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No Stupid Questions

Author: Freakonomics Radio + Stitcher

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Stephen Dubner (co-author of the Freakonomics book series) and research psychologist Angela Duckworth (author of Grit) really like to ask people questions, and came to believe there’s no such thing as a stupid one. So they made a podcast where they can ask each other as many “stupid questions” as they want. New episodes each week. No Stupid Questions is a production of the Freakonomics Radio Network.
42 Episodes
Also: is it better to be right or “not wrong”?
Also, what's better: to learn new skills or go deep on what you're good at?
Also: how can you stop ruminating?
Also: do self-help books really help?
Also: does wisdom really come with age?
Also: how many “selves” is it OK to have?
Also: how can you become a more curious person?
Also: why is public speaking so terrifying?
Also: why do we procrastinate?
Also: where is the line between acronyms, initialisms, and gibberish?
Also: which professions have the happiest people?
Also: is a little knowledge truly a dangerous thing?
Also: why is it so hard to predict success?
28. Why Do We Hoard?

28. Why Do We Hoard?


Also: do you spend more time thinking about the past, the present, or the future?
Also: why is behavior change so darn hard?
Also: what’s so great about New York City anyway?
Also: is it wrong to feel inured to the pandemic?
Also: do we overestimate or underestimate our significance in other people’s lives?
Also: should everyone have their own trauma score?
Also: how is social media like a knife?
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Art Thomas

I don't necessarily disagree with her but Angela gets pretty defensive when it comes to the value of therapy.

Jan 22nd

Andrea Howe

Love this podcast! You two are great! I often learn something and am always entertained! You’re very relatable!

Jan 17th


two great mind and a diligent fact checker. luv it👍🏽

Dec 26th


Hahaha. “Uninhibited and temperamental”. Yup. Perfectly happy to tell you to take a hike. Especially in Mass.

Dec 16th

Elena Dreyzin

I also remember this moment from “Tree Grows in Brooklyn”!

Nov 1st

David Nicol

There is so much wrong with this episode I really hope you guys understand the errors of your logic.

Oct 28th
Reply (1)



Oct 26th

Mustafa Thunder

thinkers, doers, charmers! interesting concept!

Sep 8th

Mustafa Thunder

tell me what question I should ask you that the answer will convince me to hire you. woooow!

Aug 22nd

Mustafa Thunder

wow this lady said it: ultimately it comes down to this: do you want to feel better or get better? also another nugget: how can you extract the positive information you get from social comparison and leave out the negative, self sabotaging ones?

Aug 14th

Top Clean

Outstanding Episode. (^^,)

Jul 6th

Top Clean

Outstanding Episode (^^,)

Jul 6th

Top Clean

Thanks for the very good Podcast. (^^,) About anything between heaven and your ears. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jul 3rd

Jeff Namnum

easily the best, best, fact check ever done.

Jul 1st
Reply (1)

Rose Destefano

I really enjoy this the topics,hosts insights and even the fact check at the end! I really think the title does not do this justice..maybe "let's ponder that thought " vs no stupid questions..should have been i the running!!

Jun 28th

Samyak Dhar Tuladhar

Very Good Podcast. One prediction that can be genuinely predicted is that predictions will fail most of the time

Jun 8th


I guess culture to culture this U curve (although It’s average) could be varies. In collectivist culture for instance in Middle East some bottom lines of happiness such as middle life crises or so on are nonsense to people.

Jun 1st
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