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He first began selling homes as a University Student. With his first year with RE/MAX, Mustafa Zia achieved Platinum status and has only grown his success from there. 13 years later, Mustafa is now a top performing Agent and a Lifetime Achievement Winner. In this episode, Mustafa shares how his drive has kept him successful and what the RE/MAX brand has offered his business.
In this energetic episode of Now We’re Talking Real Estate, Sophia Weeks, a Platinum Club and 40 Under 40 agent, opens up about overcoming a debilitating medical diagnosis, the importance of forging new relationships, visualizing what you want for your career, and how letting go allowed her to find new success.
After retiring from his professional hockey career, Kevin Grimes switched gears and decided to begin his career in real estate. Now, 5 years into joining RE/MAX, he is the Broker/Owner of 9 offices, with 200 Agents. In this episode Kevin shares insight on finding success in real estate, and what it takes to be a good leader during challenging times.
With a background in corporate recruiting and a successful run on HGTV, real estate veteran Amy Jurek has plenty of experiences to draw from. In this episode of Now We’re Talking Real Estate, Amy shares how being resourceful, and using what’s already within her reach, has propelled her real estate career; she touches on her success with relocation services, online reviews, repeat business & referrals, and putting yourself first while making your client feel like #1.
As a third generation Broker/Owner, Vito Casella first began his career at his family’s brokerage but always knew that there was something missing. In this episode Vito shares how he found his way to RE/MAX and what the brand has meant to his family's business.
An entrepreneur at heart, Sage Jankowitz is building his real estate career on the foundation of a previous small business. In this episode of Now We’re Talking Real Estate, he shares ideas on why you shouldn’t always listen to the best intended advice, why you should take time to know - and hone - your niche, and the #1 thing you should do every single day.
Only 3 years into her career, Chelsea Hamre has already become one of Ottawa’s Top Performing Agents. In this episode Chelsea shares how she first adopted innovative and new technology, including virtual open houses, into her business and how she is successfully building trust with her clients - virtually.
It can be hard working with family - but this father and son combo make co-leading a team sound easy. In this episode of Now We’re Talking Real Estate, Frank and Brandon bring some generational perspectives to growing a team. Tune in to hear how they structure their team as a business to keep it scalable, how they define team members’ roles to keep leads equitable, and how reverse prospecting keeps them moving forward.
Not enough time in the day? Take some advice from the #1 Team Leader in the New England market as David Banks shares his secrets to finding work/life balance in this episode of “Now We’re Talking Real Estate.” Listen in as he offers his take on hiring a coach and hiring employees, and how they’ve helped paved the path to stability. Be sure to listen to the end for BONUS CONTENT on luxury marketing techniques featuring coffee table books and lifestyle videos.
When Goran Todorovic joined RE/MAX he said it was like he got a raise. Now, 30 years in the business he’s mindful with his money and shares lessons learned in this episode of “Now We’re Talking Real Estate.” From bringing everything in-house to setting up multiple banking accounts and making donations on behalf of his clients, he gives actionable advice to keep more money in your pocket.
Independent agent turned team leader, Samantha Hancock is very mindful of how she runs and grows her team and lays it out for you in this episode of “Now We’re Talking Real Estate.” If you have ever thought about growing a team, listen in as she shares key elements to bringing on new agents, leaning into personal strengths, and cultivating a highly productive and fun culture.DISCLAIMER: Episode recorded prior to the COVID-19 pandemic
Earning his real estate license at just 18 years old, Tim Morgan aligned with RE/MAX Insight to provide him the credibility he needed to get his career started. Now, five years later, he’s the youngest agent in the RE/MAX INTEGRA network to earn the Hall of Fame award. In this episode of Now We’re Talking Real Estate, Tim talks about consistently being there for his clients, what that looks like on a day-to-day basis, and how his persistent follow-ups with clients are less about the sale and more about their story.DISCLAIMER: Episode recorded prior to the COVID-19 pandemic
Six years ago Tav Schembri of RE/MAX Specialists in Caledon, Ontario closed his first deal - a $53 Million farm! Now, as “the new generation of real estate” he’s a three-time Diamond Club Award Winner and Worldwide Top Ranking Agent. Earning such tremendous success, Tav shares how he used skills from his previous career to collaborate with clients and grow a team, and how it continues to propel him, drive his business and open new doors, including becoming an author of a new book “Million Dollar Agent.”DISCLAIMER: Episode recorded prior to the COVID-19 pandemic
With 18 years in the business, Joe Fitzpatrick has learned from his mistakes and shares his lessons in this episode of “Now We’re Talking Real Estate.” Tune in to learn about his networking “Turbo Booster” and how he makes sure he's remembered, the “one sentence” you need to know for your marketing campaigns, and how the “Power Hour” has redefined his agents’ success.
In this episode, Christopher Alexander, Executive Vice President and Regional Director of RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic speaks candidly with 2 of our RE/MAX leaders in Europe, gaining their perspective on the COVID-19 pandemic and the status of the industry. Joining us today are: Michael Polzler, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, RE/MAX, Europe, and Dario Castiglia, President and CEO, RE/MAX, Italia.
With 170 team members, The Minnesota Real Estate Team of RE/MAX Advantage Plus is one of the largest and top producing RE/MAX teams in the network. In this episode of Now We’re Talking Real Estate, Team Leader Ryan O’Neill shares personal memories that turned into the simple philosophy he builds his team on and explains the reciprocal value he and his agents provide each other that makes the team highly successful.DISCLAIMER: Episode recorded prior to the COVID-19 pandemic
In this special episode of Now We’re Talking Real Estate, hear two top real estate executives open up about the industry in a time of crisis - and how we've come together without competition. RE/MAX INTEGRA, Ontario-Atlantic’s EVP and Regional Director, Christopher Alexander, and Royal LePage Canada’s CEO, Phil Soper, talk openly about current industry chatter and essential services; the future of real estate and the lasting effects coronavirus will have on our business; and most importantly, how you, our real estate agents, have stepped up in a time of crisis and solidified your importance as a service provider.*NOTE: This podcast contains a discussion of a number of issues and approaches relevant to carrying on business as a real estate agent in the Province of Ontario during the COVID19 pandemic state of emergency. Neither RE/MAX, Royal LePage, the producers nor the participants of the podcast provide any representation that any of the safety, hygiene or other practices discussed are appropriate or sufficient nor that they conform to applicable legal requirements in Ontario or elsewhere. It is the responsibility of each real estate broker and agent to ensure that the safety and hygiene procedures that are put in place in their own businesses are reasonable, appropriate, and conform to the applicable regulations and public health guidance especially as they relate to in-person meetings of any kind as these have the greatest likelihood of contributing to the spread of the COVID19 virus. You should check in frequently with public health officials as the guidance on in-person contact has changed frequently. You should also monitor the news and other sources of official updates on what is permitted as an essential service.
Getting your start in real estate can be tough. Starting in the luxury market and working your way up to a top luxury agent in the state, that takes resilience. Tune into this episode of Now We’re Talking Real Estate to hear Jennil Salazar-Scott share thoughts on asking for what you want and being 100% genuine with your clients.DISCLAIMER: Episode recorded prior to the COVID-19 pandemic
As a 17-year old high school student, Faisal was looking for a way to bring his family out of poverty. A TV commercial and newspaper article changed it all. Now, as one of the top RE/MAX agents in Canada, Faisal opens up about his advertising strategy, setting a schedule, the importance of investing, and why you should never judge a book by its cover.DISCLAIMER: Episode recorded prior to the COVID-19 pandemic
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