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Escaping the clutches of the Taliban at 19, Umulbanin Arjmand, now a Saskatoon high school student and refugee, shares her story from Afghanistan to the Canadian Prairies, while former Major-General David Fraser shares updates on the ongoing crisis.
From the Rotman School of Management:As Minister of Finance under then Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, the late Michael Wilson shaped some of the most impactful economic policies in generations. From the negotiation of Canada-US Free Trade Agreement (which led to NAFTA), to the introduction of the controversial Goods and Services Tax (GST), Wilson dramatically impacted the Canadian business and economic landscape. After his life in Parliament, Wilson served as Ambassador to the United States and Chancellor of the University of Toronto. In this special in-conversation event, the Right Honourable Brian Mulroney will discuss with Senator Pamela Wallin the legacy his collaboration with Wilson and how it continues to shape Canada to this day. 
Farm-to-table from two perspectives. Upland Organics’ Cody Straza and Allison Squires on the challenges of organic farming, and Sylvain Charlebois on the costly politics of food.
This week on No Nonsense, Senator Wallin reconnects with and old friend and mentor. Foreign Policy expert Walter Russell Mead comes on to talk everything from his new book the Ark of a Covenant, the current state of Canada-US relations, and China’s unrivaled sphere of influence.
Moose Jaw may seem like an ordinary prairie city but generations of locals have whispered stories of bootleggers and spies and railway workers. Bobby Hill, manager of the Tunnels of Moose Jaw brings the shocking underground history to life!
Farmer, activist, business leader Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel is outspoken and informed. Her perspective on climate,  food security and government regulation is an eye opener on farming in the real world 
A virologist at the University of Saskatchewan is using statistics to determine the origins of COVID 19. Was it a lab spill or a bat at a wet market? Understanding ‘gain of function’ research with VIDO’s Dr. Angela Rasmussen on this week’s No Nonsense.
When will humans make it to Mars? What happens when galaxies collide? Space geek Elizabeth Howell answers all our intergalactic questions.
What can Canada do to support Ukraine when our military in under-resourced and political leadership is missing in action. General Rick Hiller looks at the big picture on No Nonsense.
According to Marcus Kolga, if Putin remains in power we must prepare for decades of aggression – are we going to just live with it or fight now and support Ukraine as much as possible?
Ads for banks and burger places are finding their way on Taliban websites. What is big tech doing about it?Political Scientist Brian McQuinn on what he calls ‘the malicious actor network’ on this week’s 𝘕𝘰 𝘕𝘰𝘯𝘴𝘦𝘯𝘴𝘦.
Political observer Paul wells on the state of government - one he says is "risk adverse, suffering from exhaustion and a state of denial." He joins us on No Nonsense.
When the government gets to decide what you see or say online, is that a place we want to be? Michael Geist, expert on the world of the internet, says no. 
Radical left and the radical right make the road to leadership risky. Sean Speer, former advisor to Prime Minister Harper and political commentator weighs in.
The sanctions against Russia are based on the Magnitsky Act – the work of businessman turned activist Bill Browder when his lawyer was tortured and killed in prison. On this week’s No Nonsense, his unique insight on what motivates Putin.
From international rock star with The Guess Who and BTO to a Saturday night radio institution, Randy Bachman shares his amazing career and his living legacy!
What happens when global supply and demand gets out of sync? Sylvian Charlebois explains how the COVID hangover and supply chain issues create a global food security crisis.
Kyiv is successfully repelling Russian troops and embassies are reopening in Ukraine – but the gruesome human toll continues to mount. Marcus Kolga weighs in on the chances of regime change in Moscow.
What is at the core of political identity? A look through a Saskatchewan lens. Dale Eisler, a journalist for over 25 years and author of From Left to Right: Saskatchewan's Political and Economic Transformation explains.
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