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Alison Hadden's battling terminal cancer, but she's focused on living her best life - as her best self - every day. Join her as she chats with resilient adventures, seekers, trailblazers, and exceptionally good humans as they explore what it means to live fully, because there's "No Time to Waste" - for all of us. | More at
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Greg McKeown is a bestselling author and the host of the popular podcast What’s Essential where he talks to a wide range of guests about prioritizing what matters most in life. Yes, we hit on his new book Effortless: Make It Easier to Do What Matters Most a follow up to his first NYT bestseller, Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less but the bulk of our conversation was SO not the heady academic one I expected. Instead Greg was courageously vulnerable in sharing his own family struggles over the last two years as they navigated a scary road with their daughter struck by a mysterious brain condition that doctors had no answers for. Hear how Greg found the lighter path and now has an even deeper appreciation for the moments that matter. @gregorymckeown Effortless: Make It Easier to Do What Matters Most What’s Essential Podcast More at or follow @notimetowasteproject
Sheryl Sandberg’s professional career is nothing short of legendary. In the early days at Google, she scaled ad sales from 4 people to 4,000 people. Then she was handpicked by Mark Zuckerberg to become the COO at Facebook - a title she still holds. In 2013, Sheryl published her first book Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead which sparked a global movement empowering women to take their seat at the table, and she is regarded as one of top business leaders in the world when it comes to power, influence, and impact. But as you can imagine, I didn’t ask Sheryl to come on the show to talk about her accomplishments. Any life worth meaning, filled with deep, rich experiences, of big love, will also likely not be spared of trauma, loss and grief. As you’ll hear, Sheryl’s story is no different after losing her husband Dave - suddenly and tragically - back in 2015. What’s unique is that she was willing to share her experience with the world with the hope that being open about grieving could also bring her life more meaning. @sherylsandberg LeanIn.Org OptionB.Org More at or follow @notimetowasteproject
Meet my personal palliative care nurse, Cecilia Benns. If you don’t know what that is job is, or you associate it with hospice care for people who are like days out from dying, you’re not alone, and we’re here to help. Hoping people walk away with some new knowledge - I myself had no idea about these kinds of resources for people in my situation - because the more I learn, the more comfortable and confident I feel when the fear creeps in about my eventual demise. Another reminder that bringing these conversations to light has the power to ease so much suffering. And you’ll see how special this Georgia Belle is. Cecilia is a literal angel walking the earth who sees her job as one of the most honorable, treasured and deeply meaningful ones on the planet - and the universe paired her with me. I look forward to her care as she shepherds me through each stage of this process until I cross the earthly finish line and move on to my next adventure. In our final AKTIV Against Cancer Spotlight, Ethan Zohn interviews gymnastics legend and ovarian cancer survivor Shannon Miller. Learn more about AKTIV Against Cancer and donate if you can on behalf of No Time to Waste! TRU Community Care ( serving Boulder County Find Palliative Care Services Near You  More at or follow @notimetowasteproject
Dr. Martin Inderbitzin is a world-renowned Swiss-German Neuroscientist and Mindset Specialist whose previous research focused on stress, emotions and understanding how the brain and the body processes it all. Then 9 years ago, he received a gut-wrenching pancreatic cancer diagnosis which forced him to take his life’s work and put it into practice for himself as a patient now grappling with his mortality. Not to mention deciding to train for a triathlon - with zero experience in the sport - and transforming himself into an athlete which Ethan Zohn will talk to him about in this week’s AKTIV Against Cancer Spotlight. @marbitz More at or follow @notimetowasteproject
Brad Ludden was a young professional whitewater kayaker whose life was first touched by cancer at 12 years old when his aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer. By 18, he was sharing his passion for kayaking with pediatric oncology patients and soon after, founded First Descents to help young adults in the cancer community experience the adventure and community of the outdoors free of charge. 20 years later, the organization is still thriving, offering more than 70 programs across the county in 2021 including rock climbing, surfing, whitewater rafting and more. All this, started by a guy whose good looks and good heart earned him the title of Cosmo Magazine’s Bachelor of the Year back in 2008. True story! Check out our IG :)  @bradludden On this week's AKTIV Against Cancer Spotlight Segment, host Ethan Zohn interviews former NFL Star and Cancer Crusher Merril Hodge. Learn more at and donate if you can on behalf of No Time to Waste! More at or follow @notimetowasteproject
