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Nothing Personal with David Samson is a daily sports podcast hosted by David Samson. No guests. No callers. No BS. 45 minutes per day, Monday-Friday. David is dedicated to decoding the endless musings of players, owners and others in a concise, articulate and entertaining manner. Samson was in charge of a Major League Baseball team for 18 years, with winning a World Series ring, building a new ballpark, hosting an All-Star game, and buying and selling a franchise, among his many experiences and accomplishments. His breadth of knowledge covers all aspects of sport. This podcast will be the destination for fans of sports and entertainment who want to hear the truth about real situations as they occur each day. Every segment will give his audience a unique perspective, not found anywhere else. His voice is strong and unwavering, his brand is honesty and his reach is extraordinary. And remember, it's just business...It's nothing personal!
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Today's word of the day is 'suspension' as in Dion Waiters' latest suspension should be the end of his time with the Heat (0:06). Lamar Jackson is the best QB in football and the Ravens absolutely should rest him (0:52). Janoris Jenkins has a lesson to learn... but he won't (5:26). So You Wanna Talk To Samson!? What's it like to negotiate a contract with Scott Boras? I'll tell ya (12:05). If you want a job in sports this is how you can get one. Review - The Peanut Butter Falcon (30:00). Cubs fans have to be sick over comments made by the team's GM (32:48). The Knicks will never learn from the mistakes of the past 20 years of garbage (38:20). LeBron and AD will win tonight in Miami, but will The King outscore The Brow? #waittosee
Today's word of the day is 'hypermnesia' and it relates to all sports owners (0:06). Anthony Rendon joins Mike Trout in Anaheim, but if they don't add pitching, that's a pretty expensive playoff-less team (1:00). Now that the Dodgers have struck out on the biggest fish, who can they get now (8:44)? Biggest winners and losers of the baseball Winter Meetings (12:02). So You Wanna Talk To Samson!? Someone asked me about this Tom Brady to Miami rumor and we should all laugh together (17:03). NFL announced it'll do a "top down review" of the officiating and... yea, sure (20:37). Clinton Portis and some other ex-NFL players were charged with healthcare fraud (23:34). Review - Hustlers (and a bonus story about Jennifer Lopez) (29:11). MLB announced major changes to drug testing * lights joint * (33:11). Rays owner Stu Sternberg followed up some ridiculous plans with even more ridiculous plans (38:33). The Los Angeles Angels are not done signing big names... or are they? #waittosee
Today's word of the day is self 'aggrandizement', yes, that is a word (0:06). Gerrit Cole is rich rich rich and the Yankees were very happy to make that happen (1:12). Boston Red Sox are now ready to rid their team of big contracts and David Price is on the chopping block (8:45). San Diego Padres are now buyers and sellers or it sellers and buyers (12:23)? MLB says baseballs aren't juiced (14:53)! Ha! AJ Hinch wouldn't talk about the Astros cheating scandal (19:54). Dave Roberts had some interesting things to say about the Dodgers offseason plans (25:31). Tampa Bay Rays owner Stu Sternberg commented on the Montreal move and wooboy (30:05). Review of the Day - Late Night (34:45). Megan Rapinoe won the SI Sportsperson of the Year, but I was not a fan of her acceptance speech (37:01). Joe Burrow will win the Heisman, but will he shatter the voting record? #waittosee
Today's word of the day is "opt-out" because Stephen Strasburg just secured $145M by using his (0:06). Another SpyGate. Another scandal. Another thing the Patriots admit wasn't done on purpose (0:57). Jerry Jones released his kicker which was the right thing to do - but wow - did he mess up the timing (6:30). So You Wanna Talk To Samson!? A listener wanted to know what reporters meant by saying a 'mystery team' is in on Gerrit Cole - trust me, you want to hear this (8:55). Joe Maddon says he wants Gerrit Cole and that he's also not talked to Mike Trout yet... what (15:23)? What in the world is happening in the NHL right now (20:00)? Review of the day - Marriage Story (29:08). Jets RB Le'Veon Bell was spotted out Saturday bowling when he was supposed to be home with the flu (33:38). Knicks fire David Fizdale, but that's not the biggest story in New York (37:27). The NBA denied the Rockets their protest (40:19). Will Pat Shumur last the rest of the 2019 season (44:25)? #waittosee
Today's word of the day is "Cartel" after Miss Universe host Steve Harvey gets caught up in another controversy (0:06). Former Marlins President David Samson explains why the Nationals will have buyer's remorse in a few years after paying Stephen Strasburg 245 million dollars (1:08). Samson explains why teams got "Boras'd" where MLB Super Agent Scott Boras manipulated his way into getting the best deal for his client. Also, why this is a perfect storm for Gerrit Cole who will soon top Strasburg's record breaking 245 million dollar deal. Baker Mayfield calls out the Browns training staff and David Samson explains why it matters so much for the Browns (9:20). Panthers cornerback Donte Jackson called out his coaches for their play-calling, why is this a problem for team chemistry? Cleveland Cavaliers Tristan Thompson calls out his teammates for anonymous quotes about their coach John Beilein. Marvin Miller and Ted Simmons elected by the Veterans Committee into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame (20:26). David reviews the Golden Globe nominations and why Schitt's Creek got snubbed (30:13). Russia banned from international competition as part of the largest doping scandal in history (33:37). David's pick of the day from Monday Night Football between the Giants and Eagles. It's David's 20th anniversary for his first day in Major League Baseball and he explains why the Expos were doomed in Montreal from day one. Today's Wait to See is about the Dodgers Andrew Friedman and his aggressiveness during Free Agency.
