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Welcome to Charlotte's 3x Award Winning "Noadvisory Podcast" the Number 1 podcast movement in the Queen city! We like to keep it real, local, and with NO FILTER! Make sure to tune in!
126 Episodes
The crew at NoAdvisory got an EXCLUSIVE sit down interview with one of the most prominent Record labels out..... Socialcurrencyenterprises Listen as we talked with hotboyshaq, zaythegoat,  littlejohn4k , djjayyhawk, sporteodie, revtheexec and king carter Only on Charlottes number 1 podcast.... Support the show ($noadvisorypay)
The crew is back with yet another dope show! First we have those birthdays and hot topics by Trapsyd talking about pop smoke killers, mo3 Killer possible release, and ceaser of black ink beating his daughter.Then Mookie’s word of the day “collimate” then the blerd alert by chocolate dymond talking about...... Murder......AGAIN 😩😩 then cap it off with Jayyflavor , let me vent talking about Ahmaud Arbery We have our topic of the day talking about what we leaving in 2020Support the show ($noadvisorypay)
As we wrap up the tumultuous year of 2020 the crew talked about what they leaving in 2020, the hardest hit of 2020, killer mike starting his Greenwood bank and much much more!Support the show ($noadvisorypay)
The crew is back with yet another DOPE show!!In this show we have one of the most talented artist here in the Carolinas and beyond none other than Melsilas himself as he talked about his musical journey, what he has been working on during his hiatus, his top artist he loves to work with and much much more!!We also have the Word of the day by mookie "NUNCHEON" The Blerd alert by "knee lick nation" Chocolate dymondand "Let Me Vent" by JayflavorSo tune in and be entertained by Charlotte's  most dangerous crew.....NOADVISORY! Support the show ($noadvisorypay)
Charlotte's most dangerous crew is back with yet another dope show!In this episode we're talking about our soon to be former president Trump and his use of the Death Penalty. We also talked about Obama n em (yes n em) publicly taking the covid-19 vaccine to ease the American peoples anxiety. We also asked the question: If someone killed someone you love, would you want the death penalty for them or would you be able to forgive them? Also we talked about ummm yea (Booty eating) hahahahahah And lastly we have our "Artist Of The Week" none other than Carolina own Hotboyshaq , playing a song from his newly released Album "My Time" titled 'Here With Me'So get comfy up, grab ya headphones (you gonna need it), and be entertained by Charlottes Number One podcast.... NoAdvisory!Support the show ($noadvisorypay)
The Crew of NoAdvisory is BACK with a very special guest none other than superstar singer Nautitohotty! Listen as Mook Gives his "word Of The day (incumbent ) and the "Blerd Alert" by Knee Lick Nation Queen, shy ash she talks about how to get away with murder?????????We're also talking about Nate Robinson getting knocked out, the suga baby's and much much more!We're also playing Nautcah Hit Record from her latest project "Nauti, if ya Nasty"  Coca (Remix) ft Rich DunkTune in and be entertained by charlotte's Number one podcast crew...... Noadvisory! BANG!Support the show ($noadvisorypay)
The crew is back with yet another GREAT SHOW!We're talking about the vice presidential debate and we have a very special guest none other than Charlotte black farmer "FARMBAENAE"we also have our 'Artist Of The Week" XAE" Playing his hit record "Chris Rock"Support the show ($noadvisorypay)
 ​​The crew is back with yet another DOPE show!! We kick it off with Mookies Word Of The Day "Benevolent" as he puts it in a hilariously unique sentence! Then we follow it up with Chocolate dymond "Blerd Alert"as she talks about Marvel giving their black actors some shine with their own spinoff shows: Monica rambo-Wanda Vision, black Falcon, and Nick Fury- Agents of Sword.Then we got OneTIIme for PrettyPhyne with that Hip Hop Trivia then topping it off with those PettyPerspectives talking about Farts carrying Covid-19 !!Our Topic of The Day is none other than that thing we had called The Presidential Debate as the crew give their insight on that debacle!Our Artist Of The Week is Papi Presto Playing his hit Single "Precision"Our Mix Dj Djunspok3n is giving you the 'Allpromo Werk Tape" mixTune in to Charlotte's Most Dangerous crew....Noadvisory Podcast!Buzzsprout - Let's get your podcast launched! Start for FREEDisclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the show ($noadvisorypay)
The Crew is back with yet another dope show but this time around it's the fellas PettyP and Mookie holding it down!The show is kicked off with the impromptu segment called "inna studio" where petty and mook go back and forth with impromptu bars and whoever repeats the same word twice is oooooutta here!Then Mook hit's us with "the word of the day "selfish" and he put's a reeeeal comedic twist to the word :-)Then we have those petty perspectives with petty talking about Vanessa Bryant kicking out her mother and Bronny smoking that blunt like a CHAMP..Then the "Hot Topic" of the day is black college roommates as mook and petty share their college roommate storiesWe also have our "Artist of The Week" none other than 1/3 of Charlotte's NoLimit Larry and the morning madhouse crew Burpie as he drops his hit single "Plank Pumps"Then ending it off we have DjUnspok3n taking us home with the "jussalilwednesday" MixTune into Charlotte's Number 1 podcast..... NoAdvisory!Support the show ($noadvisorypay)
