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Author: Jules Hatfield and Christine Williams

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Welcome to Not So Bon Voyage, a comedic podcast about when sh*t goes wrong on the road. Each week, join travel experts Jules and Christine ( as they tell each other all the juicy details of the world’s most famous travel misadventures.

They’ll be pulling stories from the latest travel headlines, urban legends, their own crazy mishaps and from their friends and fans.

To be a part of the show and have your crazy travel adventure featured reach out to the team over Instagram and Twitter @notsobonvoyage or use #NotSoBonVoyage.
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This week we've decided to quiet our voices to help promote more Black voices being heard. In this brief episode we discuss 7 Black hosted podcasts we're enjoying this week. You should also check them out: Flirting With Travel - Bruh Issa Murder - Good Ancestor Podcast - So-Called Oreos - The Change Over - Bruh It's a Podcast - Marsha's Plate: Black Trans Podcast - You can also visit Dope Black Pods ( to find a directory of other amazing Black hosted podcasts. We see you. We hear you. We stand with you. Support this podcast
On this week's Voyager Chat we sit down with Amanda Kingsmith and Ryan Ferguson, hosts of The World Wanderers Podcast ( They've had some epic adventures all over the world, but now they’re telling us one of their wildest stories. Amanda and Ryan loved traveling through beautiful Bolivia, but had one particularly gnarly travel day making their way into the Amazon jungle. It was definitely one of those days that was frustrating at the time, but in hindsight has become one of their best travel memories! Support the show - Submit your travel story - Support this podcast
US National Parks are starting to reopen, but some of the local residents aren't too happy about it. We kick off this week's episode chatting about wild bison attacking visitors at Yellowstone National Park. Then Jules tells Christine a Voyager story that was submitted by Heather Cole of the Conversant Traveller ( Heather was traveling around South Africa with her husband, when their tour suddenly turned into an unexpected shoot out. Oh my! Enjoying the podcast so far? Share it with a friend and we'll be forever grateful! Support the show - Submit your story - Support this podcast
It's getting warmer here in California and our episode this week is hot, hot, hot! We kick off the show with an update about the remote island of North Sentinel and their local... Starbucks? Then Jules tells Christine about people who get a little too close to the deadly thermal springs in Yellowstone. And Christine tells Jules about a traveler that just wants a dream holiday, but instead becomes an unsuspecting shoe smuggler. Listen up to hear what exactly is in those sandals! Support the show - Submit your travel story - Support this podcast
This week we sit down with Bob DiMenna, host of The Travelers Blueprint Podcast ( Bob is an avid traveler with plenty of fun stories to share. But of course we didn't want to hear the run of the mill travel tales. As soon as Bob told us he had an epic travel story from his trip to Thailand that is too wild for his own podcast, we knew we had to hear it! When Bob wakes up in Thailand in a stranger's bed he has to piece together the fuzzy memory of his wild night. Listen up to hear his true story of The Hangover. Support the show - Submit your travel story - Support this podcast
Happy Mother's Day Voyagers! Shout out to all the moms... and the pears. Jules and Christine chat about yelling bomb in an airport, planes requiring masks and flight attendants being patient zero! Then Jules tells Christine the incredible story of a group of backpackers looking for adventure in the Lost City of Colombia. But when they're woken in the middle of the night by intruders, they end up on a long journey of survival. Support the show - Submit your travel story - Support this podcast
We're back with another Voyager Chat, the time with award winning travel blogger Jeremy Scott Foster of TravelFreak ( Jeremy chats with us about the time he went traveling with an Instagram model. The only problem? She didn't speak a word of English! Then Jeremy tells us about how getting ghosted from his dream job led him to a career as a successful travel blogger. Finally, we deep dive into the challenges he has faced while living and traveling with Lyme disease. Support the show - Submit your travel story - Support this podcast
Submit your story - Support the show - Jules kicks off this week's episode by telling Christine a Voyager story about a Papua New Guinea phone thief who received some interesting local justice. Then Christine tells Jules the wild story about an American couple who visited Mexico and received a very different kind of local experience... kidnapping. Did you listen to our very first Voyager Chat last week? Our guest tells us about drinking with the Taliban, the Russian mob and more! Support this podcast
