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Welcome to Not That High: The Canex Podcast, we discuss topical news from the industry, review CBD products and get tipsy.
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Micro-dose Madness

Micro-dose Madness


On our latest episode, we take a deep dive into the growing trend of micro dosing. We discuss the history of the alternative health movement, and question whether micro-dosing cannabinoids like CBD and THC can be beneficial for our wellness.
"CBD products have become part of our everyday lives, from oils to cocktails and sweets to skincare. It has become a huge industry and breaking into it with top-quality products can be daunting but we feel that Love Hemp has absolutely nailed it" Read the review in full below: More from Love Hemp Below:
"We found Bud and Tender to be of extremely high quality and are on the higher end of the tincture market." In this episode Aimee reviews Bud & Tender CBD oil.Read the full review below: more from Bud & Tender below:
"CBD haircare is surprisingly still pretty hard to come by in the CBD beauty industry"Aimee reviews Essench's Intense Hair Serum.Read The full review at the link below: more products from Essench at their website below:
"With 70 million cups of coffee being drank every single day here in the UK, it really is no wonder CBD coffee has become such a hit." In this episode Aimee reviews My-Lifeline CBD Cold Brew.Read The original review below : the link below to see more products from My- Lifeline
When you are looking for your post-work-out protein powder, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start. With so many products on the market, it’s easy to get confused by which one is going to be the best for you. Aimee gives you her review of Naturecan's protein powders.Follow the link below to see more Products from Naturecan:
This month we talk about some of the industry's weird and wonderful CBD products with a nice cold can.Drink - Green Times Brewing IPA
Shop Offers Free Cannabis to Those Being Vaccinated for CoronavirusBy Roland SebestyénWhile the world is still grappling with the Coronavirus, a cannabis dispensary in Michigan has adopted an unusual policy to help convince people to get vaccinated. The Green House cannabis dispensary has been giving away free pre-rolled cannabis cigarettes to people able to prove that they’ve been vaccinated for the virus.Follow the link below to the original article:
Sapphire Medical Foundation Opens New Round of Grant ApplicationsBy Emily LedgerSapphire Medical Foundation – the financial aid and charity founded by Sapphire Medical Clinics – has announced that its next round of grant applications will be open from today. Successful applicants of the Sapphire Medical Foundation grant will receive financial aid toward the cost of medical cannabis prescriptions.Follow link below to the original article:
Medical Cannabis Shows Promise to Treat Cocaine Withdrawal SymptomsBy -  Roland SebestyénRecent studies have found that a cannabis derivative may be effective in reducing withdrawal symptoms associated with cocaine and methamphetamine use. Cannabidiol (CBD) treatment has been linked to a reduction in cocaine self-administration.Follow Link to the Original Article Below:
The Isle of Man Has Officially Entered the Medical Cannabis MarketBy Roland SebestyénPharmafield reports that the Isle of Man government has passed legislation that would allow licensed businesses to cultivate, sell and export medical cannabis globally. The move is widely seen as the result of years of campaigning by civil organisations and prominent figures on the island.Follow Link Below to Original Article:
Greens London Mayoral Candidate Would De-prioritise Cannabis PolicingBy Roland SebestyénIn her manifesto, The Green Party candidate for the Mayor of London, Sian Berry, has announced that she would ‘de-prioritise’ cannabis policing. The policy would come into immediate effect should she become the next London Mayor after the 2021 local elections.Follow Link below to the Original Article:
Over 1 million Patients could avoid arrest for Cannabis, with CanCardBy - Roland SebestyénFrom Nov 2020, patients with a multitude of health conditions will have the right to apply for Cancard. The card, which is backed by police commissioners, communicates to police officers that a person should not be arrested for consuming self-sourced ‘illegal’ cannabis as a medicine.Follow The read the original Article: out more about the CanCard at their website below:
A Valentine's gift guide including our 'I have a kush on you cocktail.'Recipe: Champagne flutes1tsp Vanilla syrup/essence1tbs Cranberry juiceStrangeways CBD VodkaTop with ProseccoBrands mentioned:Cubid (sleep kit)Janus CBD (oil/tincture)Paso (chocolate)Rebel (wine)Love Hemp (facemask)HOWL (lube)Giveaway:Meda Human & EssenchMore about us...Canex is the media platform for the next generation of CBD and cannabis users, entrepreneurs & investors exploring how CBD and Medical Cannabis are contributing to the evolution of the global wellness & healthcare market. Our mission is to inform, educate, and connect the global user community through news, reviews, events, and education.Learn more by visiting our website -
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