I’m sure you know Matthew McConaughey. He’s an Academy Award-Winning actor, a proud Texan, a Philanthropist, a new owner of Austin’s MLS team and most recently, a NYT bestselling author for his memoir, Greenlights. What Matthew and I talked about in our conversation hit deep. We talked about my current cancer situation and how I’m doing what I can to make the most of it. We debated over how much fight to bring to life vs how much flow and how to know what’s needed when. And we agreed that the only certainty in life is death so you’d better be out living it. In this week’s AKTIV Against Cancer Spotlight, host Ethan Zohn interviews XC Ski Star Kikkan Randall who three months after achieving a lifelong goal of winning an Olympic gold medal, got diagnosed with Stage 2 triple positive breast cancer. Learn how this amazing 5-Time Olympian and World Champion’s “dive” or “thrive” attitude and commitment to exercise helped her stay positive throughout her cancer journey. @officiallymcconaughey Buy his memoir Greenlights Learn more about AKTIV Against Cancer and donate to the cause if you can! More at or follow @notimetowasteproject
Oceana Sawyer is a former corporate trainer at companies like HP and Levi Strauss now turned death doula. Just like birth doulas who help bring babies into this world at the beginning of life, a death doula helps actualize the emotional and spiritual wishes of the dying at the end of life. For anyone who’s ever wanted to know what dying’s like, in this conversation Oceana details every single step of her father’s passing and the experience was far more beautiful than I ever would have expected. The more I learn about what happens at the end of life, the more comforted I feel. Let’s get these conversations out into the light. @oceanaendoflifedoula More at or follow @notimetowasteproject AKTIV Against Cancer Spotlight American Tennis star James Blake lost everything and won his life back after a potential career ending injury and caring for his father Thomas Blake. On this week's AKTIV Against Cancer Spotlight, hear all about this Arthur Ashe Humanitarian of the Year Award Winner’s inspiring story of compassion and grit and the ways in which he’s supported the cancer community. Learn more about AKTIV Against Cancer and donate to the cause if you can:
There’s so much behind the 10,000 kilowatt smile of media mogul Katie Couric. More than just sunshine, Katie’s known tragedy and loss in her personal life and gained wisdom in hindsight from those experiences. After her first husband passed away from colorectal cancer, Katie founded Stand Up to Cancer which has since raised over $600M for cancer research. We talked about the need for us to bring honest conversation about mortality into the light, and the comfort it could bring to people if we did. The episode wraps with our first AKTIV Against Cancer Spotlight featuring No Time To Waste Founder Alison Hadden as she talks with host Ethan Zohn about the role of exercise in her own cancer treatment and how she applies her athlete's mindset through its ups and downs. @katiecouric Next Question with Katie Couric on Apple Podcasts Pre-Order Going There on Amazon! More at or follow @notimetowasteproject
We’re going to take a little hiatus from the weekly podcast production machine which has been churning and burning for 6 months now. I don’t imagine it will be too long because #notimetowaste but follow @notimetowasteproject on IG for updates. I shared a personal update and then announced an exciting new partnership with AKTIV Against Cancer led by previous pod guest Ethan Zohn! After we return from the break, at the end of select No Time to Waste episodes, Ethan will share stories of cancer survivors - professional athletes, Olympians and everyday people - who’ve benefited from integrating physical activity into their treatment. For more, visit Hang tight. We’ll be back soon!
I only recently got introduced to Maggie Smith - the poet, not the actress - when I stumbled upon her book Keep Moving that I really loved. Whereas most books about navigating grief and loss have a somber, self-reflective tone, hers included short motivational quotes with more of a Ted Lasso vibe. Maggie was not the tortured creative soul I expected from a poet. Thanks to her big energy, high wattage smile and sense of humor, we had a blast in our convo and now I’m thinking about getting into poetry. @maggiesmithpoet Keep Moving: Notes on Loss, Creativity, and Change  More at or follow @notimetowasteproject
I genuinely believe my dad embodies much of what No Time to Waste is all about. I’ve witnessed first-hand his zest for life, his sense of adventure, his desire to help people and his evolution as a self-aware human. And I’ve realized only in recent years how proud I am to be my father’s daughter. We talk about his non-linear career path from flower delivery truck driver to park ranger to attorney to therapist, how for a few short years we became a horse family (but not in the traditional sense), and why my dad sees heartbreak as the price to pay for big love. More at or follow @notimetowasteproject
Chelsea Handler is a Comedian, television host, best-selling author and activist whose humor and candor have established her as one of the most celebrated voices in pop culture today. She hosted E!’s top rated Chelsea Lately for seven years, launched docuseries Chelsea Does and talk show Chelsea on Netflix, and penned five #1 NYT bestsellers including 2019’s Life Will Be the Death of Me. Most recently, she released acclaimed stand up special Chelsea Handler: Evolution on HBO Max which touched on the personal growth she’s achieved in recent years by elevating her emotional intelligence and embracing empathy. @chelseahandler Chelsea: Evolution on HBO Max More at or follow @notimetowasteproject
