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Nock On podcast are educational archery tips from Pro Archer John Dudley. John is an accomplished professional, top level coach and technical expert. Get professional insights to new products and industry trends.
266 Episodes
PC 269 is with an industry mogul Mike Slinkard. He is a longtime friend, expert hunter, archer and a creative mind. We talk about hunting turkeys for first timers, how to get permission, how to shoot birds from a lawn chair, becoming a better Bowhunter, being an impala, shoulder surgeries, new archery sight ideas and much more. Enjoy! For more HECS science go to or
PC 268 is with Jocko Willink. We talk about what a positive mindset can do for you and those around you. We also dive into several stories of family, friends and the great outdoors!
PC 267 - Power To The Nation

PC 267 - Power To The Nation


This podcast is dedicated to the nock On Nation who is the lifeblood to my passion. I’m joined by longtime Nation Members Brad of All Brads, Ryan Branco and longtime PSE meme we John Liska. We talk about all sorts of things archery on this amazing weekend I’ve dedicated to the Nock On Nation.
PC 266 is with a true American Major Brian R. Chontosh who is a retired Marine Corps officer who was awarded the Navy Cross for his heroic actions during the 2003 Invasion of Iraq. He an ultra elite athlete with a long list of ridiculous accomplishments on extreme feats too long to list. In this podcast we talk about how military vets can change their lives through archery. Tosh is a true friend who I taught archery and hunting to in recent years that have changed my focus on the importance of what archery can do for people lives and struggles.
Kyle Douglas just won the Worlds largest indoor tournament in Vegas 2020. This young superstar was fresh off the trip home when we got to talk about what it’s like growing up and shooting a bow against the best out there.
Chad Ward is the guy responsible for teaching me everything I know about the Traeger. He changed my life on cooking wild game after having him cook a wild hog for me in Florida several years ago. Since then we have cooked at many hunting camps together and love teaching others about it. Chad has an amazing motivation story about losing over 180lbs since we met by eating cleaner and taking some easy steps in life. He is now wanting to start compound archery.
Tom Davin is an Icon to business, leadership and growth. He has had lead roles with Goldman Sachs, Pepsi, Oakley, 511 Tactical, Taco Bell, and is currently Co CEO of BRCC. Tom has an amazing career in the Marines and Outdoor community. This podcast is all about how to improve yourself as a competitor, businessman and other stages of life.
Brendan Hansen is a 6X Olympic Medalist, 25X World Medalist, World Recorder Holder and 2X Hall of Famer. In this podcast we talk through winning mindset, preparing for big events, achieving goals, visualization and whats its like to be a workhorse! We also take about a massive event coming soon to Archery Country in Austin Texas for the Nock On Nation!
Seppie is World Record Setting Archer from South Africa and Magnum Archery. Not only does he run the largest archery distributor in SA but he also has been a longtime friend and competitor. We sit down at the ATA show to talk about old times in the dark continent.
P.C. 259 is with Aron Snyder and we chat about the hunting season, goat hunts, trad archery, his return to compound archery, the progression of archers and hunters, how trad archery can potentially help target anticipation, tales of the one they call Barklow, the benefits of made in America manufacturing, how to make the wheel roll better and our opinions on shot angles and penetration.
PC 259 - Nockin N Rollin

PC 259 - Nockin N Rollin


PC 259 is the podcast following the 2020 ATA. It was a record breaking week for the nock on nation and I recap that event just before diving into a bunch of awesome questions. Topics Include- Limb Driven Rest vs Cable Driven, New Comer Bows, Speeds and Specs of the new NTN bow, How Much To Shoot In Practice, Rocker Position On Releases, Nock2 Fork Videos, Rest Position, How Let Off Affects You, How To Get Into Hunting, New Products On The Way, Peep Sizes and Adjustable Sights and much more! Enjoy.
PC 258 is sure to shake up the archery world. I talk about the past few decades in the industry and what paths I have gone down and where I will head in the future. 2020 sets the stage for a new decade of awesomeness for the Nock On Nation.
PC 257 is with WWE superstars Ray Rowe (ERIK- Vikings Raiders) and Sarah Rowe (Sarah Logan). They are new to Bowhunting and super addicted to becoming self sustaining outdoorsman. They came out for a full day of archery lessons and instructions. We crammed a lot into one day and then did a full recap after an awesome meal on the grill.    
PC 256 is with Dennis Zuck from GW Gore, Jay Matthews formally of Nike and Thad Kaczmarek formally of Arc’Teryx who all came out to shoot bows for a few days and have some form check. All these guys bring great backgrounds to a good conversation. Unfortunately one large file from the start of this podcast was corrupted after Jay unplugged us.
PC 255 - The Podcast Reboot

