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No Stupid Questions

Author: Freakonomics Radio + Stitcher

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Stephen Dubner (co-author of the Freakonomics book series) and research psychologist Angela Duckworth (author of Grit) really like to ask people questions, and came to believe there’s no such thing as a stupid one. So they made a podcast where they can ask each other as many “stupid questions” as they want. New episodes each week. No Stupid Questions is a production of the Freakonomics Radio Network.
64 Episodes
Also: why do we like what we like?
60. Why Do We Complain?

60. Why Do We Complain?


Also: what do you really mean when you say you “don’t have time”?
Also: why is music so memorable?
Also: how can we stop confusing correlation with causation?
Also: why do people hate small talk?
Also: what does your desired superpower say about you?
Also: what does your perfect day look like?
Also: would you take a confirmation-bias vaccine?
Also: is shortsightedness part of human nature?
Also: how do you recover from a bad day?
Also: does multitasking actually increase productivity?
Also: why do people pace while talking on the phone?
Angela accidentally discovers the secret to a good night’s sleep
Also: why are we so bad at assessing risk?
Also: what is the most significant choice you will ever make?
47. Is Laziness Real?

47. Is Laziness Real?


Also: why do we dislike being alone in public?
Also: what’s wrong with being impatient?
Also: why do we pad our speech with so much filler language?
Also: is it better to “go with the wind” or to “be the wind”?
Also: what is teasing supposed to accomplish?
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Donna Stevens

I have a theory that in many places in the US, small talk between strangers in public places has a specific social function. when a stranger greets you, saying "Nice day", they are signaling that they are no danger to you.

Jun 29th

Donna Stevens

I am an American living in Norway. While Norwegians do not hate small talk as much as Finns, they do have a saying: If a stranger says something to them at a bus stop, that person must be drunk, crazy, or American.

Jun 29th

Al Dee

the fact check for this was so helpful re mental health. love this show

Jun 19th


Both octopuses and octopi are considered correct.

Jun 18th


As an international garduate student who has been underminded because of writing skills, I think researchers could do high quality research while their writing are not as good as it should be. I think good writing and presentation are being overrated in North America these days.

Jun 13th

Art Thomas

I have a crazy story about Your Erroneous Zones. It was my parents' book and sat on my bookshelf for years. I never read it but then my wife did and loved it. She's still amazed that this crazy book sat next to me for years and it was that good.

May 29th

Mack Bawden

laughed out loud thinking of a teenage Angela Duckworth watching TV late into the night. Love the show, thanks for everything you two!

May 3rd

Jesseca Nicklous

omg people do the baged dog poop thing allll the time everywhere I have lived. it makes me sooo annoyed. ugh. at least poop alone is biodegradable. ur plastic bag? not at all. I thought I was the only one anoyed by this hahaha

Apr 26th

denny mcallister

Is self help modern or post modern philosophy? Maybe?

Apr 21st

Pam Orphanides

I struggled to follow this podcast.

Apr 15th

Manjunatha Bhatta

No stupid answers...the best explanation for laziness is save energy.

Apr 13th

Jarod Rollins

Please do an episode about why there are so many female teachers and so few male teachers and if attracting more men to the industry is a worth while pursuit and why.

Mar 30th

Art Thomas

It's really bizarre to hear Dave Brubeck called David. I'm glad that was in the notes.

Mar 7th

Art Thomas

I don't necessarily disagree with her but Angela gets pretty defensive when it comes to the value of therapy.

Jan 22nd

Andrea Howe

Love this podcast! You two are great! I often learn something and am always entertained! You’re very relatable!

Jan 17th


two great mind and a diligent fact checker. luv it👍🏽

Dec 26th


Hahaha. “Uninhibited and temperamental”. Yup. Perfectly happy to tell you to take a hike. Especially in Mass.

Dec 16th

Elena Dreyzin

I also remember this moment from “Tree Grows in Brooklyn”!

Nov 1st

David Nicol

There is so much wrong with this episode I really hope you guys understand the errors of your logic.

Oct 28th
Reply (1)

Mustafa Thunder

thinkers, doers, charmers! interesting concept!

Sep 8th
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