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I am Chad Vice, co-owner and operator of Championship Vinyl, an online record store. Lots of people are somebodies, and millions more are considered "nobodies". I want to bring you the stories of people of everyday and any day, because even if you think you are a nobody, you are always a somebody. The people I talk to are not famous, but they are all interesting characters. Every week, a new story, a new guest, a new friend. The Nobodies Are Somebodies podcast - listen for fun, hear for life!
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 This week on the podcast, I'm proud to bring an 'on location' special from The Arena in St. Isidore, Ontario where The Voices Contest in Prescott-Russell hosted by Maryse Delorme took place on June 8th, 2019 and it went on like a total superstar event. Lots of great singers, performers and of course the judges that made one young lady's dream come true! By now we know that that young lady of all of 15 years old is Nathalie Burden (NATT B) from Limoges Ontario, and she is about to take her beginning career to the next level!  I was fortunate enough to speak with Felix Mongeon, Bella Cat, Nathalie Burden herself after she won, producer and studio owner Paul Harrison, Chantelle Blanchard and of course I pulled Maryse aside and got her post show feelings. The show was amazing, the performers even better, and big shout out to the judges Chantal Hackett, Josie Patenaude, Diane Marie George, Ed Lauzon, and we must not forget the entertaining and funny MC of the event, Brian St. Pierre Links of what all that talent has going on are here below:   Contest the Voices in Prescott-Russell: Winner Nathalie Burden (NATT B): Chantal Hacket Music: Josie Patenaude Music: Chantelle Blanchard Chantelle's Singing Page: Bella Cat Bella Cat Soul:   Harrison Lounge Music Productions: Felix Mongeon Audition Video:  
Xavier Himma originally did an episode of the show wayyy back in August 2018 promoting his cycle ride from the Canada/U.S. border to Argentina, where he was joining Chad Vice via Skype in the midst of his journey. Now he is back safe at home in the small town of Rockland Ontario, outside of Ottawa and he is sharing his entire journey with us! For fans of cycling and adventure or those who just love a good story, this is the return of Xavier Himma, We talk about some of the major events that occurred during his trip, some times when he felt not so safe, as well as where he is heading next. And yes, he is not home for long! Glad we got to catch up with him while he stays put for a bit. Below are some links to support Xavier on his journeys and to a service he used while on his ride!    Follow the Hum of the Earth: Subscribe to Xavier's YouTube channel:   Myself and Unpaid Agent Denise were at the Ridge Rock Brewing Company in Carp Ontario Canada on June 1st, 2019 to catch many times podcast guest Penelope Goranson play in the Dave Gordon Band, and I had a chance to chat with Dave himself here on the podcast, look for that interview at the start of this episode! Ridge Rock Brewing Co. on Facebook: Dave Gordon Band with Penelope Goranson Live!: JD Gordon Info Dates and Music:         Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston, featuring his original song 'Walk This Way' from his album 'Canadian Dream'
Joey Messina grew up in San Fernando Valley, California and at the age of 8 really discovered how good "good" food can be! Learning to cook from his grandmother of Italian descent, he knew at that young age that he wanted to be a chef professionally, and he saw his way there letting nothing stop him on his path.  Joey put the chef game as his life's focus; since then he has won and lost at many things, but he is now Fresh Fit Chef and it's more than just about cooking up a great meal for customers; now it's a way of life that inspires him, and I hope his story will inspire you too! Eat and be well. More about the Fresh Fit Chef below.   Joey's Closet: Joey's Blog: Fresh Fit Chef on YouTube: Fresh_fit_Chef on Facebook:         Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston, featuring his original song 'Grace of My Heart' from his album 'Wintersleep'
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Capital city. Thousands and thousands of government employees. Brutally harsh winters. “Boring” long weekends. It’s long been a rumour that Ottawa is the city that “fun forgot”. Or is it? Covert Ottawa Guy Scott is here to dispel these rumours! He tells us about his event promotion website where people can go to see a listing of local events and activities. From food and music festivals, to movie premieres, theater productions, concerts, sporting events, open mic nights, indoor and outdoor activities and so much more! Give this episode a listen, then go check out his website to find out #whatistheretodoinottawatoday   Covert Ottawa Guy:   Covert Ottawa Guy on Facebook:   eSAX Ottawa Entrepreneur Networking:     Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston, featuring his original song 'I Will Be Forgotten' from his album 'Wintersleep'
