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Kids fight - but how do you teach them to resolve their arguments when you're not there to break it up?
If you have lost your job, how do you broach it with your children?
It can be one of the most frustrating things about family life - getting everyone to pull their weight with household chores. Everyone helps make the mess, so everyone needs to help clean it up right?
What to do when your children won't speak to you...when one word says it all
Is the first day of school more traumatic for the parent or the child? How can you make your child ready for school?
What is most important when it comes to spending time with your kids?
Do you ever find yourself looking at your phone over dinner? Do you spend time on the internet when you could be talking to your kids? How much do communication gadgets intrude on your family life?
Does your child have trouble sleeping without their soft toy or blanket? When should you encourage children to give up their comfort toys?
What can you do to manage stress levels when exam time rolls around? The Positive Parenting Program has some tips for parents and children.
How does a mother guide their daughter through the teenage years, but maintain a loving and communicative relationship?
The Positive Parenting Program tips on getting the most out of a family day out at the country show.
Parents of teenagers don't have it easy, Professor Alan Ralph from the Positive Parenting Program has some tips on keeping your cool.
According to Associate Professor Alan Ralph from the Positive Parenting Program a childhood fear is common.
Whether you work in business, the defence forces or as a fly-in/fly-out worker, absences can add complication to family life.
Praising your children is important, but you need to get the balance right according to Professor Alan Ralph.
When a child is frustrated and acting out, a parent has an open invitation to teach them a valuable life skill according to Associate Professor Kate Sofranoff.
Parenting can be one of the most difficult jobs, but what are the challenges of having a child with a physical disability?
Parenting can be hard at the best of times, but what if your child has challenging behaviour?
How has your father influenced your life? Research suggests a father figure is an important part of any child's development.
Teaching you child about financial matters is a skill that will benefit them throughout their life - but when do you start giving pocket money, and how much should you give?
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