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Not Your Father's Movies is a podcast where we discuss "dad movies"! Those time-honored classics we loved watching with our fathers, and those classics we want to watch with our own kids. Every week, we break down another entry in the "dad canon," to discover what exactly constitutes a "dad movie," and if the movie we are discussing belongs in the Hall of Fame!
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Featuring Sirr and Vito   Continuing our reviews of Richard Linklater's 'Before' Trilogy in collaboration with My Movie Fix Pod, we arrive in France 9 years after the events of the first film - and it's been about 10 years since we first encountered it. How have they changed? How have we?    This is a really personal series, and a really personal episode. We're proud of what we've put together.   We hope you give this a listen and be sure to check out Sirr on twitter @MyMovieFixPod check out his show on Spotify and email him with questions at   Email us at and be sure to check out our twitter @NYFMovies and follow us on Instagram. You can find our website at and any and all other links HERE.  
Featuring: Sirr, Jesse, and Lis Hey guys! We have something completely new starting this week, a crossover series. We here at NYFM love the Richard Linklater's Before trilogy and Sirr from My Movie Fix loves it as well, so we figured we would all do it together! Starting this week, we will cover the Before trilogy with each episode featuring an NYFM host and Sirr.   This was such an enjoyable episode to record and we all love talking about this weird romantic movie about romance and relationships. And to spice things up, Jesse's wife Lis is featured here to give her hot takes as well!   We end up talking about a lot in this one. First off, what is it? Do we like it and why? Is it a dad movie? Are we gonna show this to our kids? Has our view of this movie changed over the years? Who do we like better?   We hope you give this a listen and be sure to check out Sirr on twitter @MyMovieFixPod check out his show on Spotify and email him with questions at   Email us at and visit our website at and find all our social media links HERE.  
Happy Halloween everyone! We hope you all had a lovely, spooky time and we hope that our show helped your October be even creepier than usual!   This new release episode is also standing in as our Halloween episode! This month, we are covering LAST NIGHT IN SOHO from Edgar Wright! This film is a psychological horror/thriller starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Thomasin McKenzie. We have been anticipating this for more than two years as this movie was pushed during 2020. You know why.   Thanks for joining us this Halloween and fall season as we covered some new kinds of movies for us! What will November bring?   Find us at, email us at and find our socials HERE
Featured Guest: JP   Signs. You see them every day. But are they actually signs? Or just coincidences? Judging by everyone else's driving, most people definitely think signs are just coincidences.   Remember when M. Night Shamalayan was a director that people cared about? If so, then you probably remember this movie.   This one runs deep for all of us, and in very different ways. We talk a lot about growing up with this movie. We also talk a lot about whether its holds up now that we are older. We also talk about 9/11 way more than we thought we would.   Also, JP talks about Aliens. Because of course that needs to be brought up here.   Email us with your thoughts or corrections or requests at, our website at NYFMovies , and our socials at our linktree
Mike‘s Birthday!

Mike‘s Birthday!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!   We have come all the way around here at Not Your Father's Movies, with the third dad-father getting his birthday episode. And, as a surprise to everybody, Mike has chosen ZOMBIES as his birthday topic! Jesse had movies he remembers with his dad, Vito had the beauty of choreography, and Mike has chosen those brain eating beasts that defy logic but also get under our skin: the Undead!   We are principally discussing 28 Days Later, Shaun of the Dead, and Train to Busan, although we avoid major spoilers for all of those, and we branch out into a larger discussion in general. Are these Zombie movies DAD movies? What is so interesting and engaging about them? What's the philosophy, besides watching the undead get wrecked?    Listen to us answer all this and more!   Find us at, email us at and find our socials HERE
Featured Guests: Letteney and Dom   Come listen to some dads and friends all be the opposite of quiet in this episode as we talk about 2 Quiet 2 Place.   Listen 2 Jesse, Mike, Letteney, and Dom argue about this movie! Some of us really like it, some of us don't really care about it 2 much. Vito is once again not able 2 join us because he was 2 loud and got eaten.   We talk about so many things! Is this family stupid? Why are they doing anything they are doing? Just how dad is this movie? What does it mean 2 be a dad if you don't have kids anymore?! Also, Radioshack?    Time 2 turn down that volume and get 2 listening or else you get eaten like Vito.    Email us with your thoughts or corrections or requests at, our website at NYFMovies , and our socials at our linktree
Featured Guests: Letteney and Dom   Come join us this week for a very quiet podcast in which we whisper all our thoughts....   Kidding! We'd all totally be dead in the apocalypse. Just like Vito, who unfortunately was unable to join us for this episode. Way to go man.    BUT, starting out our new HALLOWEEN-themed series we're talking about A Quiet Place, from 2018. Jim Halpert's - sorry, John Krazinski's - first foray into horror alongside his real life wife, Emily Blunt, was a surprising success in the box office and a really fascinating new entry in the apocalypse-horror genre; and more importantly, showed dads everywhere that only in an apocalypse will they finally have silence.   What do you think, is this the daddest dad movie that ever dadded? YOU MAY THINK YES, but does everyone?   Now SHHH!! Find a partner, share your headphones, and motion at strangers to listen to our episode! Whatever you do though, don't make a sound...   Find us at, email us at and find our socials HERE    



