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Author: Star Wars

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Now, This Is Podcasting! is weekly podcast featuring Jason Ward and Randy Lo Gudice. Winner of the People's Choice award in the 2017 Star Wars Podcast Awards.
263 Episodes
Randy and Jason discuss Mando and Rise of Skywalker spoilers. 
On this episode, Randy, Jason, and Jon discuss a few random tidbit spoilers from The Rise of Skywalker. They also briefly talk about Triple Force Friday. We also talk about a few stories that slipped through the cracks like Iger's book. Also, Wedge is back in the Rise of Skywalker news and it sounds like that stuff we heard a while ago is panning out. 
On this episode, Jason and Randy are joined by Corey and Noah! We discuss all the Star Wars news from the week and discuss the huge scoop at as well as Jedi Paxis' recent leak. We also dive into the Mando set news a little as well. The guys also went to Galaxy's Edge! The big story! YouTube:
Randy and Jason are joined by Jon Gwyn where they break down the spoilers of the week about Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Jason talks a bit about why it took so long to start doing YouTube videos.The guys also discuss the Jedi Paxis'leaks on the first part of The Rise of Skywalker and add a few minor details and connect some of the elements to tiny things they heard during the production that seem to backup the elements Paxis describes in his posts.The video described in the podcast:
On this episode of Now, This is Podcasting!: Randy and Jason invite Jon to sit down and talk about the set of The Mandalorian Season Two! The podcast discusses a spoilers about See-Threepio and how Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker allegedly opens! Make sure to celebrate how stupidly offensive this episode is for no reason and leave a 5 star review.  Also, make sure to subscribe to on YouTube which makes for a great companion to the podcast! Also help me convince Randy you want NTIP on YouTube with video! 
Episode 280 is here and in this episode Jason and Randy go downtown to Spoiler Town. If spoilers aren't your thing, this episode is not for you. If spoilers are your thing, this episode should be your thing. The "secret" reshoots.Spoiler - The Worm in the Cave.Spoiler - Rey's new powers.Spoiler - Rey's surname. Spoiler - The sand snake worm makes a path.Spoiler - Ochi, his tomb, his ship, and the dagger. Spoiler - Wayfinder details.Paraphrased Rey and Luke sequence:(Rey has ditched Kylo's ship and tossed the Skywalker saber into the wreckage when Luke catches it)Luke: "What are you doing?”Rey: “You were right, you saw the dark side within me.Luke: “The force brought us together. You have to face Sidious as I faced Vader.”Rey: “I wanted to feel I was as strong as Master Leia, but I’m not.”Luke: “You won’t know how strong you are until you know how strong you have to be. Sidious will fill you with fear, with anger, he’ll use your weaknesses against you.”Rey: “What are his?”Luke: “Sidious looked into Vader’s eyes when my father saved me. He couldn’t understand my father's feelings for me. He thought love was a weakness to be used.” 
In this episode Jason and Randy discuss:A huge scoop on Rey's family, Threepio's red eyes, and more!New Segment: Corey goes postal!The guys discuss Bespin Bulletin's scoops about some fuzzy creatures returning to the saga!Jedi Praxis dropped a spoiler atomic bomb on Reddit this week and the guys break it down and say "leave Jedi Praxis alone!"Pod People: Randy and Jason read your emails!
Jason and Randy discuss all of the new D23 content for Kenobi,  The Rise of Skywalker,  and The Mandalorian. As well as genitals and more! 
On this episode of Now, This is Podcasting!, Jason and Randy discuss:Spoilers for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker!We need the Arcade1UP machine.Rey was arrested at Galaxy's Edge and then let go by someone in the First Order. Rumor: The Sith Troopers have a fleet and it is tied to the MacGuffin.Zorri may be more important than we once thought and discuss her ship. Kevin Smith on the last shot of The Rise of Skywalker story. 
Jason and Randy discuss a rumor about Favreau and Filoni making a new animated Star Wars series and Gareth Edwards working on Cassian Andor for Disney+? Plus we dig into the quotes from the about the The Rise of Skywalker a bit! 
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