Today's word of the day is "slap----" after Blake Snell reacts to the Rays trading away Tommy Pham (0:06). Jerry Jones says he's tired of all the 'losing, losing, losing', but Jason Garrett shouldn't be blamed for the Cowboys' struggles. Jerry Jones shouldn't be the owner and GM of the Dallas Cowboys anymore (1:20). Tua Tagovailoa addresses the media about his health and NFL Draft decision, but did he make a mistake with some of his comments (5:00)? The Yankees are reportedly ready to make a record offer for Gerrit Cole (19:16). Review of the Day - Brittany Runs a Marathon (22:09). How do clubhouses deal with complaints from employees (26:09)? Richard Sherman defends Tim Ryan's comments on Lamar Jackson (32:34).The former Suns head coach dodges questions about the team's decision to draft Deandre Ayton over Luka Doncic (36:33). Odell Beckham defends his love for the city of Cleveland and the Browns #waittosee
Today's word of the day is "suspended" after a 49ers radio analyst decided to say some ridiculous things about Lamar Jackson (0:06). Okay Mets fans, this is for you. Let me clear things up on the "sale" of the Mets (1:11). It's time for a stadium discussion - what's going on with the Angels and the Rays (8:51)? So You Wanna Talk To Samson!? The Yankees are exploring selling the teams streaming rights to Amazon and a listener asked me to explain that (17:13). We need to have a talk about high school sports and exploiting those kids for views (23:31). The White Sox have been complete fools in free agency (27:05). Review of the Day - The Report (30:14). Cyber Monday saw Lamar Jackson sell the most merchandise in all of sports, but who had the best jersey sale (34:01)? The Pope even got a Lamar Jackson autographed jersey, but do I think that it made it back to the Vatican City? #waittosee
Today's word of the day is 'shuns' and you have Tiger Woods to thank for it (0:06). Zack Wheeler got how much money from the Phillies!? What is that team doing (2:07)? The Mets are reportedly looking to shed 'bad' salary... sure (6:38). Let's talk about the MLB and its relationship with adderall (14:04). Eli Manning is back for the Giants (25:11)! Pop some bottles of champagne! Party time! BREAKING NEWS VIA SO YOU WANNA TALK TO SAMSON!? What does this Steve Cohen/Wilpon deal mean for the future of the New York Mets (28:13). Review of the Day - The Kominsky Review (36:26). Miami Marlins announce the team will move the fences in at Marlins Park... I tried that already (38:26). Could the Patriots really bring back Antonio Brown? #waittosee
Today's word of the day is 'productive' as in what's happening between MLB and Bernie Sanders is not productive (0:06). Jerry Jones is back in the news today and he loves it (0:52). Chicago Cubs GM Theo Epstein had some great things to say about not offering a deal to Addison Russell (4:47). Starling Marte wants a trade to the Mets, but he should have kept that to himself (9:48). Let's do a follow up on Josh Shaw gambling (13:17). Jaguars bench Nick Foles and now have a huge decision to make (15:58). So You Wanna Talk To Samson!? Someone asked me about the show 'The Franchise' and why it fell apart during the Marlins year (20:26). BREAKING NEWS! Panthers fire Ron Rivera so let's break down what owner David Tepper really was saying in his release (27:48). Review of the Day - 'Ad Astra' (31:47). Phil Mickelson is going to Saudi Arabia (33:47) and the Chicago Blackhawks make my head hurt (36:40). I've got bad news for the Pelicans and I hope I'm wrong. #waittosee
Today's word of the day is 'true' because I appreciate Dan Quinn's honesty (0:06). Arizona Cardinals DB Josh Shaw has been suspended for at least next season for gambling on the NFL (1:08). Freddie Kitchens continues to be a fool for the Cleveland Browns (5:36). Greg Sciano worked his magic and got Rutgers to fall for his trap (11:33). Monday night is the non-tender deadline in MLB, so let's talk about what that means (13:58). So You Wanna Talk To Samson!? - Here's how I started a newspaper delivery business after law school and got caught up in a murder case (18:24). Today's review is 'The Irishman' (29:35). I've got some good stories about Bobby Valentine (32:00). Nameless executives are cowards (35:18). Chris Sale met with Dr. James Andrews so I'll tell you what those meetings are like. James Harden is a scoring machine, but after scoring 61 points the other night will he score 62 points in a game this year? #waittosee
Today's word of the day is 'clique' in honor of the Kansas City Royals new owner (0:06). Jerry Jones is back! Not that he ever left, but he's back and he said some great things about Jason Garrett (3:13). Steve Kerr needs to stop with the nicknames and start with proving he's a good coach (7:48). So you wanna talk to Samson!? A listener asked me how I felt about the Knicks and I need to vent to you all (10:28). The NBA forgot to talk to its players about some of the changes they want to make and James Harden is mad (16:42). Let's review the new Aladdin and see how it hold up against the old one (18:56). Bengals head coach Zac Taylor said some ridiculous things, only for Redskins interim head coach Bill Callahan to say something even more ridiculous (21:00). Are you voting for the MLB All-MLB team? No you're not. Stop it (27:24). I'll tell you everything you need to know about Papa John's and how stadium pizza deals get done (32:46). Will Joel Embiid be held scoreless again tonight? #waittosee BONUS! Inaugural Turkey of the Year is handed out.