PC 255 - The Podcast Reboot


PC 255 restarts the Podcast after a long season in the field. Dudley goes into discussion on starting over in the range and how to reboot your shooting technique and form. He also gets into some Q&A from the nock on nation about - Total Archery Challenge schedule for 2020, late season hunting, shooting from a seated position, best thing about Iowa, trusted bow shops, how long to practice before your first hunt and managing expectations on the range.
This podcast celebrates Pete Shepley who is the oldest living owner of a compound bow company. PSE Archery just celebrated 50 years and Pete tells stories of where the compound bow industry started and the different things he’s seen since sanding his first compound risers under a tree in his front yard close to where I shot my first archery tournament. Pete is a living legend and one of the few left to tell stories of the greats like Fred Bear, Tom Jennings and Earl Hoyt. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
PC 253 - Whitetail Strategy

PC 253 - Whitetail Strategy


PC 253 is a podcast dedicated to my thought process for the peak whitetail season success. As we near the pre-rut here in the Midwest I talk you through my philosophies on the whats, wheres and why’s!
PC 252 is with Jocko Willink and we talk about the ups and downs in the elk mountains and also in life!
PC 251 is with Joe Rogan, Jocko Willink, Andy Stumpf, Cam Hanes and Brock White. We sit around a camp table and talk bowhunting. Theres too many great topics to remember them all. Get Some!
PC 250 picks up where 249 left off answering questions from all of YOU! Topics include- “New to Archery” bow choices, arrow tune variations, eye dominance, changes to the archery industry, decoy and calling tips and tactics, how to make quicker shots in hunting situations, Sitka whitetail system options, grilling tips, how to get over target panic, my most memorable hunts, and the decisions of hunting private and public lands for a new bow hunter.
Comments (15)

Lance Bilodeau

thank you.... John for all your hard work and knowledge

Oct 15th

Alex Brown

no mention of the buy out and how Joe Treager (the founder and inventor of the pellet grill) now works for Pitt boss.

Aug 22nd
Reply (1)

Steven Roudebush

One of the best podcasts out there! You guys always have great info and insight. Outstanding!

Aug 10th

chad lachowitzer

Some very good info! I'm a relatively new bowhunter trying to develop good form...2nd half of this podcast had some terific info. Thanks!

Jul 29th
Reply (1)

Darren Brown

As a saddle hunter, the reason for knee pads are so you sit down in the saddle and place your knees against the tree. When you see an animal approaching, you simply stand up and shorten your tether and move around the tree.

Jul 10th

Murray Stadnichuk

great podcast, love that you enjoyed my Province and were successful. Great tips and strategies. always enjoyable

May 19th

Dana Rush

why all this stupid motivation crap no one asked for this we got real shit jobs n lives we don't have halls luxury I listen to podcasts to learn shit not to b motivated that's what metallica nofx rancid snoop is for not podcasts plz stop an get back to what I use to do

Dec 10th

Charles Corder


Nov 30th

kevin harnphanich

Great idea

Oct 13th

Julian Iacobazzi

Thanks for doing what you do, and sharing it all with us! I really appreciate how technical and detailed your explanations are. Great analogies and comparisons which make visualization for podcast listeners much easier. I love hearing the story of how Randy was watching you, and got you turned onto the tension releases. I heard about you on Rogan's podcast, and you have stolen my attention for the time being😉 I decided to go back to your first podcast, and listen in order from the beginning. You have created a lifelong follower, and I have told several people about you. Thanks again for doing what you do! I'm really excited to be going on this journey of becoming a better, and more serious Archer💘💘💘

Oct 3rd

Nelson Hammond

the podcast starts over at 34 minutes

Apr 3rd

John Kimble

John and Andy are a great pair of dudes.

Jan 22nd

Charlie Smith

I attend the school of nock

Oct 30th
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