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I am Chad Vice. I want to bring you the stories of the people of my everyday and any-day, because if you think that you are a 'nobody', you are always a somebody. The people I talk to are not celebrities, but they are all interesting characters. Every week, a new story, a new guest, a new friend. The Nobodies Are Somebodies podcast - listen for fun, hear for life!
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On this special Prime Cuts episode of the Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast, I had the opportunity to speak to two members of one of my very favorite bands that I thought I would never see, or hear new music from again, Spread Eagle. Based in New York City and forming in 1989, they released two albums on MCA Records; in 1995, the band broke up, but reformed in 2006. Now in 2019, they have a stable band lineup and a smoking new album just released on Frontiers Records, titled "Subway to the Stars". I was first introduced to the music of Spread Eagle via a good friend who loved music from bands of the 80s and 90s that I had yet to discover. This was back in 2000. And all I had to do was start a podcast and wait for 2019 to interview Ray West and Rob De Luca, vocalist and bassist of Spread Eagle, and hell was worth the wait. I hope you enjoy this very special episode as much as I do, and spread the word about the pure New York City street metal of Spread Eagle! Thank you for the music and the memories guys!   Spread Eagle: Frontiers Records SRL: Spread Eagle NYC on Facebook: My Spread Eagle Fan Group on Facebook:       Music featured on this episode is from Spread Eagle's new album 'Subway to the Stars': Sound of Speed, 29th of February and Grand Scam. Pick up the new album....NOW!
Joining me by Skype from his home in Newmarket, Suffolk, United Kingdom, Fergus is indeed the podcast genie. He became fascinated with podcasts as an entertainment medium and began to reach out to podcasters and influencers to see if they wanted to get together on different shows and create a blueprint for a podcaster community. The excitement of that growing helped his decision to create Podcast Genie, getting the right people on the right podcasts.  This is Fergus, about the value of a good podcast, why he wants to help others, as well as his life and day to day career at home, from the man who brought me some amazing guests, now it's his turn to shine!   Podcast Genie:       Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston, featuring his original song 'Encore' from his latest album 'Son, Pray' available now!
News. Friends. Tuque De Broue beer. See ya on the porch. Famous words by my special co-host Dave Logan for this 5th installment of our Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast News of the World specials. In this episode, we get Dave's take on the current government in power, his love of news/talk radio, his interest in the history of Canadian politics, as well as where he was when the news of 9/11 came down and his memories of that day in September 2001. Serious content with great beer courtesy of Embrun Ontario Canada's Brasserie Tuque de Broue Brewery Inc.. Thanks to Dave for being a great drinking buddy for this episode, to Unpaid Promoter Maryse for setting up the beer donation and to Tuque De Broue president Nicolas Malboeuf for letting us enjoy his wonderful beer while just being our silly selves in this episode of the Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast. And remember, Mr. Logan's opinions expressed are his own and should be treated as fun times!   Brasserie Tuque de Broue Brewery Inc. on Facebook:   Enter our CONTEST to WIN BEER  (until August 15th, 2019) Dave Logan on Jimmy Fallon's My Dumb Bet Video:     Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston, featuring his original song 'Serpentine' from his latest album 'Son, Pray' available now!
Alyna grew up in a small farming town outside of Ottawa and early on she discovered that she felt and thought defintely than her friends and family. When she finally came out to her family she received support but her main outlet to finding support came from her own searching and talking to people who have and were going through experiences similar to hers. Now, she rocks the stages in drag, and puts so much into her look and performances. It is here where I asked about the shows, the processes, the do's and don'ts, what she learned, what she still has to learn, and what she feels is most important: being a beacon of hope and comfort for those who want to know and ask for guidance. Alyna is my guest this week and I learned so much, and I hope you the listener will have that same opportunity.    More about Alyna: Instagram: @theonlyalyna Facebook:         Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston
Living in Fort Worth, Texas, and growing up on a farm in Kansas, this is the story of Donnie Boivin, a successful podcaster and builder of his own business from the ground up, but it did not start off as an immediate success. Donnie discusses why he started podcasting, his experiences being on other people's podcast, motivating others to be their best in what they are doing and what they are passionate about. Donnie is a great storyteller and I enjoyed hearing about his previous career in sales in Corporate America, and the things he learned there that helped him and he carries with him now. He even gave me some great ideas for this here podcast, Nobodies Are Somebodies! What is a Success Champion? What does it mean to be a Success Champion? How do you define what a champion is? Donnie shares that and more. Check out Donnie's Facebook groups below that he talks about on this show   Success Champions: So You Want to Podcast Facebook Group: Donnie Boivin:  Fegus Matheson's Podcast Genie:           Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston, featuring his original song 'Son, Pray' from his latest album 'Son, Pray' available now!  