Rabbi Steve Leder heads up one of the largest Jewish congregations in the country at the Wilshire Blvd Temple in LA. In his most recent book “The Beauty of What Remains”, he shares his thoughts on navigating grief and loss through the lens of not only a Rabbi who’s shepherded thousands of families through loss of their loved ones, but also as a son who recently lost his father after a 10 yr battle with Alzheimer’s. We had a really intimate conversation in which he answered a lot of my burning questions on death, dying and religion’s place in it, and he’s now my personal Rabbi. @steve_leder “The Beauty of What Remains” More at or follow @notimetowasteproject
Rich was once an overweight, hard-drinking corporate attorney who lost touch with the star swimmer he was at Stanford. Fast forward 20 years and now he’s a sober, plant-powered ultra endurance legend, a devoted family man who lives on a farm and meditates, and the host of one of the most popular podcasts in the world. Hear us talk about how this transformation came about, what fills up his cup today, and how curiosity - about himself, his podcast guests, the world around us, and the world beyond - powers his sense of purpose now. @richroll More at or follow @notimetowasteproject
Thas is the CEO of Omelet, an LA-based advertising agency, after working her way up the ranks as a brilliant strategist. We met years ago when I was her client and we both recognized quickly that we were each others’ people. Thas was forced to confront mortality when her dad was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer a few years back. And since losing a close friend to cancer last year, she’s developed a healthier relationship to death and dying than most, along with a deep-rooted appreciation for all the right things - including the Muppets. @thaz More at or follow @notimetowasteproject
Erin Foster might have been born into a famous family (her dad is music mogul David Foster) but she didn’t have the charmed upbringing you might expect. Far from the shallow, superficial Hollywood celeb focused on all the wrong things, Erin’s got a hell of a work ethic and a desire to give back. Comedian, writer, actress, entrepreneur, and investor with a Midas touch, she and her sister Sara hitched their ponies to both Mirror and Bumble and started the Favorite Daughter clothing brand during the pandemic. I thought we’d talk about how she uses her platform and power for good but instead, we spent most of our conversation just getting right into death anxiety, mortality, what happens after we die, and why Judaism is pretty chill. @erinfoster More at or follow @notimetowasteproject
Megan Taylor is a kickass DJ who gets that music is the soundtrack to our lives. In fact, we met when she was hired to play the afterparty for my company’s event years ago. Her beats were solid, her sneaker game on point, and once we got to talking, I realized I was talking to someone who knew they were a spiritual being having a human experience. We got to talk about what we think is really going on here, finding our purpose, death and dying, the spiritual world, crystals, mediums - you name it. A welcomed perspective that reminded me that this is just one chapter for us, and that brings me comfort. @djmegantaylor No Time to Waste Spotify Playlist More at or follow @notimetowasteproject
Adrian is a Peloton tread instructor with a fanatical following called the Thunder Squad that I am personally proud to be a part of. Intensely fit with a beaming smile and a heart of gold, he has the ability to motivate and inspire those who take his classes. But it was Adrian’s strength in vulnerability that was on display during our conversation as we talked about an experience that changed the course of his life forever and explored how regret can serve as a transformative teacher. @adrianwilliamsnyc Transforming Tragedy Into Tread Instruction More at or follow @notimetowasteproject
Tope Awotona is the founder of tech unicorn Calendly which makes scheduling calls + meetings so delightfully simple. I’ll never waste any more of my precious time with the old-school back and forth! To get the company off the ground, Tope maxed out credit cards and high interest loans in lieu of taking outside funding, essentially pushing in all his chips on the bet. Hear us talk about how his mom’s cancer battle and her innate sense of urgency compelled Tope to take the risk and go all in on the business idea that just got a $3B valuation. Tope on How I Built This with Guy Roz More at or follow @notimetowasteproject
Ethan Zohn won Survivor: Africa back in 2002 but he’s also survived cancer - twice. We talked about his life before Survivor (playing pro soccer in Africa), life after (living the dream at 27), and then the impacts - mental, physical, emotional - of getting diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma (pretty terrible), beating it, only to have it come back years later to fend it off again. Later in the episode, we both share exactly what WE do to tackle the fear and anxiety that comes with uncertainty - that I think could benefit anyone as we all navigate the challenges of the pandemic. @ethanzohn MONTKUSH CBD More at or follow @notimetowasteproject
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