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The podcast that says what you're thinking but too afraid to say. Every fortnight we share popular and unpopular opinions about the books you love.Hosted by PostColonialChild, BooksAndRhymes and BookShyBooksGet their reading lists here: them on Bookstagram: @NABookPodcastFollow us on Twitter: @NABookPodcast
21 Episodes
We sat down with a lot bae, Irenosen Okojie, to get the scoop on her upcoming books but also her writer's journey. We discussed:- Book faves- Bad-ass women of colour in publishing - Changing publishers- Writing process- Writing about London - The magic of short storiesContinue the conversation on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #NotAnotherBook
This week’s episode is a one of a kind as we are joined in the studio by writer Kalaf Epalanga! You might recognise him as one of the Buraka Som Systema group members and co-founder of record label Enchufada. We discussed:Afrolusophone writing and musicBeing a member of the diasporaLiving in Berlin/ LisbonHow is latest musical novel is an ode to Afrolusophone dances such as Kizomba, kuduro and why he thinks white people can dance tooContinue the conversation on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #NotAnotherBook
This week’s episode we finally reveal the ins and outs of the Berlin festival both Postcolonial Child and Books and Rhymes attended and we tell you what festivals you need to save your coins and those you should be supporting.We discuss:Our favourite festivals Our worst festival experiencesGatekeepers at festivalsAccessibility and audiencesContinue the conversation on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #NotAnotherBook
We curled up to discuss our favourite reads, why some of us kiss our teeth at self-help, and why others just live for the genre.We discuss:- Queen Bee! Homecoming-What constitute self-help?-Is self-help for a particular demographic-Why is self-help mocked and not taken seriously?- Are self-help gurus dangerous?-Marie Kondo and the magical or not so art of tidying up?Continue the conversation on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #NotAnotherBook
Back at it with a bonus episode to spoil you after such a long hiatus. We are talking about what it means to be a Muslim writer.We discuss:- The launch of the Critical Muslim issue 30: West Africa on May 15th at LSE. Register here: is a Muslim writer ?- Anti-blackness and perceptions of Muslim writers- West Africa's rich cultural historical links to the Islamic world Books mentioned:- Elsewhere, Home by Leila Aboulela- So long a letter and Scarlet Song by Mariama Bâ.- Born on A Tuesday by El Nathan John -Seasons of Crimson Blossoms by Abubakar Adam Ibrahim -Black Docker by Sembene Ousmane -Season of Migration to the North by Tayeb Salih-The Wedding of Zein by Tayeb Salih -Too Black to Be Arab, Too Arab to be Black’ by Leena Habiballa publishes in ‘From the Lines of Dissent’ published by Media Diversified.-Zaynab Alkali Continue the conversation on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #NotAnotherBook
Your girls are back again with sipping hot tea and more laughter and singing plus a few surprises for season 2.This week’s episode we dive into the non-fiction World and we come for some of your problematic faves.We discuss:What is nonfiction?The difference between Creative nonfiction and other types of non fiction.Any self help Queens in the building?The rise of African creative nonfiction and the narrative gaps in Black British nonfictionBooks mentioned:- The Other Americans by Laila Lalami- David Mogo, Godhunter by Suyi Davies Okungbowa- Editing Africa by Keguro Macharia (in These Bones Will Rise Again by Panashe Chigumadzi-Widow Basquiat by Jennifer ClementContinue the conversation on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #NotAnotherBook
In this bonus episode, Books & Rhymes, PostColonialChild and BookShyBooksexpress our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for engaging with, and spreading the word about us.We share:Our journey so far.What to expect from us in the futureWhere you can find us during our hiatus.Keep in touch on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #NotAnotherBook
This week’s episode is a real treat!  Books & Rhymes, PostColonialChild and BookShyBooks are in Bristol with Tomi Adeyemi, the amazing author of our unanimous favourite and highly recommended book, ‘Children of Blood and Bone’!We discuss: - Reimagining reality in fantasy fiction. - The inspiration behind the bookgasmic cover of ‘Children of Blood and Bone’ - Racial characterisations in the genre and whitewashing in literary adaptations.  - The importance of African mythology and Brazil in ‘Children of Blood and Bone’.  - The socio-cultural impact of Children of Blood and Bone, and readers responses to it. - Navigating the publishing industry as a debut author - including advice for writers.Continue the conversation on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #NotAnotherBook
EP 11 | Ordinary People: live recording with Diana Evans at ShoutOut Live!In our first live recorded episode, with our special guest, Diana Evans, author of Ordinary People.Fun fact: the book is named after a song of the same title by John Legend.We discuss:The process of writing ‘ordinary people’.Mixed-race identity and representations of ‘the Other’ in literature.The one-way traffic of gentrification, andHer best advice for aspiring writers looking to get published.Join the conversation on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #NotAnotherBook
This week we dive into the world of kid lit and YA fiction courtesy of BookShyBooks ! We went down memory lane and came up with some interesting questions and debates on the two genres.We discuss and explore:Favourite books from childhoodAdults reading children’s books or YAAdaptation of YA novels with adults playing teenagersAdults writing YA storiesChildren’s books or YA fiction recommendations for young people and adults
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