So nice we did it twice. What? I say, so nice was Vice that we had to speak to Dan Emery twice. Actually, Dan's episode was recorded all at one time a few weeks prior when myself and sometimes co-host good buddy Fred sat down to grill Dan on his life and his experiences, and as we heard (and you should have too!) from last week Dan has a great story to share and the gift of gab to back it up! Here Dan takes through his last couple years in the Hospital Security department, his eventual jump to a more comfortable role in Housekeeping and how his now house of teen boys and girls are changing, while keeping up with it all and being a devoted husband and loving dad. This is Part II of Dan Emery, but surely not where the story ends!  Since Dan has nothing to promote, this is where I will plug Nobodies Radio Station: Heavy Rock Radio   Nobodies Radio Station: Heavy Rock Radio:           Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston, featuring his original song 'One Last Time' from his latest album 'Son, Pray' available now!
Dan Emery is a good friend of podcast host Chad Vice and has been a long wanted guest of the show, and now that time has arrived. Joined by sometimes co-host Good Buddy Fred, it's old (some more than others) friends catching up, thinking of past times, and of course there just happened to be recording devices on scene to capture it all. So nice we had to do it twice. I said it was so good it went longer than it should. Here is some of Dan Emery's story, more than just a mainstay in the security industry but a devoted husband and forever proud daddy, Dan is definitely the man this week!     Nobodies Radio Station: Heavy Rock Radio:       Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston, featuring his original song 'Starship of Hope' from his latest album 'Son, Pray' available now!
Benoit Chartrand of HempTek Builder named his business after he discovered a new way to build and secure a home - using hemp products and materials. After many years in the general contractor business, Benoit discovered and began to research the many health and productivity benefits of using hemp products, not only in building, but in food, clothing and other materials. Now he and his family stand by it and he continues to build a better life for himself and others with the natural properties of hemp. Want to find out more about that and what he found in his research? Hear it in Benoit's own words.   Hemp Tek Builder:   Video Interview + Tour Of Benoit's Home:       Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston, featuring his original song 'The Highest Mountain' from his latest album 'Son, Pray' available now!
This week on the Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast, our guest is Dawna Marquette proudly of her own Dawna Marquette Jewelry  CONTEST CONTEST CONTEST Dawna has graciously offered to give away to listeners and fans of the podcast a beautiful handcrafted Sterling Silver Turquoise Bangle bracelet valued at 99 dollars CDN. All you have to do? 1) LIKE BOTH the Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast Facebook page and the Dawna Marquette Jewelry Facebook page 2) COMMENT on the post 3) SHARE THAT POST to be ENTERED in a draw to win. This contest is eligible for those living in Canada and the USA. CONTEST CLOSES JULY 5th, 2019 at 1159 EST But there is more to Dawna than her pretty jewelry - she also spends her time when not raising her family enjoying volunteer work in the catering department for the yearly Ottawa Bluesfest show and in 2016 participated in a walk marathon in Iceland to raise money for Type II Diabetes. Hear her story right here, right now!   Dawna Marquette Jewelry on Facebook:   Dawna Marquette Jewelry:       Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston, featuring his original song 'Pushing Through Failure' from his upcoming album 'Son, Pray' soon to be released
Another 'On-Location' episode this week, Chad Vice and Unpaid Promoter Maryse Delorme attended the Find A Contractor Ottawa Flood Relief Benefit Concert held over 2 days this past weekend June 15th & 16th 2019 in the village of Cumberland ON, and even though it was a rainy rain day, we had lots of fun and people turned out to support the community with monetary and time donations, as well as supplies and other items to help victims of the recent floods of the communities lakeshore properties with rebuilding and fixing damages to their homes and properties affected by the recent infux of climate changes. We spoke to Tina Arvanitis, the Boss Lady of said event who rallied her friends family coworkers and community together to help those in need and have fun doing it. Rain or shine, the time was fine, and I'm happy she agree to share the message over the podcast. I'm happy to report that the donations for the weekend totaled over $4500! Nice work people!! Her portion of the episode is/was available on the Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast Face Page and group as well as Find A Contractor Ottawa Facebook groups in order to promote the event when it was still going down. Now you can hear our chat plus a little extra from your boy Chad Vice in another special location episode of the show! Remember, rain affects certain technical aspects - and a little human error  !   Find A Contractor Ottawa: Eric McCully - Artist and Musician: Tina Arvanitis:   Find A Contractor Ottawa Flood Aftermath Relief:   Nobodies Radio Station:       Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston, featuring his original song 'Pouring Out My Soul' non-album single
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Richard De Jong

great podcast

Apr 30th

Richard De Jong

good episode brings me back to the nightmare of TOH

Apr 23rd

Richard De Jong

the intro has a little bit of feedback but otherwise good episode

Apr 10th

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this is a good podcast subject

Apr 2nd
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