We’re starting a whole new series here on the Not So Bon Voyage podcast! We’re still chatting about when stuff goes wrong on the road, but now we’re hearing it directly from the travelers! Every Thursday on our new “Voyager Chat” series, we’ll be bringing on some incredible guests. They’ll range from travel influencers to journalists, entrepreneurs to comedians and everyone in between. What do they have in common? They all have an epic story of a time their travels went completely wrong. And they’re going to tell us all about it! Listen to our first ever Voyager Chat to hear how Michael Hilliard ( The Red Line Podcast ( ) has escaped some truly hair-raising situations on his travels around the world. Support the show - ( Submit your travel story - ( Support this podcast
Submit your travel story - ( Support the show - (   This week we get straight into the crazy travel stories with a controversial tale that some of you might remember from the headlines in 2018. John Allen Chau was a young missionary who wanted to travel to the most remote parts of the world to spread the word of God. Unfortunately, things went very south on an isolated island off the coast of India. This story is so intense we only have time for one story this week, but we wrap up with a couple of funny In The News stories. An airport crab invasion and the sailing trip to nowhere. Support this podcast
Support the show ( Submit your travel story ( Because our travel stories are so good this week, we’ve decided to skip our In the News stories! And let’s be real, there’s not much happening in the travel news anyway! Jules tells Christine about an Italian man with a love of running in extreme conditions, including the Sahara Desert! But when he loses track of his running trail, he faces challenges and has to do unspeakable things to stay alive. Then Christine tells Jules a true crime travel story that you won’t believe. Two men go camping along the Appalachian Trail in Virginia. After befriending a stranger at their campsite they soon find out they’re the ones being hunted. Bring your Swiss army knife for this one, because you’re gonna need it! Support this podcast
Support the show - ( Submit your travel story - ( We kick off this week’s episode with an exciting update! We’ve launched a Patreon page! You can now support our podcast by becoming one of our patrons, which includes exclusive bonus content. We’ve got lots of cool rewards including bonus episodes, video content, shout outs and more! Then we give an update on Bert who is sailing the world solo and chat about people who left for their dream trips around the world just before COVID-19 hit… ouch. For our main stories Jules tells Christine the harrowing tale that starts with two men attempting to climb New Zealand’s tallest mountain and ends in a Mount Everest controversy. Then Christine tells Jules about what happens when a snowboarder gets into a life-threatening accident and then realizes he is his only hope for survival. Grab your ski pants, because this is an icey one! Support this podcast
Submit your travel story - ( Connect with us on IG - (   Not many people are traveling at the moment, but we’ve still have some crazy travel stories from in the news, including a man doing the ultimate self-quarantine by sailing solo around the world. Christine tells Jules the story of two couples who go on their honeymoons and end up in very different situations! One couple ends up stuck in paradise and the other ends up on the hiking trip from hell!  Then Jules tells Christine about frightful Flight 811 that started with a literal bang and ended in heroics! Support this podcast
We’re not traveling, but we’ve got some epic travel fails to share with you. Jules talks about the most insane (and aggressive) plane passengers we’ve ever seen, with the videos to prove it! And Christine tells the story of when Erin from Alpaca My Bags podcast ( ( ) visited Koh Rong Samloem and found out she was sharing her 10 bed dorm with some very furry, bucktoothed guests. Listen up to hear how she prepared for a rat attack! Submit your travel story - ( Connect with us on IG - ( Support this podcast
Submit your travel story - ( Connect with us on IG - ( We’re a week into our lockdown, but we’re not letting it get us down! This week’s episode is a guaranteed uplifter! We chat about a real life Woody who found a snake in her boots on a trip back from Australia. Jules tells Christine a sickly sailing story from our travel blogging buddy Claudia at My Adventures Across the World ( ( ). Then Christine tells Jules about the time she was robbed in Panama. Stick 'em up! Support this podcast
Submit your travel story - ( Connect with us on IG - ( We’re back in the San Francisco Bay Area just in time for a Coronavirus lockdown. All travel plans have been put on hold, but that won’t stop us from sharing some of the best travel disaster stories of all time. And we’ve got a super crazy episode for you! We kick off with an update on the passengers of the Princess Cruise ship stranded off the coast of San Francisco. They’ve been allowed to get off the ship, but now they have a whole new set of troubles while quarantined on land! Then Christine shows Jules a video of a group of monkeys in Lopburi, Thailand who are sorely missing their beloved tourists! Let’s just say that without the scraps normally thrown to them by travelers, they’re going a little bananas! Finally, we only have time for one main story this episode because it is a doozy! Christine tells Jules the famous mystery of Dyatlov’s Pass, one Russia’s most famous unsolved mysteries. A group of hikers travel to Kholat Syakhl, or “Death Mountain,” only to be killed under extremely mysterious circumstances. We go through the prevailing theories and weigh in on it ourselves. Let us know which you believe! Support this podcast
