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I am Chad Vice. I want to bring you the stories of the people of my everyday and any-day, because if you think that you are a 'nobody', you are always a somebody. The people I talk to are not celebrities, but they are all interesting characters. Every week, a new story, a new guest, a new friend. The Nobodies Are Somebodies podcast - listen for fun, hear for life!
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This week it's vocalist/guitarist Tim Holmwood from the British Indie Rock band Ali In The Jungle. Tim discusses the band formation, the name, the sound, a peek at the writing process and all about the band's first recorded music, the recently released 'Anyways' EP. We premiere the first single, "Drunk Generation" and chat about the song and it's meaning. Hailing from Milton Keynes, it's time to welcome you to the jungle...see what I did there?? Ali In The Jungle: Ali In The Jungle on Facebook:       Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston  
This special episode of the Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast this week features a lengthy chat with x-Heavy Pettin' drummer/co-founding member Gary Moat, who is now going full force with his new band Burnt Out Wreck as the sole songwriter and vocalist. Hear our conversation about BOW and of course a detailed history of the Pettin', one of the finest bands out of the U.K. in the 80s and should be heard still today. Big thanks to Gary and his wife/manager Claire Moat for making this a reality! Burnt Out Wreck: Cherry Red Records: Burnt Out Wreckords on Facebook:       Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston
This week we double dip and have not 1 but 2 stories for you on Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast, where we focus on two folks and how they have been affected by the recent Corona Virus outbreak and what was happening in their lives when it hit, and what has changed for them since that time. First up, RPN Karine works in a local Ottawa region hospital and she discusses procedures and day to day work life during the pandemic; after this former 2x guest of the show Xavier Himma (avid cyclist) shares his recent trip biking through South Africa and making it into Eastern Europe territories right as the virus hit, and what happened next when the lockdown began and how it affected his safe return to Canada. These are their experiences: thank you all for listening and supporting Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast!   Xavier Himma's 'Hum of the Earth' channel on YouTube:         Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston
It's another PRIME CUTS episode and this special spotlights the some of the ladies of the podcast who have been kind enough to be guests on the show and chat about their experiences and share their stories for the world to hear. Choosing 10 guests over the past 4 seasons, plus throwing in some music from some of the artists who have been on the show or contributed songs to the show, please enjoy this sampler of Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast - this is PRIME CUTS: HER STORY Paul Star Entertainment: Honestly Keto Group on Facebook: Hoyes Michalos Licensed Trustees: Ability First Ottawa: Dawna Marquette Jewelry on Facebook: Mike Glendinning of Zoester Records:   Music featured on this episode "Nobodies Are Somebodies Pt. 2" by Matthew Johnston          
The guest this week is deep house music DJ D. Unknown and we are chatting about his Facebook LIVE House Music shows over at his page 'House Music With Dom' that he is doing to keep folks that are stuck at home and looking to be entertained be, well, entertained! We chat about his DJing career early on in his life, why he stepped away from it and why he decided to step back into it all. This house be deep jammin' tonight. Check out his Facebook page to see recaps of some of his FB Live Deep House shows. Support independent artists who be rocking the house. More about the DJ below: House Music with Dom on Facebook: Instagram: @domenic19651         Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston
The guest this week is  Dan Hughes, vocalist and guitarist of his namesake band the Dan Hughes Trio (Dan Hughes Music on Facebook) and we are hearing about his new EP available now on Spotify, titled 'Feels Like Thunder' as well as discussing his work as an artist both doing solo shows and well as with his three piece band DHT, plus his influences, and his plans for touring down the road (or across the pond?) Joining me for a chat from his home outside of London, United Kingdom, this is all about Mr. Dan Hughes - listen for the EP's title track at the end of the episode too! Dan Hughes Music: DHT on YouTube:       Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston
Rachael Jewell is trained opera singer and songwriter who was brought to the show this week by Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast very own Unpaid Promoter Maryse, as Rachael was a contestant on Contest the Voices in Prescott-Russell in 2019. Rachael grew up on Vancouver Island and came to Ottawa, Ontario when she was 16 to study opera. Since then she has performed on local stages and now teaches vocal lessons to students based on lessons she learned while studying in New York. She currently has a production of Beauty & the Beast coming up at the end of summer 2020 and we discuss her path to music and what she learned during her vocal training that she passes on to her students.  Check out Rachael's singing and interests on her Instagram: @rachaeljewellofficial          Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston
In this week's episode of the Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast, I chat with Jeff Kapp, writer and producer and founder of his own Vigilant Entertainment LLC movie studio where he enjoys making short and feature length productions, mainly based in the horror/thriller genre at this time. We chat about this, what he is working now, what he has done, who he works with and what he does day to day when not working in a very cool and rewarding industry. Recorded via Skype in his home near Lansing, MI, this is Jeff's story! More about Jeff on the links below: Vigilant Entertainment: Vigilant Entertainment on Facebook: On YouTube:         Music featured on this episode (intro) and original song "Encore" by Matthew Johnston  
It's a solo show this week and I am making the most of it by getting around to something I haven't done yet but always wanted to - receive and answer questions submitted to me by fans and listeners of my 80s hard rock and metal weekly music and talk show, ParaVice City. It airs every Saturday night on my Nobodies Radio Station: Heavy Rock Radio at 9PM EST (replays at 12am EST Sunday morning, as well as Wednesdays at 7pm & 11pm EST). We play 80s artist's music that is NOT the same tired replays on regular or even Satellite Radio stations and dig deeper into bands that didn't have big hits but have great music that stands the test of time! If you love 80s rock with a twist of newer bands with that classic sound, get you some of our show with my co-host Kevin Matthews. More about the show here:   Nobodies Radio Station: Heavy Rock Radio on Facebook: Nobodies Radio Station Listen NOW: ParaVice City Episodes on Demand on SoundCloud:       Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston
Rockin Interviews Photographer and Reviewer Shannon Wilk returns to the show this week to discuss her latest projects, working for a new publication "Amplified Edge" as well as what she has been up to since we spoke last season, and of course her experiences aboard the latest Monsters of Rock Cruise 2020 and meeting one of my favorite bands of all time, Scotland's own Heavy Pettin'! Too many shows to see on the cruise but lots to discuss. More about Shannon in the links below! Shannon's Review / Report on the Motley Crue Reunion: Shannon's Review / Report of the 2020 MORC: Amplified Edge on Facebook: Rockin' Interviews:         Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston    
Myself, Chad Vice, am joined by my 80s rock and talk show ParaVice City co-host Kevin Matthews as we talk about music, the state of music in the world today with all the looming health concerns, and argue over bands charging money for concerts when they aren't always really performing 'LIVE'. We are just two bald dudes with attitudes who just love to geek out on music! And of course, we talk about our beloved radio show that we host every week (Saturday Nights at 9PM EST) on Nobodies Radio Station: Heavy Rock Radio. Shameless self promotion - why not? Nobodies Radio Station: Heavy Rock Radio on Facebook: Listen LIVE to Nobodies Radio Station:         Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston
This week's guest on the podcast is guitarist and songwriter Ponch Satrio. Signed to Zoester Records, and featuring his music from his latest album "Start Again" playing on Nobodies Radio Station: Heavy Rock Radio, Ponch is talking all about his musical inspiration, why he believes in music as therapy, teaching music, as well as sharing some personal moments of his life: This is Ponch's story, coming all the way from Jakarta, Indonesia Ponch Satrio Band: PRS Guitars on Facebook: Nobodies Radio Station: Heavy Rock Radio         Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston
This week's Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast guest is Will Blaine, an independent author who is self publishing his first short story in a series titled 'Wildly Inappropriate Stories for Children', with his first book "Vlad and the Vast Beach" already available on Amazon as an eBook. We discuss the book, the inspiration for the title of the book and the series, plus how he started writing it and his experiences in being a student of the Russian language, self taught. This is Will's story Author Will Blaine on Amazon: Will Blaine on Instagram: @curiousmindofwill       Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston
This week on the Nobodies Are Somebodies podcast is Mike Glendinning, guitarist, singer/songwriter and label owner of his own independent record label Zoester Records. Mike talks about what he has going on now, his musical inspirations, how he started out and a very cool back story on the name of his label. Plus, being in the San Francisco Bay Area, of course we chat a bit about that little band from the Bay, Metallica! Be sure to listen for his new single featured in this episode, 'Three Doggies!" and also available on YouTube   Zoester Records: Friends of Zoester Records on Facebook: Hidden Diamonds in the Kitty Litter:        
