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Movie and TV podcast covering the latest news in a wide array of topics such as MCU, Star Wars, GoT, and DC, capping off every episode with an in-depth film or TV discussion and review. Just a group of dudes talking movies the way you would with your friends. Hosted by Zach, Ross, and Luke.

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82 Episodes
WandaVision E8

WandaVision E8


Zach, Luke, and Ross talk WandaVision E8 and drop Finale predictions and theories.  Time Stamps: 02:45 Ross’ theory on Wanda's mom 07:20 Settling bets 09:40 Paul Bettany is trolling 11:40 How are things going down from here? 15:20 Justice League detour 16:30 Convo between Vision and Wanda 19:40 Agatha's past and out theories 24:20 Ross’ hot take on the multiverse 27:10 Next episode predictions 36:03 Wtf is this bunny 37:40 Mephisto fakeout and connections 39:05 Ending predictions 44:50 Darcy... Powers? 47:00 Closing thoughts 49:10 Reviews
WandaVision E7

WandaVision E7


Ross, Luke, and Zach, talk WandaVision E7 00:16 Agnes bet resolved 2:10 Initial thoughts 2:55 Quicksilver theories 7:00 Book stolen from Doctor Strange 13:00 Monica running through the wall 19:20 Will Vision survive? 29:00 Fan Qs 35:12 new cameo details from Paul Bettany 40:00 is Loki the director in disguise 41: Super Skrulls 47:40 reviews 49:50 New bet Follow us on twitter @notamoviepod @culturecrave  
WandaVision E6

WandaVision E6


Ross, Luke, and Zach talk WandaVision E6 :30 Agnes a witch? we make a bet 8:45 Are Wanda's memories real? 14:50 Shark Commercial theory 23:20 Who is Monica's engineer friend? 32:00 Fan Qs 35:10 Which Avenger will show up? 46:50 is the Beekeeper Pietro? Drop a rating and review!
WandaVision E5

WandaVision E5


Timestamps 2:40 Did Wanda make a deal to bring back vision? 5:20 Pietro theories 6:30 is Agnes controlling the town? 12:00 Wanda changed the recap for the viewers 16:00 Aerospace engineer 19:35 will Wanda and Vision fight? 25:40 Submitted fan theories 33:13 New Star Wars books talk about Jedi Sex 35:00 Yoda as Grogu's dad theory is back 36:21 Willem Dafoe reportedly back for Spider-Man 3 38:30 Who will be the big cameo? 41:25 Wanda vs Thor vs Captain Marvel   Follow us on Twitter @notamoviepod @culturecrave  
WandaVision E4

