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Author: NPR

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Discover a social media empire with an unapologetic vision of gun rights—generating millions of likes, follows, and dollars. From Guns & America, reporters Lisa Hagen of WABE and Chris Haxel of KCUR expose how three brothers from the most uncompromising corner of the gun debate are turning hot-button issues into donations and controversy.
8 Episodes
A new investigative series that takes you deep into the most uncompromising corner of the gun debate.
One of the same far-right groups behind this spring's anti-quarantine protests also plays a big role in a burgeoning "No Compromise" gun rights movement. Its members see the NRA as too amenable to gun control measures. Two reporters begin their journey to understand the Dorr Brothers and their followers.
The Facebook Flock

The Facebook Flock


In Episode 2, hear how the Dorr brothers have used Facebook Live to grow their fanbase and convert disaffected NRA members over to their side. It has to do with social media savvy, expensive suits, red flag laws, and making their fans feel seen and heard in a way the NRA simply can't.
In Episode 3: Aaron Dorr tells his flock of pro-gun followers on Facebook that he's tirelessly fighting for their Second Amendment rights. But if that's true, why do so many pro-gun Republican lawmakers hate him so much? And is the Dorr brothers' no-compromise approach to advocacy actually working?
In Episode 4: The Dorr brothers have become known for their network of ultra pro-gun Facebook groups. But their family name has also been connected to an extreme religious movement that has sought to eliminate public education, outlaw homosexuality and replace all laws with rules from the Old Testament. Lisa and Chris dig into the roots of the Dorr family to learn more.
A behind the scenes conversation with hosts Lisa Hagen and Chris Haxel. We hear how they got the idea for the show, their own relationship to guns and what's next on the podcast. Plus questions from fans like you.
In Episode 5: We're reminded that this country's relationship with guns has always been about race. So we trace the history of the No Compromise movement back to a meeting of white nationalists in Colorado in the early 1990s.
In Episode 6: A battle for the GOP in Idaho. Plus: "confrontational politics." What it is and how the Dorr brothers are popularizing it. And an unexpected update about the Dorr family.
Comments (7)

N Me

isn't that what the angel Lucifer said to your God??( I will not kneel before this lesser being) i.e humans

Oct 20th

Chanaka Hettige

Me, looking at Americans being ridiculous as always!

Oct 16th


Oh nuts

Sep 29th

Ferrari Scroggins

Area Codes....🤣😂🤣🤣😂

Sep 24th

John Buckner

Ok, that's enough for me. I listened to about 10 mins of the Sept 18 pod. There is only so much stupid ranting that I can take. Y'all enjoy, I'm clicking post and then unsubscribe.

Sep 23rd
Reply (1)

John Buckner

It's ok -- nothing that you probably didn't know or couldn't guess. If you're fascinated by idiots and fascists, you will be entertained. I'll listen to the next and then unsubscribe, if for no other reason than Lisa's hugely annoying, constant vocal fry.

Sep 15th
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