Reba McEntire, WWE's Good 'Ol Jim Ross, The Gap Band, and Freddy Fri share one major thing in common: they all call the state of Oklahoma home.  Meet Freddy Fri of Freddy Fri Motivation, who specializes in motivational video voice overs and helping people find the best in themselves and become their very best in their daily lives. But before all that, Freddy was a young kid growing up in Tulsa in a rough neighborhood and rougher times but hip hop music was his passion and his focus, and when he found within himself the courage to perform and share the music with the world, Playya 1000 was born. From there to single fatherhood of 4 beautiful kids to re-igniting his rap career to the motivational life he has now, we hear about it all. This Monday is a Winsday. Find out how and listen now, and be sure to check out more about Mr. Fri in the links below:  Playya 1000 on YouTube:   Freddy Fri Motivation:   Freddy Fri Motivation on Facebook:     Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston, featuring his original song 'Nobodies Are Somebodies' from his album 'Wintersleep'  
Paul Star was born in Chisasibi, Quebec, Canada as Paul Napash, and he was a Music Industry Arts student at Ottawa's Algonquin College. Paul is a musician, singer, artist, songwriter, producer and certified engineer and is in the process of launching his new record label, PauStar Entertainment Music has been in his family since he was born, having a father and uncle both as musicians, and playing for himself and for others has always been his passion. Proud of his native Cree heritage (he once had a band called 'Kree' in his early years), Paul talks about the changes he's seen in his community since he was a child and how Aboriginal communities have grown thanks to young entrepreneurs. PaulStar Entertainment has already begun building their roster of artists - who will be the next big thing?   Paul Napash Music: PaulStar Entertainment on Facebook: PaulStar- Be The One on ITunes         Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston, featuring his original song 'Nobodies Are Somebodies' from his album 'Wintersleep'  
This is Dave Logan Part 2, and it is here where we get to the end of his career at the Ottawa Hospital, how that all went down and why. As well as talking about his first of many diagnosis by medical professionals. Dave tells all in this intense interview, detailing his attempted suicide and a manic episode that led him back to a near violent confrontation at his former place of work. Dave holds nothing back and gives lots of detail and insight, and we also talk about the one constant in his life: becoming a parent and just how much his daughter has seen him through the tough years to get him to today. But how does Dave feel about today? Listen up!             Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston, featuring his original song 'Nobodies Are Somebodies' from his album 'Wintersleep'
Dave Logan was a part of the 100th Live! episode mental health roundtable and we touched briefly on his story and some of his experiences during that time. Since then, Dave had expressed how much he enjoyed that opportunity and wanted to share his story in a one-on-one. Dave has been through a lot, many ups and downs and he holds nothing back in these interviews.  Here is Part I where Dave discusses growing up in Frederick, NB, moving to Ottawa ON and those challenges with leaving friends and experiences behind and coming to a new culture, as well as entering a successful yet destructive career as a security member in the local hospital. This episode focuses on Dave'e early years and his career at the Ottawa Hospital, plus how his mental health was changing.           Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston, featuring his original song 'Nobodies Are Somebodies' from his album 'Wintersleep'
My guest is Logan Brown, a fellow podcaster, the host of his own Brown Sound Podcast, a show where he talks about whatever he feels like at that given moment. We discuss the right awesomeness of the music scene that is Kingston, Ontario Canada (where he originally grew up) as well as the ups and downs of creating and maintaining a podcast, to just plain old music and life talk! It's two dudes talking and you just happen to be listening. We talk pretty fast and pretty loose so try and hold on for the ride. LISTEN UP! More about Logan:   Brown Sound Podcast: Taylor Angus Band:       Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston, featuring his original song 'Forest of Nowhere' from his album 'Wintersleep'
I'm speaking with Christina Ranieri and Vincent Bishop from Ability First Ottawa, a charity group in Ottawa Ontario Canada working to help those living with disabilities with getting services, lodging and helping caretakers when they are no longer able to care for their loved ones needs. Christina was diagnosed with several learning disabilities and Vincent received an Asperger's diagnosis (now ASD) by finding paperwork himself on his diagnosis at the age of 18. Both Vincent and Christina are very open, honest, candid and real with their stories about who they are, who they are not, and what their accomplishments have been thus far. They are also discussing various stereotypes and boundaries that others have placed on them and how they educate people on living with different abilities. A special shout-out to Crystaljoy Parman who was not able to appear with us on this episode but will be joining me on the show in the near future.   Ability First Ottawa   Ability First Ottawa on Facebook:   Vincent Bishop's AMBIGUOUS Album Release Show + Birthday Bash @ Fat Boy's Vincent Bishop's Music:  
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Richard De Jong

great podcast

Apr 30th

Richard De Jong

good episode brings me back to the nightmare of TOH

Apr 23rd

Richard De Jong

the intro has a little bit of feedback but otherwise good episode

Apr 10th

Richard De Jong

this is a good podcast subject

Apr 2nd
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