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Hockey and self-driving technology intersect when Pittsburgh Penguins data analysts Kat Wu and Nick Citrone sit down with Argo AI's VP of Autonomy, Peter Carr, along with host Alex Roy. Learn how technology and predictive analytics help NHL teams gain a competitive advantage.  See for privacy information.
Alex Roy sits down with returning guest, Sam Abuelsamid, former auto engineer and current Principal Analyst of E-Mobility Research with Guidehouse Insights. The duo discusses the hottest topics in mobility, AI, and the autonomous vehicle space in this year-in-review episode.  See for privacy information.
“Gridlock Sam” joins Alex Roy in this episode of No Parking to talk about cities (mostly the Big Apple), what a degree in Traffic Engineering (yes, that’s a thing) can teach you, and how the father of the term “gridlock” changed transportation.  See for privacy information.
Attorney and policy advisor, Henry Greenidge, joins Alex Roy to discuss lessons learned from the history of automatic elevators and his belief in the future of autonomous vehicles to help address social inequalities. See for privacy information.
The Overtown Youth Center in Miami is a comprehensive development organization providing services to at-risk youth from kindergarten through age 25 and their families. CEO Tina Brown sits down with Alex Roy to discuss mobility equity — and lack thereof — and what it means for the communities she serves.  See for privacy information.
What is cultural anthropology? How does word association affect public perception of AVs and AI in general? Alex Roy sits down with the Queen of Culture and Founding Partner of Cultique, Sarah Unger.  See for privacy information.
Alex Roy sits down with Harry Campbell, AKA The Rideshare Guy, to talk about all things hiring, training, recruiting, and upskilling in the gig economy.  See for privacy information.
Do you have Google Alerts set to your name? Alex Roy does, and when he received a notification mentioning his name in an article by Patrick McGinty about AVs in The Baffler, he did what anyone would do— he cold-called the author, who happens to teach at Slippery Rock University. McGinty sits down with Alex to talk about how AVs are portrayed in the media and the insights his students can offer on the topic. See for privacy information.
Author Andreas Bernard joins Alex Roy to discuss his seminal work Lifted: A Cultural History of the Elevator and how the history of the elevator can serve as an analogy for the modern-day autonomous vehicle industry.  See for privacy information.
After losing his eyesight 20 years ago, artist and activist David New of Miami, Florida had to adjust to a whole new way of life. New joins Alex Roy in a conversation about getting from point A to point B with a disability.  See for privacy information.
With more than three decades of government service under his belt, Jose Orench knows a thing or two about information technology. As a former Special Assistant to the Head of the FBI's Engineering Research Facility, Orench spent his career learning about and utilizing technology for safety and defense. In this episode, he applies his extensive knowledge to the world of AV’s. See for privacy information.
People love robots. If you’re here, you definitely love robots. This episode features Founder and Chairman of iRobot, Colin Angle. He joins Alex Roy & Bryan Salesky in a conversation about America’s favorite robot, the Roomba.  See for privacy information.
Sometimes, things that look really simple are really complex, but you can’t see it until you break them down into their individual parts. Christian James Hand has devoted his life to helping people understand and appreciate music by peeling back the layers of America's favorite songs. The famed radio host and music historian sits down with Alex and Bryan to talk about his method, the intricacies of his favorite music, and how his work in the industry relates to autonomous vehicles. Find more at See for privacy information.
Cities have been trying to “solve” traffic since ancient Rome, but now more than ever, it seems like real innovation gets drowned by noise. Alissa Walker of Curbed joins Alex to talk about a handful of these “solution-oriented” municipal projects, which ones might work, what probably won’t, and how autonomous vehicles might fit into the mix. Find more at See for privacy information.
Alex Davies, journalist at Business Insider and “biographer” of the autonomous vehicle industry, joins Alex and Bryan to talk about his recent book Driven: The Race to Create the Autonomous Car. Davies chronicles the story of the self-driving industry, from the DARPA Grand Challenges to the present, and Bryan offers an insider take on the early days and the toughest questions from back then that the industry still wrestles with today. Find more at See for privacy information.
Everything we do depends on the weather, and nobody knows our changing skies better than meteorologist Jim Cantore. As one of the most well known faces in forecasting, he’s spent decades on the front lines of some of the world’s most severe weather events and knows exactly how far predictive data has come — from prayers and educated guesswork to artificial intelligence and mind-blowing CGI. Hear his take on that evolution, trust-building, and what self-driving can learn from weather prediction technology. Find more at See for privacy information.
As the founder of FIRST Robotics, Deka Research, and ARMI (to name a few), Segway-creator Dean Kamen holds over 1,000 patents and an invaluable perspective on how inventions scale. This week, the prolific inventor opens up about his path to creation, what schools get wrong about STEM education, and why he thinks competition is key to getting kids to study science.  Find more at See for privacy information.
Jason Torchinsky's Robot, Take the Wheel tops our list of must-read books for anyone interested in autonomous vehicles. Torchinsky, automotive expert and senior editor of, joins Alex to talk about this history of self-driving and how AV developers plan for human habits inside and outside the cars. Find more at See for privacy information.
Why would one of America's best-known nonprofits invest $5.25 million in autonomous vehicle technology? This week, Sam Gill of the James L. Knight Foundation explains why he says it’s vital to put people and communities at the center of local self-driving programs. Plus, hear how Miami has weathered a nearly year-long quarantine. Find more at See for privacy information.
A lot of people know Hagerty for its collectible car and boat insurance, but it’s fast becoming one of the largest communities for car enthusiasts in the world. CEO McKeel Hagerty joins Alex & Bryan to talk about his favorite rides, why driving will never die, and what events are still out there for car lovers during quarantine. Plus, hear what he really thinks about autonomous vehicles. Find more at See for privacy information.
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