We have been talking about dad movies for a whole year! Woohoo!   Come celebrate! The hosts spend a few minutes talking about the show and the past year, then we have guests from past episodes! All here to talk about dad movies. Their conversations are all time stamped below. We have: Lis, Letteney, Sirr, David, Brotha Dave, Chris, Max, and Dom   QUESTION 1: The question we've all been waiting for. WHAT. IS. A. DAD. MOVIE? Jesse & Lis: 22.53 Jesse & Letteney: 24.32 Vito & SIRR: 31.24 Vito & David: 35.23 Mike & Brotha Dave: 39.57 Mike & Chris: 45.19 Vito & Max: 57.31 Vito & Dom: 1.13.51   What movies do you associate most with your father? What do you hope your kids will associate with you? Jesse & Lis: Mom Movie: 1.21.20 Jesse & Letteny: 1.25.13 Vito & Sirr: 1.28.28 Vito & SPCAC: 1.35.55 Mike & Brotha Dave: 1.45.00 Mike & Chris:  1.56.35 Vito & Max - 2.10.08 Vito & Dom - 2.21.28   What movie that you've seen in the last couple of years qualifies as a dad movie - and, if you could choose any movie to do an episode on, what would it be? Jesse & Lis:   2.31.04 Jesse & Letteny: 2.34.01 Vito & Sirr: 2.38.46 Vito & David W: 2.45.33 Mike & Dave: 2.48.41 Mike & Chris: 2.56.41 Vito & Max: 3.02.39 Vito & Dom: 3.04.38   This is a LONG episode and as there tends to be, we had some Epic Tangents - and we can't just throw them away! We know that's the real reason you're here so STAY TUNED for the end of the episode to find out...  WHAT NYFM GOT WRONG IS THE DARK KNIGHT ANY GOOD WHAT MOVIES WILL LAST??? and much more.   Thank you, dear listener, for listening. We're so excited for what the next year will bring.
Welcome to our final crossover episode with MY MOVIE FIX which is a lovely podcast run by our good friend Sirr. We were delighted to do this series with him and we hope you all enjoyed it too. Please give him and us a like, follow, subscribe, review, etc, so we can keep doing this for you all!   As for the movie, this is the third in the Before trilogy of movies, Before Midnight, which is the culmination of Jesse's and Celine's relationship: 18 years since they first met and 9 years since they began their relationship. This movie is thorny, complicated, full of deep ponderings on love and existence. They fight, and in their fighting we have to ask, would we do the same? What do we think about love and loss and life, about committed relationships? Are we happy? Does the answer to that last question matter?   We hope you give this a listen and be sure to check out Sirr on twitter @MyMovieFixPod check out his show on Spotify and email him with questions at   Email us at and be sure to check out our twitter @NYFMovies and follow us on Instagram. You can find our website at and any and all other links HERE.  
Featured Guest: Isak   Surprise! We have one more MODERN WESTERN for you all! It's Tombstone from 1993 and we are joined by one of the movie's biggest fans: Isak!   Unfortunately, although Isak gets to come on and talk to all of us about his love for Tombstone, Mike was not able to join us this week. We soldier on without him though, hitching up our horses and bringing hell with us as we chase down the myths and legends of the West.   Join us on our final episode of MODERN WESTERNS and tell us what you think by emailing us at, visiting our website at and visiting all of our socials HERE
WELCOME TO OUR 50TH EPISODE!!!   Featured: Letteney!   Returning to the well of Jesse's Birthday episode, we are covering 2007's 3:10 To Yuma! Jesse had a fantastic story to tell about this movie in that episode, and you should go listen to it, because unfortunately he is not here for this recording.   We talk about revisionist westerns, we talk Russell Crowe vs Christian Bale, we even talk about who is the most dad actor!   This one was very special for us as we get to cover yet another movie from 2007 that touched us all in a big way. We hope you enjoy listening.    WE. ARE. TAKING. YOU. TO. CONTENTION!!!   Find us at, email us at and find our socials HERE
For our NEW RELEASE episode for the month of August, we are reviewing THE GREEN KNIGHT which came out in the last weekend of July!   Don't ask, we didn't pick the date it came out, we only knew we had to do it.   This episode is a first for us, as we all felt very strongly about how to read and interpret the events in this strange retelling of the classic Arthurian legend. We felt so strongly, we even end up shouting, pounding, and generally wrecking the studio. What can we say: great art changes those who see it. We hope that, despite the debating, we are still fun to listen to!   Visit us at , email us at or visit all of our socials and interact with us HERE   Don't forget to like, subscribe, and rate us on whatever platform you listen to us on. We really appreciate it!
Vito‘s Birthday!

