friends, and she introduces the game of 'Description Friction' with some sensational ASMR.
Mr Miller teaches us our favourite Korean BTS lyrics and their meanings. He shows Niki and Sammy the proper pronunciation for the lyrics, how to introduce the podcast in Korean and also gives some general tips on how to learn to speak Korean. Mr Miller explained some of the hidden meanings in the BTS Idol music video, which revealed the message that BTS are sending within the video. And of course, a game of Description Friction.
Olivia Jones joins Niki and Sammy to chat about what's going on in the world of K-Pop! Like true Army members, they discuss BTS's recent releases, plus BLACKPINK's new collaboration with Dua Lipa, and the other recent successes for K-Pop. They also cover how fashionable BTS are and they have a debate about BTS being the worlds most stylish band ever. Plus, you can get your ASMR fix with a game of Description Friction.
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