WandaVision E4


Zach, Ross, and Luke return to discuss WandaVision E4 and new theories 1:00 Cold Open with the blip 5:27 What Avengers could realistically show up 8:37 How will this lead into the X-Men? And Deadpool 3 update 15:00 Agnes wasn't identified by SWORD 16:54 best villain arc: Anakin, Daenerys, or Wanda 22:10 is Monica a superhero? She survived getting yeeted through 4 walls 31:00 More Blip talk 38:30 Fan Questions Follow us on twitter @notamoviepod @culturecrave and leave a rating + review on Apple!    
Zach, Luke, and Ross discuss WandaVision E3 and GVK 00:24 Zilla vs Kong 5:45 WandaVision start 15:25 Child chant from E2 20:10 New theories 25:00 Reviews 28:00 How this leads into multiverse and Doctor Strange 36:40 What's up with Vision? Drop a rating & review. Follow us on twitter @notamoviepod @culturecrave
The MCU is back. Ross, Luke and Zach talk Godzilla Vs. Kong, Zack Snyder's Justice League, Mortal Kombat, and more before breaking down the first two episodes of WandaVision :50 Matt Damon in Thor 4 1:50 Snydercut 4:45 Godzilla vs Kong & HBO Max 22:30 Mortal Kombat 26:40 WandaVision  33:40 S.W.O.R.D 47:52 Is Wanda in control? 59:10 Beekeeper guy 1:02:00 Is Agnus lowkey a villain? Follow us on twitter @notamoviepod, @culturecrave, and @marveifacts. Leave a rating and review! 
Timestamps 00:30 Wonder Woman 1984 28:23 Cheetah 60:34 Soul   Make sure to leave a rating and review, and follow on twitter @notamoviepod 
Ross, Luke, and Zach discuss the wild Mandalorian finale and where we think the show will go in the future Thank you to all our listeners following along during S2! We will return with more Star Wars pods going forward. 10:44 Ludwig wubs 18:34 Luke Skywalker showing up 1:11:40 Grogu's Future 1:32:40 Pod reviews   Make sure to leave a rating / review on Apple and follow us on twitter @culturecrave @notamoviepod
Ross, Luke, and Zach briefly talk the Disney Investor Day announcements including Darth Vader vs. Obi-Wan 3.0 before reviewing The Mandalorian Chapter 15 00:26 Disney Announcements 3:44 Vader vs Obi-Wan 11:25 Mando 23:45 Prison planet debate 34:34 Finale Predictions 47:55 Ratings    
Ross, Luke and Zach discuss the latest episode of The Mandalorian, which saw the return of Boba Fett! Timestamps  00:40 Boba Hype 20:55 Streaming take over 29:20 Ross' Mando take 44:00 Why this dude left his jetpack 54:54 Ratings Drop a rating and leave us a review on Apple!
Ross, Luke, and Zach talk the Dave Filoni written & directed Chapter 13 — 'The Jedi'. We have it a 8/10 1:00 Baby Yoda being named Grogu 4:10 Who are the remaining Jedi 19:00 Luke in The Mandalorian? 25:00 Spear fight 29:00 HK droids 32:05 Positives in the episode 45:30 Rating the pod Follow us on twitter @culturecrave @notamoviepod
Luke, Zach, and Ross breakdown and discuss 'The Siege' 00:24 Initial Thoughts 04:10 Snoke Tie Back 08:50 Luke Comes in With a Hot Take 10:10 That Blue Fuck  14:20 Next Episode Hype Up 22:30 Star Wars Map 24:10 Our Final Ratings
Ross, Luke, and Zach talk The Mandalorian Chapter 11    7:00 Bo-Katan and the Night Owls 15:30 Frog Lady and Frog Guy / Best Star Wars couple? 42: Where does this show go after reaching Ashoka Tano? Follow us on twitter @notamoviepod and drop a rating 
Luke and Ross discuss The Mandalorian S2 E2 in detail. Breaking down obscurities and keeping it light with friendly banter. 00:42 - Did it suck? 15:00 - Chapter 11 predictions 24:00 - Baby Yoda talk 26:10 - Rating 30:55 - The horrific demise of Baby Yoda
Zach, Luke and Ross return to discuss The Mandalorian Chapter 9: * SPOILERS * Some discussions: • Easter eggs • Krayt dragon • Does the show feel like a video game? • Boba Fett • Mando surviving the battle Follow us on Twitter @notamoviepod and @culturecrave Drop us a rating and review on apple 
00:24 Quibi 09:05 Moons wet  11:40 Moon Predictions 13:28 Barney 19:04 Space Jam 20:30 The Boys
The Boys E6 - E7

The Boys E6 - E7


00:24 Eleven/head popper 04:50 Ending reactions  07:75 Theories  17:39 Homelander fakeout 24:10 Black Noir/maeve/ Porn shoot 34:20 Supe suicide or HL Dominance 38:27 soldier boy 41:32 HL Sexuality
3:28 Tenet and the box office with COVID 11:23 Dune trailer 41:40 The Boys S2 E4   Follow us on twitter @notamoviepod and leave a rating + review!
Luke and Zach talk the first 3 episodes of Amazon's 'The Boys' S2, Hugo Weaving not returning to the MCU, Matrix, or LOTR, and some other shit. 2:50 Hugo Weaving not returning to his iconic roles 9:45 'The Boys' 10:15 Stormfront's origin Follow us on twitter @notamoviepod and @culturecrave
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