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We talk with new professional mixed martial artists Deran Martinez this week! We had a great time and we hope you will too! Deran makes his professional fight debut on June 17. You can catch the fight on UFC Fight Pass! Thanks! 
This week Chey and I talk with Seattle based Navajo Rapper, Travis Thompson. We talk all sorts of stuff, success, goals, rap, growth, being a fan of things and so much more. I had such a good time talking! Thanks so much for coming on the show Trav. On a personal note, I do feel like my nerves got the best of me here. Doesn't happen often but it happened. I forgot lyrics and song names and everything lol. Lot's of growth and learning here. Trav is a great guest and I look forward to our next episode. I hope you enjoy. Support Travis by listening to his most recent album BLVD BOY available everywhere you stream music. 
On this episode Moose and Chey kick it with an old friend named Sheena. She's White Mountain Apache and has been a part of our lives for such a long time. We could not be more excited to host her! I hope you enjoy as much as we do! Also we are getting hitched! Thanks for being here with us. We couldn't be more excited. It's been a lot of years of growth and we are finally making it. Please support Sheena by finding her on social mediaIG: @celestialcatdesignsIn the interest of being quick I didn't do the intro music. Sorry. Just didn't have time before work. Maybe I'll rework it and replace audio file later. ALSO this is our first try at in person recording so be gentle. i am working out the kinks. <3 
Mato Wayuhi- NomadCast #53

Mato Wayuhi- NomadCast #53


TW: CONVERSATION AROUND GRIEF/DEATH OF IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBERS. This episode Moose and Chey mix it up with musician Mato Wayuhi. Mato is best known for his work on the show Reservation Dogs building the original score but he has done other things and I think he's got a lot more coming. We talk all kinds of things, anime, astrology, grief, death, work, music and so much more. Please enjoy, rate, share and follow :)
This week Moose talks with Migizi Pensoneau, comedian and writer for Reservation Dogs. They talk about tv, work, Native stuff, Sterlin in dad jeans and a disdain for that Redcorn guy. Please like, share and rate the show :) 
Moose and Chey talk with Alice Qannik Glenn of Coffee & Quaq Podcast! We had such a great time. We talk achievements, entertainment, podcasting, anxieties, shortcomings, aspirations and so much more. We could not have chosen a better third wheel for this episode! We hope you enjoy as much as we did. Share with a friend! We're trying to blossom over here. Find Alice here:Website: @AndQuaqInstagram: coffeeandquaqApple Podcast:
Hey everyone! Today Chey and I talk with Kaitlyn Jeffers. We discuss comedy, Native media, inspiration and so much more. Please like and share the episode! 
On this episode Moose talks with Jourdan Bennett-Begaye. They talk books, work, ambition and so much more. I hope you enjoy. 
Moose talks with Gabriel Galanda Indigenous Rights lawyer. They chop it up on the topics of marijuana, blood quantum and disenrollment. 
Moose talks with Tongvan artist Weshoyot this week. They talk comics, independent work, self care, NomadCast and so much more. I hope you all enjoy the conversation!To find Weshoyot:All Social Media: @Weshoyot
This week Moose chops it up with Zoe Rain. Choctaw proprietor of Clay and Rain, a business that she makes and sells beautiful polymer clay earrings through. We give bad anime takes, talk business, insecurities and so much more. I hope you enjoy! Make sure you share the show if you do. Follow Zoe!Instagram: @clayandrainTwitter: @clayandrainFollow NomadCast:Linktree:
This week Moose talks with Tim Fontaine the Editor-in-Grand-Chief at Walking Eagle News. They talk family, work, journalism, kids, weed and so much more! Please follow and share if you enjoy the episode! Thanks!Walking Eagle News: @TheEagleist
Dale Ray Deforest is one of my favorite artists. He works on comic books and other media whenever possible. In this episode we talk NomadCast, art, expectations, disappointments and all of the stuff inbetween. Twitter:
Johnnie Jae- NomadCast #43

Johnnie Jae- NomadCast #43


Johnnie Jae is the founder of A Tribe Called Geek and one of the people I’m now partnered with as a part of their podcast network. I couldn’t be more excited to have this conversation. We talk identity, accents, language, mental health and sooo much more. Johnnie is delightful! Please give us a listen, follow NomadCast on social media and leave us a review! Twitter: @johnniejaeLinktree:
Cheyanne Littleman is my partner. First we make some announcements! Then we have a conversation about the future of the show, some personal stuff and then we talk about Reservation Dogs. Please give us a listen, follow on social media and give us a review! Thanks for all your support! Big things are coming!
Moose talks with Kyle T. Mays (Black/Saginaw Anishinaabe) author of Hip-hop Beats, indigenous Rhymes: Modernity and Hip-Hop in Indigenous North America. they explore Indigenous Hip-hop, Indigenous masculinity, blackness and just generally have a good time. Connect with Kyle:Twitter: @mays_kyleSupport the craft: (CHECK WITH LOCAL INDIGENOUS OWNED BOOKSTORES BEFORE BUYING ONLINE!!!) with Nomadcast:Linktree:
 Moose talks with Sierra Teller Ornelas on this episode of the podcast. Sierra is a TV writer/maker and is most recently known for the show that she helped created and run Rutherford Falls. On this episode you'll hear laughs, sweet stories, big love and why Rutherford Falls is so special. Connect with Sierra:Twitter: @sierraornelasConnect with NomadCast: Linktree:
Connie Walker

Connie Walker


Moose talks with Connie Walker on this episode of the podcast. Connie is a journalist and works on a podcast called Stolen: The Search for Jermain on Spotify. During the course of the episode we dive briefly into what drives her interest in her shows, how she got started, what making a show like that is like and what is coming next. I hope you enjoy her company as much as I did. You can find Connie here:Twitter: @connie_walkerPodcast: Stolen: The Search for Jermain on SpotifyFind NomadCast here:linktree:
Somáh Haaland

Somáh Haaland


Hey y'all. Today Moose speaks with Somáh Haaland today. They are working in film, exploring gender including the non-binary and non-conforming side. They are also the child of a very important person in the administration but we basically do not talk about that. Nipping that in the bud right now. Thank you for listening! Somáh can be found on:Instagram: @coffeequeerTwitter: @woolyneptune
Taté Walker

Taté Walker


Moose talks with Taté Walker this episode. Taté is a Mniconjou Lakota TwoSpirit Storyteller that is also working for a tribal nation, authoring articles, books and poems as well as raising a child. If you enjoy this episode please consider following, leaving a like and/or review.Find  Taté here:TwitterWebsiteFire Keepers DaughterNomadCast
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