Vito‘s Birthday!


Featured Guest: Letteney   Happy Birthday Vito!   Following Jesse's wild and wonderful Bday episode back in February, Vito's birthday is up next.    You want to know what he picked, don't you?   You want to know what's in this episode, what has Vito been thinking about for the last six months in preparation for this episode?   What could he have possibly picked?   Just listen.   Answer our question to you all at or our SOCIALS or visit our website at
Featured Guest: Letteney   For our final episode in our DETECTIVE series, we are so excited to cover KNIVES OUT! It blew our socks off when we saw it in theaters, and now 2 years later, it still has the power to awe us.   We talk about what role luck plays in being a detective, what the inevitability of truth means. Who has the best look? Is Benoit Blanc a better detective than Sherlock Holmes? Is Rian Johnson one of the most truly gifted filmmakers working today?   We answer all these and more as we dive headfirst, knives out and beaks bloody!   Email us at and visit our website at and find all our social media links HERE.
Guest: Sirr from My Movie Fix Podcast   Is everyone ready for a nap? I know I am! What could possibly be more dad than a nap right? Well, here at NYFM we’ve got the biggest movie about naps: 1946’s The Big Sleep!   This third movie in our Detective Series brings us the gritty noir, the dark characters, the unexpected witty romance, wit, befuddlement, confusion, uncertainty, puzzlement, stupefaction, and heaps of perplexity. Who killed whom? What is the crime? What happens? We aren’t sure, but Sirr is guesting with us and he has the key and is here to light the way.    Also, listen as someone actually gets murdered on this very podcast.    Fun awaits!   Also, be sure to check out Sirr’s podcast My Movie Fix and browse his awesome cutting boards at   Email us at   Visit our website at   And find our socials here
Here we are with a NEW RELEASE! We have finally decided to cover a Marvel movie! It is our first and we are very excited to talk about BLACK WIDOW. The MCU is difficult for all of us in terms of how much time and conversation we devote to it, but this is a worthy entry.   The fights are thrilling, the women are liberated, the cars blow up!   LET FREEDOM RING!   Kidding aside, we hope you enjoy this conversation! It was a blast to have and we did enjoy the movie, despite having some reservations about the overall message of it.   Email us at   Visit our website at   And find our socials here
DETECTIVES: Zodiac (2007)

DETECTIVES: Zodiac (2007)


Guest: Henry from Comic Sauce Podcast   Hello everybody and welcome to our second episode in our DETECTIVE series! Here we are exploring those movies about detectives that defined who we are and what we liked.    Zodiac belongs to one of the greatest years of movies, and our excitement to talk about it was only heightened by having Henry from the Comic Sauce Podcast on to join us! It was a defining film for Vito and a perennial favorite. Who was the real Zodiac? Who else was suspected? Did it involve day-old hot dogs? Join us to hear more!
DETECTIVES: Fargo (1996)

DETECTIVES: Fargo (1996)


Featured Guest: Phil   Hello everyone and welcome to our new series: DETECTIVES! What is more "Dad" than movies about detectives: good guys tracking bad guys to bring them to justice?   In this series, we have chosen four of our favorite DETECTIVE movies and the first is Fargo from 1996 and even though it came out when we were all young, it looms large in our hearts. Come hear if we think it's a Dad movie; do we think it works as a good detective movie? Is Marge Gunderson the best person ever? Who is the Chaos Agent? What was Phil's first car (the head gasket was apparently BROKEN).   If you like what you hear email us at, check out our social media pages here and visit our website at
Mid-Year Review!

Mid-Year Review!


Hey everybody, this week we have a special episode. Jesse is out sick, and Mike and Vito needed to come up with an episode to do together. So we decided to pull back the curtain on the New Release episodes, which will be happening every month on the last weekend. We unveil every New Release movie that we will be covering every month through the end of the year, just in case anybody wanted to keep up with us.   We start with a nice wrap-up of the year so far, the movies we covered and the ones we missed. Listen back to our episodes covering THE LITTLE THINGS, NOMADLAND, GODZILLA VS. KONG, the ACADEMY AWARDS, ARMY OF THE DEAD, and IN THE HEIGHTS.   But we missed stuff like RAYA AND THE LAST DRAGON, LUCA, F9- THE FURIOUS SAGA, A QUIET PLACE II, THE CONJURING: THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT. What did we miss you enjoyed?   If you want to know what new releases we are covering, you gotta listen to the episode! Find us at or email us at  
Okay, everybody, we are tackling Lin Manuel-Miranda's new movie, based on his old musical, IN THE HEIGHTS!   It's got our hopes and dreams and love and it's got Piragua, it's got the Nina-Benny-Usnavi-Vanessa everybody had been demanding since the musical swept the Tony's and since the movie has swept HBO Max and theaters.   It's hot outside and we are all wondering about ambition and destiny and whether or not the coffee is light and sweet.   Hit us up at NYFMovies, or our linktree
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