Today's word of the day is 'Boomer'. Please stop with the 'Ok, Boomer' already (0:06). The Calgary Flames and the NHL are investigating head coach Bill Peters for alleged racial slurs used 10 years ago (2:45). Let's discuss what SHOULD happen vs what WILL happen. Bernie Sanders wrote a letter to MLB and I'll tell you everything he got wrong (14:15). Marcus Smart had some real interesting things to say about why last seasons Celtics stunk (19:21). Jim Boylen also said some interesting things last night (31:21). Let's laugh together. Derek Jeter, remember me, your pal David Samson, it's time we have a talk (24:31). Review of the day - Blinded By The Light (29:26). A report came out about Vlade Divac passing on Luka Doncic because of his dad (36:30)! I have some good stories about this. It's not about IF, but about WHEN Jerry Jones fires his whole coaching staff (41:46). #waittosee
Today's word of the day is 'Gore' (0:06). How many people can name the top three rushers in NFL history? Jerry Jones has turned the Dallas Cowboys into the world's biggest off-field success and one of the biggest on-filed disappointments (1:29). I have a message for Cleveland Brown's fans. It's not a good one (5:06). Dwayne Haskins taking a selfie during the game needs to be talked about (8:17). The NBA wants to make big changes and the MLB is jealous (11:15). Seattle Mariners signed its top prospect to a major league deal and he hasn't played above Double-A ball before... what (18:29)? Eagles guard Brandon Brooks had to leave the game on Sunday because of anxiety - we need to discuss this and how valuable his message was today (22:38). This is the real reason there was a protest at Harvard/Yale (27:39). I'm jealous a football game was played at Marlins Park (32:54). Review of the day - 'Man in the High Castle' (37:30). Colin Kaepernick is not playing in the NFL this season, but what about next one (43:18)? #waittosee
Word of the day is 'Nerf' - you better know what a Nerf football is (0:06). Let's do a deep dive into the billion dollar battle for Los Angeles between the Chargers and Rams (1:04). Yes, Jerry Jones and the Yankees are involved. Speaking of the Yankees, they want Jacoby Ellsbury to pay and this is how they'll try and do it (11:35). You Wanna Talk to Samson?! Today's listener wanted me to breakdown the Chicago Cubs offseason plans, so I did (16:03). Fans should not have to worry about a strike in the MLB (21:04). Who is the best player for each NBA franchise? I cannot believe how mad I got over this list (29:31). Review of the Day - my top 3 favorite Josh Gad roles (34:54). Washington Redskins and Nike, and the Salute to Service scam (38:14). So many big games this weekend in the NFL and I have three favorites that will surely hit or will they? #waittosee
Today's word of the day is 'Penny' because that's how James Wiseman should pay back the NCAA for what his coach did (0:06). Myles Garrett's suspension was upheld by the NFL, but a story broke saying that he alleged Mason Rudolph of using a racial slur leading up to their fight (1:04). That's major and he better have proof. Yasmani Grandal signed a record deal with the White Sox the day after Jacoby Ellsbury and Wei-Yin Chen were released over mega deals - let's discuss roster management (7:31). YOU WANNA TALK TO SAMSON!? A listener asked me to comment on Astros owner Jim Crane refusing to comment on the sign-stealing scandal (16:34). Gregg Popovich will likely make history AND had the chance to make history, but he didn't (23:42). Shame. Mark Cuban took Luka Doncic because he's never been afraid to make those moves, and that's why the MLB was scared of him (29:47). Review of the day 'Shakespear In Love' (35:51). It's time to talk about cyber threats (38:21). They are real and they are hurtful. Will Jose Mourinho be successful in his first game as Tottenham's head man (42:13)? #waittosee
Today's word of the day is 'fifteen' because we're talking hockey (0:06). Orlando wants a baseball team or do they or is it only just a dream (1:30)? Pittsburgh Pirates and Miami Dolphins both had players arrested and accused of serious crimes - here is how teams deal with those (7:13). A former Sacramento Kings exec stole $13.4 million from the team and NOBODY knew about it... yea right (12:27). Let's revisit the Browns/Steelers fight. There's something else we should discuss about it (17:27). Review of the day is 'Who Do I Think I Am' (20:34). Inter Miami is almost here so let's have a good laugh about that teams future (23:47). Tottenham fire Muaricio Pochettino for Jose Mourinho (29:19). That was talking soccer with Samson. Carmelo Anthony is not a winner, but will his stint with the Blazers change my mind (37:17)? #waittosee