Charlotte's Most dangerous crew is BACK with yet another GREAT show!First we have the WOTD: By Mookie 'PENSIVE" as the crew puts their own twist on the word!Then Chocolate Dymond hits us with "SHY VERIFIES" as she breaks down how you can mix popcorn with crunch berries?!Then One Tiime for Pphyne with Hip Hop triviaThen ending it off with those Petty Perspectives talking about football, the Houston Rockets, and Pvalley!Tune in and be entertained by Charlotte's Number 1 Podcast crew!Support the show ($noadvisorypay)
The crew is back with yet another GREAT show!!We kick off the show with of course Mook's Word Of The Day.....WHEREWITHAL as the crew put's the word into their own sentences...Then we have Chocolate Dymond with the "Blerd" (Black Nerd) Alert remembering Chadwick BosemanThen One TIIme for Pphyne with those "Hot Topics" Talking about the Kenosha Protests, Kyle Rittenhouse, Brian Urlacher , Jacob Blake and much more!We also have our special Guest none other than Jay10k as he talks about Music, life and even plays a game with the crew!Our "Artist Of The Week" is none other than Jay10k himself playing his smash hit record "Go Crazy"Tune in to Charlotte's Most Dangerous Podcast Crew..... Noadvisory PodcastSupport the show ($noadvisorypay)
Charlotte's Most Dangerous Crew is back with yet another show!We start it off with "The word of he day... Vitamin " and the crew put's it in their own sentencesThen we have the "Blerd Alert" followed by Hip Hop History then followed by petty perspectivesWe also have our "Artist Of The Week" none other than Richie Finesse' Playing his SMASH record "KYRIE"So tune in and be entertained by Charlotte's  #1 podcast..... Noadvisory!!Support the show ($noadvisorypay)
The crew is back with yet another entertaining show!!!! In this episode we have Mookie's "Word of the day" "FECCUND & WAP' and the crew take their NoAdvisory English courses in using the words in a sentence ahhhhhhhh! Then Knee Lick Nations Founder Chocolate Dymond hits us with that "Dats It Dats all" segment talking about the postmaster withholding mail which may or may not have an effect on the upcoming election...Then The dude from school and the Jerk at work PETTY brings the Petty Perspectives asking the audience can you tell if ya man's gay by the way they drive???We also have our "Artist Of The Week" None other than KingCole playing his new Hit Record "*Fucks"Come listen and be entertained by Charlotte's Most DANGEROUS crewSupport the show ($noadvisorypay)
The crew of NoAdvisory is BACK with yet another EPIC entertaining show!In this episode we start off with our 'WORD OF THE DAY" 'PIZZASS' as each member gives their own meaning of the word in sentences LOL!! Followed by Blerd Alert , Song Association, Hip hop history, hot topics and petty perspectives!We're also touching on the Megan thee stallion saga, the Kanye West saga, Trump vs TikTok, and schools going FULL remote!And lastly we have our "ARTIST OF THE WEEK" none other than "Art Music" as we play their smash single "BETTER WAY"Tune in with Charlotte's Number 1 podcast and most DANGEROUS crew.... NoAdvisorySupport the show ($noadvisorypay)
We all have our FAVORITE era right? whether you're an 70's, 80's, or 90's baby, each era feels they had the BEST era... Welp! the squad at Noadvisory is here to inform ya that we represent the 90's and of course the 90's was the GOLDEN era of EVERYTHING! Come listen and reminisce with the squad as we take ya'll back to the 90's at the "home of the 90's" talking about ALL things 90's from 90's music, to games, to music, and sooo much more!!We also Interviewed Ms Jessica the owner of the "House of the 90's" whom house we recorded this show in and booooy you guys would have to come and see this house for yourself here in Charlotte N.C!!You may have to excuse the audio on this one for this is grass-root recording and we are in quarantine, but the show MUST go on! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!! BANG! Support the show ($noadvisorypay)
This one was a TOUGH show to do. Rest in peace to the late GREAT Kobe Bryant. The crew also talked about Delonte West, Orlando brown and Nick cannon, Diddy's Epic Icon award speech and much more. We also take time to remember Kobe Bryant and his legacy.Support the show ($noadvisorypay)
The crew at NoAdvisory podcast got a chance to get a call in from legendary group member Wicked of Ghetto Mafia as he shared some craaazy industry stories, spoke about the invention of trap music, millennial's, and much much more!We also got an exclusive sit down with Larry creator/owner of wingzza and that world famous Mambo sauce! As we talked about what it takes to be your own boss and we tackled that infamous question...Drums or flats..We also have our "artist of the week" rico24k playing his HIT Single "spaceships"Support the show ($noadvisorypay)
The crew is back with yet another show with those infamous hot topics talking about the death of Qasem Soleimani, the passing of Nick Gordon, dababy arrest, 2020 scam and much much more!We also had Master herbalist DrEnqi call in and talked about his site United Plates Of America, taking care of your body, parenting, and a whole lot more!!We also have our "Artist Of The Week" Rika pesos playing "ready or not" from her new tape called the 6-TapeSupport the show ($noadvisorypay)
The crew at Noadvisory got an exclusive call in from one of the most viral poets in this generation, Mrs. Ernestine Morrison as we talked about her Average black girl poem,the opening of The Legacy Center, Greenlit, Her new series on B.E.T called hip hop holiday, and much much more!!! Support the show ($noadvisorypay)
The crew is back with yet another DOPE episode with AshBee giving ya'll "HOT TOPICS" talking about Juice worlds death, George Zimmerman filling a 100mil lawsuit against the martin family, Joshua brown capital murder trial , dababy performing on a phone and much much more!!! Support the show ($noadvisorypay)
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