Submit your travel story - ( Connect with us on IG - ( We’ve officially gotten back to American soil, and unlike our troubles with immigration from episode 16, we got across the border without a hitch! We kick off this week’s episode with an update from the airline seat reclining debate. Christine gives you a peek into the man whose computer got smashed when the person in front of him reclined their seat. Let’s jut say that he is VERY anti-reclining seats. Then Jules talks about two travelers who got a little too close to the local wildlife and ended up with some bruises. When Animals Attack - travel edition! And Christine tells the story of a traveler who booked a lovely AirBnB in Seattle, only to find out this place has supernatural guests that may be bunking with her! Finally, Jules gives an update on the corona craze and how it’s affecting travel. We give a live update on a cruise ship that is supposed to dock in the port of San Francisco. Then Christine finishes the episode off with a feel good story of a listener, Jamie from ( , and her feline friend trapped at a resort in the Dominican Republic. Support this podcast
Submit your travel story - ( Connect with us on IG - ( Now that we’re basically Canadians (because we’ve been here for 6 weeks) we’ve decided to bring you an all Canadian episode! But first, we share some in the news stories, including two pigeons that snuck their way on to a plane and a passenger who was bit by an emotional support animal on a flight. We also add another argument on the recline/no recline debate with the story of a man who got his laptop screen cracked when the person in front of him reclined his seat. For our main stories, Jules tells Christine the unbelievable bizarre story of a Canadian citizen who visited Syria. Everything was going smoothly until he returned to the border to retrieve his confiscated luggage… and then wasn’t heard from again for 8 months. Listen up to hear how it all ended. Then Christine tells Jules the story of house sitter Ryan Patey who traveled to Ireland for a housesit and ended up with the strictest immigration officer we’ve ever heard of. This woman is a stone cold killer! Support this podcast
Submit your travel story - ( Connect with us on IG - ( We’ve got a real mixed bag of stories this week! We kick off the episode with some crazy travel stories from in the news. First off, Jules tells Christine about another travel booking company that has closed its doors and left its customers stranded. One day they were booking flights and the next day their website and social media vanished! Then we chat about the great travel debate: to recline your airplane seat or not? This debate is sparked by a recent video that has been circulating in the news of a woman who reclined her seat and the disgruntled man behind her who retaliated by repeatedly punching her headrest. Whose side are you on? For her main story, Christine tells the story of a Chinese jewelry store that is scamming tourists out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Told in the Medium article "How We Got Scammed Out of $100,000 in Shanghai,” Christine tells the story of Amanda and Monica Shih and the details of how a Chinese-American tour group could get swindled by a fake jewel scam. Then Jules tells the story of Ben from the travel blog Elephant Atlas ( ( ). Ben is an Aussie traveler who bought a beat up old van in Alberta, Canada and drove it across the border into the US. Things were going smoothly until he found himself pulled over by police with guns drawn. Welcome to the United States Ben! Support this podcast
This week we’ve got some insane stories from our listener submissions! Thanks Voyagers! Christine kicks off the show with a story from Audrey ( ( ) about the embarrassing start to her honeymoon in San Francisco. Let’s just say it starts off with waking up in the airplane to EVERYONE staring at her and only gets worse from there! Jules tells the story of fellow blogger, Hannah Logan from Eat Sleep Breathe Travel ( ( ), or should we say Eat Sleep Can’t Breath Travel! Hannah got more than she bargained for at a cheap hostel in Bosnia, and ended up wheezing all the way to Ireland! Then Christine shares another listener story, this one from Kate ( ( ), who decided to try a little street side seafood during her trip to Vietnam. Needless to say, she ended up on and hugging the toilet! Double whammy! Finally, Jules tells the terrifying story of Sofya, a traveler in Laos who caught a pervert filming her in the hostel. But he messed with the wrong woman, because Sofya is a true badass female traveler who won’t let this guy get away with it! Become famous! When you submit your own story to the website - ( ). All episode show notes and links can be found on our website! Support this podcast
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