Today's word of the day is 'ha*ash' (0:06). Clippers gambled on Kawhi Leonard and Paul George being able to play together, but we've yet to see it (1:02). MLB is looking to eliminate 42 MiLB teams and it's the right decision (4:39). Owners will never sell teams so stop crying. Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper had some ridiculous things to say about losing (14:42). Antonio Brown can't help himself (17:27). MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred finally commented on the Astros scandal so let's break it all down (21:06). Review of the day is 'The Laundromat' (30:00). Brewers went nostalgic with their new uniforms - why (32:52)? I got gronk'd today... damn. The field in Mexico last night was a mess, but will the NFL acknowledge it (36:31)? #waittosee
Today's word of the day is "gronk'd" as we await his Tuesday announcement (0:06). Colin Kaepernick had a workout this weekend except it was nothing like what the NFL had planned, but exactly as we all predicted (1:20). Tua suffered a gruesome injury in Alabama's win this weekend - let's talk about what this means for the draft (6:04). More on the story that won't go away - the Houston Astros (10:07). The 2020 baseball Hall of Fame ballot was released and I can't believe what I'm about to say (16:02). What went down with the Japanese League's Cy Young award and what we could learn about it (19:23). San Francisco Giants are moving in their fences and it will do nothing (23:15). Review of the day is 'Jack Ryan' Season 2 (28:26). Why did the Jets announce Gase would return for 2020? Fools (30:38). Where do we draw the line when it comes to replay (33:53)? Almost 15% of the NBA season is done with... when do front office start to believe in their teams(39:18)? Do I believe in the Miami Heat? #Waittosee
Today's word of the day is 'sellout' as in the Notre Dame Fighting Irish home sellout streak is over (0:06). There was mayhem in the NFL last night with Myles Garrett (1:09) and Mason Rudolph, but what's the real message? We cheer for extreme violence in sports all the time and NOW we have an issue... let's talk about why. Is today a day that ends in 'Y'? It is? Okay, so the Astros are still cheaters (10:22). Mike Trout and Cody Bellinger won MVP awards last night, but was it best for the MLB (16:11)? The NFL could be heading to a 17-schedule so let's discuss the business side of things (20:15). I don't care about Colin Kaepernick's workout this weekend (25:01). I'll take you inside 'Survivor' and what really goes on on the island (27:09). Pirates fired a minor league coach then hired him back the next day - huh!? - I'll tell you what really went down in Pittsburgh (35:13). Let's talk about my top 5 favorite Kevin Bacon movies (38:49). Of Rendon, Cole and Strasburg - which two clients did Scott Boras lie about signing in December? #waittosee
Today's word of the day is 'mea culpa' because I messed up (0:06). I am sorry. Move on. Houston Astros make headlines again after The Athletic uncovered them stealing signs (1:08). What makes this big news is they were able to put a name to their source... that's major. Chaim Bloom is going to have a major decision to make in Boston (10:21). Will he trade Mookie Betts and for what? NFL rules are so hard to interpret what can the league do to change it (16:10)? Will they change anything? An LSU postgame speech was recorded by a player of his coach saying some not so nice things about its' rival - how did I handle this in Miami (22:43)? FBI investigation into insider ticketing with the White Sox is a big story. It happened to us, but we dealt with it differently (27:15). Review of the day is the show 'Modern Love' (32:24). Don Cherry said some things that he should have been fired over and he was fired over (34:58). Let's learn a lesson together. I nailed my picks for Rookie of the Year, will I double up with Manager of the Year? #waittosee P.S. We're off Wednesday and Thursday this week. I've made so much money off my Pick of the Day's I decided to take a quick trip to the Bahamas.
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