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Now It´s Spring!

Now It´s Spring!

Author: Steve Rimmer

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History Of TVC is a podcast series in which Steve presents information on his research project - his qualitative study of the social history of Television Centre and its connection to the local community. Featuring primary research and the literature review that he conducted for his dissertation which he submitted to University of Salford as part of his first degree in May 2020. The website and project is also intended to illustrate his perceptions as a researcher and it is here where he will publish all of the audio, video and photos from his time in Hammersmith, Shepherd´s Bush and surrounding areas. Phase II of Steve´s history project has now begun and incorporates his research on Classic Progs On The Box (a.k.a. the Auntie Beeb podcast). Steve is currently conducting research for his masters degree at University of Portsmouth, England. To contribute to his research or for any general comments, please contact him at:
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