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No Chance: A Wrestling and Weight Loss Podcast

Author: Dan Ross

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No Chance is a weight loss themed wrestling podcast or a wrestling themed weight loss podcast depending on which way you look at it. Dan needs to lose weight and his using his passion for wrestling as an inspiration, with the end goal of finally stepping into the squared circle. His friend Ibby thinks he has no chance. Each week, Dan will weigh in. If he loses weight he gets to choose one of his favourite matches to review. If he hasn't then Ibby, who no longer watches wrestling, gets to choose a match from his ridiculous mind.
17 Episodes
We're back baby! Forget CM Punk, forget Becky Lynch, forget Brock Lesnar. No Chance is all you care about. How else could we mark this return than by watching one of the greatest matches ever. The Miz v Damien Priest...with zombie lumberjacks.



It's fun to shout, it's also fun to's WAR GAMES. Listen in as we watch through this NXT staple and also talk about the one and only New Jack. 
Big Beefy Brisket John

Big Beefy Brisket John


John Cena defends his WWE Championship against CM Punk at Money In The Bank, held in CM Punk's hometown of Chicago. This is a monumental match that changed the landscape of the WWE for the next 10 years. However, we don't talk about that we just focus on what cut of meat Cena would be. Enjoy!
Yes I know it's late! But we're not in the land of furlough anymore so fun things like podcasts have to go on the backburner in favour of actual work. This week we're watching Thunder Rosa v Britt Baker and it is gory.
R Truth is Out There

R Truth is Out There


This week we're watching the X Files...sorry.I didn't hit my WrestleMania challenge so Ibby got free reign to pick anything he wanted. He choose an episode of the X files which heavily focuses on incest because of course he did.Still plenty of wrestling chat involved though innit. Including our weekly dose of HHH bashing and D'Von updates.
Giant Gonzalez is going one on one with The Undertaker Playa!WrestleMania IX with two big boys slowly slugging it out. We also talk WrestleMania 37, the recent releases, the results of the 300lb Open Challenge and of course D'Von. It's a bumper edition.



That's not a typo! It's a deliberate pun! We're looking at the crowning moment of Daniel Bryan's career. No, not losing to Sheamus in 18 seconds. Winning the World Title at WrestleMania XXX.
Sting finally makes his WWE debut at WrestleMania 31 in the dream match everyone wanted against The Unde...oh it was Triple H. Watch the culmination of the Monday Night Wars. 14 years after WCW ended. This was nonsensical.
Pity Us Fools

Pity Us Fools


This is an Ibby match and it is very bad. WrestleMania 2. Roddy Piper v Mr T and they're boxing. Two people who aren't boxers, boxing at a wrestling event and only one of them is a wrestler. In summary, the 80s was awful.
Let me take you back to WrestleMania 10 or WrestleMania X as the cool kids say. The WWE was known as the WWF and their fans had never seen anyone whack each other with a ladder on such a grand scale. Enter Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon (and some ladders) to fight for the Intercontinental Championship. Follow us on socials @NoChancePod 
We're going as far back as 2020 for this classic. Walter v Ilja Dragunov from NXT UK. There's also talk on COVID, AEW and WCW Mayhem. Follow us on social @NoChancePod
It's an Ibby choice this week...sigh. So of course we go back to the glory days of WWW...2010!?This is a time when the Fed were lacking real stars so decided to invest in seven young upstarts from the first iteration of NXT. They found themselves on a collision course with John Cena and we all know what happened next...Michael Tarver became the biggest star wrestling has ever known. Follow us on socials @NoChancePod
Sorry for the late upload. Our podcast host site was the victim of a cyber attack. Personally, I blame the SmackDown hacker. But we're all good now. Join us as we look back on some pure nostalgia. The Rock v Triple H at Backlash 2000. Also feature Stone Cold and Vince McMahon so you know it's good. 
Happy Valentine's Day from the No Chance Pod...this one is for the girls. It's not, it's completely coincidental. We would never do anything Valentines themed. Listen as we look back at one of the best WWE matches in recent years: Sasha Banks v Bayley. We also take it upon us to describe the Women's Evolution, a position we deserve as two men. My hole. 
Big Poppa Guff

Big Poppa Guff


It's the Scott Steiner episode! Do the math, you have a 114% chance of enjoying this show as we look at the legendary Freakzilla. His 2003 world title match with Triple H may have been underwhelming, along with the rest of his WWE tenure, but his meme status is top tier. Listen as we dive into the best moments of Big Poppa Pump. 
This week, we're watching an Ibby match...a random 8-man US Title match from a Smackdown in 2004. Featuring such stars as Kenzo Suzuki, Rene Dupree, Charlie Haas and Luther Reigns. We also talk about some of the other competitors: Rob Van Dam, Booker T and this young kid called John Cena (or something like that). Dan also has the inside scoop of what it's like inside the Thunderdome. 
We're back and better than ever. In the words of Eric Bischoff. We recap what's happened during our two year absence and reboot No Chance: A Wrestling and Weight loss podcast. With no match to review we instead preview the upcoming Royal Rumble.
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