This week on the Nobodies Are Somebodies podcast, I'm speaking with a Sober Coach, who himself has been sober now for over 11 years and works to help others by being a sponsor to those who battle addictions in their lives and helps them see a way out. Alcoholics Anonymous has helped this Sober Coach stay on the right track and he is happy to point out how much it has helped strengthen his own life and rebuild important relationships. He speaks very candidly about his life before and after finding sobriety, his family dynamics and what keeps him happy being thankful for each new day. Hear his story now and be sure to have a look at his blog which boasts an amazingly inspiration title! Sober Coach Blog:          Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston
Welcome, welcome, it's the SEASON 4 premiere episode of this, the Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast! That's right, here we are, and what have we got? Unpaid Promoter Maryse Delorme and many times former guest Dave Logan are using 'performance enhancements' to have a little chat while Chad Vice moderates this gong show! It's MARYSE VS. DAVE in this brand new episode to kick off what will only be another year of more exciting things to come! So kids, please put your parents to gets a little explicit... you have been warned!         Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston
This week I had the pleasure to speak with veteran keyboardist Eric Ragno, and hear all about his experiences playing with some of the biggest names in the music genre I love, good ol' 80s rock, and hear about what got him into music and how coming down to LA in the 90s was the right career move after everyone left the scene for dead. A bit about Eric from his bio so you know what's up: Eric Ragno is a keyboard player based in Los Angeles. Known in rock circles as the “go-to guy”, he has appeared on dozens of rock albums, performing on tracks with Alice Cooper, Paul Stanley (Kiss), Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) and many others. He has performed across the U.S. and around the world with Graham Bonnet (Rainbow), Dawn Robinson (En Vogue), Jimi Jamison (Survivor), The Babys and more. Eric is currently on tour with London, the Original Sunset Strip Players. Keyboardist Eric Ragno on Facebook: Wheel In the Sky: Tribute to Journey:         Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston
The DJ is in the houuuseee, what what? Regional party sensation Martin Charlebois is telling us all about his DJ Party business, rocking weddings, private parties, events and more with his fun style, passion for beats and music and professional approach. He's lettin' loose on how he got started, why he wanted to spin, and how his business has grown. But that's only his part time gig! What else has Martin got on the go? Find out here and now on this week's Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast episode, and check out some links to Marty's stuff right here: DJ Marty Website: DJ Marty on Facebook:    
David K. Montoya was very kind to invite me onto his podcast "Who's The Boss" back in the summer of 2019, and now of course I must return the favor and get him and his story here on my little show. So here is, David talking all about his deep connection to his family, starting a podcasting network, populating that network with shows he created and liked, and eventually taking his name and brand to bigger things as we roll into 2020. Thanks must also go out to David for allowing our ParaVice City 80s rock and metal weekly show to be syndicated and on-demand on his network. Here's to more good rocking times and here is more about David and the JayzoModcast Network!   JayzoMon Network: Dark Myth Comics: JayzoMon's Pop Culture Expo in California:    
My guest this week is Stacey Magovern, in Fort Worth, Texas and she is telling me and you all about her company that she co-founded in 2014 with her husband called Point Blank Safety Services which is designed to help active police officers all over the state of Texas find paid-duty traffic control work outside of their regular shifts around the cities and towns that have construction contracts that need reliable safety officers to keep the workers and the public safe, which also provides a more stable and robust quality of life for officers and their families. It's a great endeavor and with great results, this is Stacey's story. Also find out what "the Last Supper" truly meant to her as a child! Thanks Stacey for all you and your family are doing Blue Family Fund Non-Profit: Point Blank Safety Services:       Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston
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great podcast

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Richard De Jong

good episode brings me back to the nightmare of TOH

Apr 23rd

Richard De Jong

the intro has a little bit of feedback but otherwise good episode

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this is a good podcast subject

Apr 2nd
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