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Conversations about media, culture and the art of writing.

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Join intrepid hosts Ed and Amanda as they traverse the rocky terrain of critique in a quest to uncover the delicate balance that sustains the giving and receiving of critical feedback. As the expedition unfolds, they’ll venture further into the heart of the jungle and encounter the rarest of creatures: a Get Rec'd submission they both enjoyed. Will our heroes make it through the desolate wasteland of Ethan Hawke’s hair before sunrise, or will they still be arguing like an old German couple by midnight?
In this episode we reveal the shortlist and WINNER of the 2023 #NotQuiteWritePrize for Flash Fiction. Plus, there’ll be shits and giggles as Ed and Amanda read the top entries for your listening pleasure. You can read along and view the shortlist and longlist in full on our official announcement page.
Ed and Amanda reveal the 60 members of the inaugural #NotQuiteWritePrize Longlist! … But not before delving deep into the judging process and the lessons they learned from your 678 entries. Strap in for a detailed behind-the-scenes experience like no other.
#9 – Detour de Fromage

#9 – Detour de Fromage


In this episode, we take a slight “detour” into the world of Mom Rock to find out what fiction writers can learn from the songwriting greats. In Get Rec’d, Amanda lays bare her greatest lyrical love, the Barenaked Ladies, only to be eviscerated by Ed’s scathing response. Turns out although people don’t usually complain when you bring cheese… they will if the crackers start rapping.
It’s Not Quite an Episode! If you’re entering the #NotQuiteWritePrize you won’t want to miss this one, as we lift the veil on the competition judging process. By the end you’ll decide: are our judging preferences as transparent as glass, or as clear as mud? Plus, we share a snippet from our interview with the Two Lit Chicks.
Last but not least, number 8 in our series of 8 interviews at the 2023 Words on the Waves Writers Festival was with festival programmer, Mandi McIntosh. Mandi shares her biggest “gets” for the 2023 author program, as well as some behind-the-scenes insights into what goes into making a successful arts festival.
Number 7 in our series of 8 interviews at the 2023 Words on the Waves Writers Festival, we enjoyed a detour into the world of ageing with Melissa Levi. Melissa’s book, ‘We Need to Talk About Ageing,’ is the must-have guide for anyone navigating the ageing journey with a loved one.
Number 6 in our series of 8 interviews at the 2023 Words on the Waves Writers Festival, we enjoyed a conversation with conversation expert, Jane Hutcheon. Most will remember Jane from her decades-long career as an ABC journalist, and her hit show, ‘One Plus One,’ interviewing some of Australia and the world’s biggest names. Jane discusses her latest book, ‘Rebel Talk,’ in which she shares her expertise in the art of conversation. We also delve into her role as moderator of the festival’s ‘Reimagining Ageing’ panel, and her quest to reimagine her own ageing journey.
Number 5 in our series of 8 interviews at the 2023 Words on the Waves Writers Festival, we spoke with Eleanor Limprecht. Eleanor is the chair of the Board of Directors at Writing New South Wales, and is the author of four novels, including her most recent, The Coast. We chatted with Eleanor about her love of Australian History, the challenges faced by writers in an evolving technological landscape, and whether it's time for writers to consider selling their children.
Number 4 in our series of 8 interviews at the 2023 Words on the Waves Writers Festival, we chatted with thriller author, Petronella McGovern, about her latest book, ‘The Liars.’ Petronella shares what it was like writing through the pandemic, and how she uses writing as therapy. Plus, she answers the question, “Does it get any easier after your first book?”
Number 3 in our series of 8 interviews at the 2023 Words on the Waves Writers Festival, we meet with thriller author and long-time Aussie-in-training, Ashley Kalagian Blunt. Ashley walks us through the twists and turns of her new book, ‘Dark Mode’ and details the challenges she faces merging creativity and chronic illness.
Number 2 in our series of 8 interviews at the 2023 Words on the Waves Writers Festival, we chat with Jock Serong — reformed lawyer and multi award-winning author of several books including ‘The Rules of Backyard Cricket’ and his most recent novel, ‘The Settlement.’ We enjoyed a wide-ranging chat with Jock about Australian culture: from the lie-addled history of colonial Australia, to modern surf culture, and the real truth behind ‘The Castle.’
Number 1 in our series of 8 interviews at the 2023 Words on the Waves Writers Festival, we chat with the festival’s children’s program coordinator and middle grade author, Fiona Lloyd. Fiona’s debut children’s novel ‘Being Jimmy Baxter’ launches with Penguin Random House on 4 July. In our chat, we talk dark themes in middle grade and why she cried when she first saw her book’s cover design. We also meet with fellow podcasters Two Lit Chicks and ponder the logistical intricacies of Virginia Woolf's final swim.
Join Ed and Amanda on a podyssey of epic proportions as we dive into The Whale. Was the film really fatphobic? And what does that mean for writers? And together we’ll celebrate the launch of the #NotQuiteWritePrize by advertently averting adverbs.
It’s a write-off! Winning strategies for flash and microfiction competitions and how writing prompts can either spark inspiration or spontaneously combust it. In Get Rec’d, the Grass is Greener, but the competition is anything but healthy. Plus, we officially launch the Not Quite Write Prize for Flash Fiction!
It’s an existential crisis up in here! With the Oscars just around the corner, Ed and Amanda take a deep dive into Everything Everywhere All at Once. They tiptoe around the deadly sin of plagiarism, and Amanda burns bridges with celebrity authors. Plus Ed has a surprise for Amanda that leaves her extremely sensitive… and borderline traumatised.
#5 – Original Sins

#5 – Original Sins


Let’s chat about ChatGPT: how writers can use AI for good and evil. Plus, we’ll look at the cautionary tale ‘JR’ by William Gaddis and explore the pitfalls of originality for originality's sake.
Seeing is believing… but if you’re seeing a giant rabbit, it might be time to cut back on the martinis! Ed and Amanda talk nostalgia in books, films and TV, and Ed reveals the formula for becoming a case-hardened wowser.
How much knowledge is enough to be dangerous? Ed and Amanda talk “How to write” books, and (let’s just say…) things get a little “tense”… Also, this round’s ‘Get Rec’d’ proves that if you love the warm feeling of being set on fire, you’ll love #synecdochenewyork Join us for this week’s #notquitewritepodcast
In this episode we talk reboots, remakes, sequels, prequels and revivals - it’ll be enough to make your head spin-off into a new narrative arc! Plus, Ed reveals what the boys thought about The Baby-Sitters Club back in the day. Join us on our journey, and watch next episode's Get Rec'd recommendation: Synecdoche, New York
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